Kanye West: United States of Yeezy Gets Cut Off

Kanye West: United States of Yeezy Gets Cut Off

Kanye West: United States of Yeezy Gets Cut Off

We all know Saturday Night Live for providing liberal-slanted comedic skits that aren’t funny. They’ve been doing this tired shtik for years. Just imagine SNL and NBC’s shock when special guest, Kanye West comes out donning a MAGA hat:

The above video was cut off by NBC because the show ran over its allotted time frame, so if you were watching SNL, you would not have seen it this past Saturday night.

West, who is now known as “Ye”, apparently, (I really can’t keep up) received quite a bit of a lashing from the haters:

But is Yeezy selling out? I tend to think of sell-outs going in the direction of the popular opinion. Supporting Trump or anything having to do with Trump is not exactly going to gain anybody in the entertainment business popularity. But, Kanye held his own on SNL:

“I wanna cry right now. Black man in America, you’re supposed to keep what you feel inside right now. And the liberals bully you and tell you what you can and cannot wear, where you and they can’t not stare. And they look at me and say, ‘It’s not fair. How the hell did you get here?’ Well…”-Kanye West

West said he was bullied before going on stage with his MAGA baseball cap. He was booed when he got on stage.

“The blacks want always Democrats. You know it’s like the plan they did, to take the fathers out the home and promote welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s a Democratic plan.”

There’s so many times I talk to, like, a white person about this and they say, ‘How could you like Trump? He’s racist.’ Well, uh, if I was concerned about racism I would’ve moved out of America a long time ago.”-Kanye West

Kanye’s “Try love, Try love, Try love” approach did not sit too well with the likes of Chris Rock and other celebrities, namely “Captain America”, Chris Evans.

I’m sure the producers of SNL were probably wishing right about the time of West’s monologue that Ariana Grande didn’t back out at the last minute. Is West a historian? Far from it. Is he qualified to speak on politics in the United States? Meh. Probably about as much as any celebrity but perhaps he should brush up on his Twitter wording just a bit. Did he take photos with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton back in the day? Of course, he did. Are some of his lyrics peppered with violence and misogyny? Sure. He’s a rapper. Is he perfect? Not hardly. But I have to give the guy some credit where credit is due for going against the grain and going out on stage with that Trump hat.

For if there is one thing I cannot stand to this day is a bully and a mob mentality. To see someone stand up to the mob, the bullies, makes me grin from ear to ear. Good for Kanye and calling out the obvious fact that some democrats push under the carpet-that their party of choice is not for people of color. Good for him for firing back at the f-yous and the insults of the oh-so-tolerant liberals in the studio audience with “try love”. Good for him for going off the script. Saturday Night Live ticket lottery in New York City for seats to the show? A crapshoot. Watching smug liberals who think they are funny after a Kanye West monologue on the show? Priceless.

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