Lanny Davis, CNN’s Source For Trump Tower Story Backpedals [VIDEO]

Lanny Davis, CNN’s Source For Trump Tower Story Backpedals [VIDEO]

Lanny Davis, CNN’s Source For Trump Tower Story Backpedals [VIDEO]

In July, CNN published a story claiming that Trump absolutely KNEW about the planned Trump Tower meeting with a Russian delegation. According to their sources, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen claims Trump was briefed on the meeting. The problem is the ONLY source for CNN’s story was Lanny Davis. And he is backpedaling for all he’s worth.

The only thing that was likely true in that CNN story was the claim that Cohen had exactly ZERO evidence to back up his claims. Did he have emails? No. Did he have audio recordings? Not a smidgen. Text messages? Non-existent. But it’s CNN, and they believed Cohen and their source, so Trump! Russia! Eleventy! GOTCHA!!!

And with the publication of that story, suddenly Hillary Clinton pal and all around slime ball Lanny Davis emerges from the Clinton swamp. Now, he was adamant about one thing: all the stories about Cohen supposedly being in Prague are wrong. Which has been verified six ways to Sunday. However, some of Davis’s other claims concerning his client are fanning the flames.

But now Lanny Davis is backpedaling. BIGLY.

Hmmm. One wonders why is he walking back these claims? Could it be because they are bogus? Could it be that since Davis has been outed as the only source for CNN’s supposed bombshell of a story, that his credibility has taken a hit?

But on Sunday, The Washington Post presented strong evidence debunking CNN’s “sources with knowledge,” one of whom was reportedly Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis.

Davis “pull[ed] back” his claims that Cohen knew about the meeting in advance, the Post reports, and “expressed regret for not being clearer in assertions he made to reporters.”

Yeah, Davis HAD to walk back that claim and his work as CNN’s source because Cohen’s own testimony from last fall contradicts everything that Davis has been spouting. Of course, Cohen is still saying that he just somehow KNOWS that Trump knew, but without any evidence it’s all just loud talk from a guy who can’t stop digging.

Keep in mind that after CNN published, WaPo and the New York Post picked it up and ran with the story, as did other media outlets. Except now the WaPo is backtracking almost as quickly as Lanny Davis is:

Davis did not rule out that his claims were correct but expressed regret that he did not explain that he could not independently corroborate them, saying that he now believes he “should have been more clear.”

Oh. So Davis garbled everything?

Given that we now know that Lanny Davis was the sole source of info for the CNN story, this thread regarding the Washington Post story on this is very illuminating:

So, the WaPo is stealth editing stories. Go figure. Meanwhile, CNN is sticking to their story:

Evidently, that struck a nerve with Brian Stelter:

Yeah, Brian has his shorts in a knot, for sure. CNN is staying in the hole they’ve dug for themselves. Meanwhile, the Washington Post is trying to sneakily dig themselves out of the same hole:

The earth will tip over on its axis if CNN, or the national media as a whole, ever decides to be truthful about this or any other story that has caught them with their pants down.

The media keeps whining about how nobody trusts them. Gee, I wonder why?

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