Katie Hill, Will You Please Go Now!

Katie Hill, Will You Please Go Now!

Katie Hill, Will You Please Go Now!

Former congresswoman Katie Hill still seems to think that everything that has happened to her is someone else’s fault.

“Someone else” made her participate in a “throuple” relationship between herself, her husband, and a female campaign staffer.

“Someone else” posted the naked pictures of her to a wife-swapping website. (Seriously, Katie Hill, if your ex posted these, then go after him in court. If you don’t, though, and he says that you helped post them, then what is the public to think?)

“Someone else” made her have an affair with a male congressional staffer, which triggered the House Ethics investigation that could have potentially stripped her of all of her committee assignments.

So naturally, it’s someone else’s fault that she had to resign – those terrible House Ethics rules and their double standards!

Yes, Katie Hill is going to play the “woman card” and insist that double standards took her out forever. This is her brand now, and she’s going to play that song until the strings break.

*ding ding ding* Excuse me, Ms. Hill, but your woman card is being DECLINED here. Holy crap, can this woman be any more obtuse?
But but but… double standards! Men never get punished for having affairs with their staff!


The fast food giant said former president and CEO Steve Easterbrook demonstrated poor judgment, and that McDonald’s forbids managers from having romantic relationships with direct or indirect subordinates.”

In an email to employees, Easterbrook acknowledged he had a relationship with an employee and said it was a mistake.”

“Given the values of the company, I agree with the board that it is time for me to move on,” Easterbrook said in the email.”

Paging Katie Hill, and her media fan club who all said it was such a tragedy that she was being forced out! Where are you now? Will you not stand with the McDonald’s CEO over being forced out for banging a subordinate? Hellllooooooooo?

Hmmm. I hear crickets.

So, in the spirit of Dr. Seuss, I am formally telling Katie Hill to please go now. By plane, by train, with Greta Thunberg on a sailboat, I don’t care. Just go. Find something selfless and meaningful to do with your life that doesn’t involve politics or being in charge of anyone else. You’ve been proven to have spectacularly bad judgment as both a politician and a boss, and SURPRISE, that has absolutely ZERO to do with your gender. Go stand in line with a bucket brigade to fight the California wildfires. Go volunteer at an animal shelter. I honestly don’t care what you do, so long as you aren’t signing someone’s paychecks. But just GO.

Featured image: former Representative Katie Hill, official Congressional portrait, public domain

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  • Scott says:

    Maybe she can use those photos to start a porn career… though she’d better hurry, from the looks of it, even at 32, gravity has not been kind to her, I can’t imagine it getting any better..

  • GWB says:

    A year from now
    A year from now, no one will remember your name, dear. You’ll be lucky if you get any camera time by hanging around Mar Lago and protesting whatever war Trump has gotten us into out of this week.

    Will you not stand with the McDonald’s CEO over being forced out for banging a subordinate?
    Pfft, no. They serve meat. (Evidently, while they serve veggie burgers in other countries, they do not in the US. Who knew?)

    And, Scott…. You have much higher standards than most of those searching porn, if you think she isn’t good enough.

    • Scott says:

      Never said I searched the stuff GWB, or that she wouldn’t be good enough for it, just that from the photo that’s out there, she’s already started to sag… and yes, I am well aware that there’s someone out there for every type of kink / perversion that can be thought up..just highlighting that she obviously doesn’t have much of a skill set for any real-world employment outside of such things.


  • Whoopie says:

    The only double standard here regards Ilhan Omar who did everything Katie Hill did (had an affair with a staffer and then used campaign money to cover it up) but still has her job. Of course Omar is a Moslem of color. So ‘white privilege’ appears to be a myth since it didn’t help Katie Hill one bit. Or perhaps we just hold whites to a higher standard of behavior.

    • GWB says:

      Actually, I think Omar had an affair with a contractor. There is a difference in the ethics rules, as the contractor isn’t closely held enough for there to be threats, etc.

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