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Kavanaugh Hearings: Take The Cameras Out [VIDEO]

Kavanaugh Hearings: Take The Cameras Out [VIDEO]

Kavanaugh Hearings: Take The Cameras Out [VIDEO]

Brett Kavanaugh sat down in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday with a cheering squad made up of his immediate family – his wife Ashley, their two daughters, and his parents, Everett and Martha Kavanaugh. However, the beginning of the day was such a freak show that the girls were rushed out of the room.

It is one of the biggest moments of their father’s life, and the girls had to leave because adults can’t act like rational human beings.

His daughters Margaret and Liza had joined Kavanaugh and his wife at the hearing’s start with younger daughter Liza holding Kavanaugh’s hand as he entered the room.

Kavanaugh was supposed to introduce his family early on in the hearing but the interruptions from protesters and senators delayed that part of the proceedings by about two hours.

The girls eventually left the room as Democrats expressed their concern about their father’s stance on executive powers, abortion rights, and gun rights – topics that will likely come up over the next two days when Kavanaugh faces questions from the panel.

The girls returned in the afternoon to hear their father’s opening statement.

Oh, but it’s Kavanaugh’s fault for bringing his daughters.

The media is completely unconcerned with the Kavanaugh daughters and the spectacle that they witnessed, even though the senators on the panel took the time to acknowledge that this was terrible for the girls.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin acknowledged the protestors in the room.

‘What we heard was the noise of democracy. This is what we hear when free people stand up to speak,’ he said. ‘It’s not mob rule.’

He went on to address the pressure on Kavanaugh and his family.

‘There are times it is uncomfortable. I’mm sure it was for your children. I hope you can explain it to them,’ he said.

And Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas apologized to Kavanaugh for his daughters having to experience the protests.

‘I’m sorry your daughters had to endure the political circus this morning,’ Cruz said. ‘That is Washington, alas, in 2018.’

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse also apologized to the family and said he was happy the girls could leave.

‘I’m glad your daughters could get out of the room and I hope they still get the free day from school,’ he said. Tuesday marked the first day of Washington D.C. schools.

And it took until the END of the day yesterday for Judge Kavanaugh to make his opening statement because of the insanity.

Judge Kavanaugh paid tribute to his family, especially highlighting his mother’s accomplishments as teacher, lawyer, prosecutor, and judge.

But all the media could talk about was this completely staged moment as the morning session ended.

Guttenberg tried to ambush Judge Kavanaugh – and after the morning session, security was not having someone Kavanaugh did not know to just walk up to him.

But Guttenberg got exactly what he wanted out of it – a narrative to push for the blue check left, and TV interviews.

And yes, Guttenberg suffered an unimaginable and catastrophic loss. But he was also being used as yet another Democrat stunt puppet.

The media lapped it up, even though another Parkland father who lost a daughter excoriated Guttenberg for his stunt. Meanwhile, as some victims are more equal than others, Guttenberg spent his evening on TV.

So now, the Kavanaugh daughters get to hear about how their father is a horrible person because he didn’t shake a stranger’s hand in the middle of a highly contentious situation with all the cameras rolling. Kavanaugh’s parents, whom he clearly loves and respects, have to sit through the slander of their son’s good character because the media and the left have it out for him.

President Trump had a Twitter comment on this as well.

And as one opinion piece put it:

Sadly, decorum and civility in political life have become increasingly rare. And both politicians and pundits have resorted to cheap theatrics and the tactics of schoolyard bullies.

I find it ironic that many of the same people who praised the late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., for his good manners and overall decency have no problem with the nasty tone surrounding Tuesday’s hearing. In fact, many are contributing to it.

Fair-minded opposition is a hallmark of this country, but there is nothing fair about besmirching a person’s character simply because you disagree with him or her.

When is all of this going to stop?

Is this really how we want to live and treat one another? Surely it is not.

The Senate could make this stop in a heartbeat by simply removing all the cameras from the committee room. As soon as there are no video cameras to put on a show for, the circus atmosphere will become almost nonexistent. Somehow, we managed to get Supreme Court justices confirmed without watching these committee hearings live for over two hundred years. Let the reporters and photographers in the room, have an audio recording made for transcript purposes, but in the name of sanity, STOP giving crazy people a live TV shot!

This is not the “noise of democracy,” as Senator Durbin tried to spin this chaos. This is the desperate antics of those being forced to play by the rules they created. (Thanks, Harry Reid!) It would be better for everyone if the public – and the Kavanaugh family – didn’t have to watch it on live TV.

Featured image: Screenshot via C-SPAN on YouTube

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  • Brian Brandt says:

    And the woman sitting behind Kavanaugh – law clerk Zina Bash – had an itchy nose but was afraid to scratch it. It could be interpreted as another white power sign.

  • GWB says:

    a cheering squad made up of his immediate family
    Hey! You forgot the White Power Lady! Remember, she was there to support, too!

    because adults can’t act like rational human beings
    Noooooo, because a bunch of children (who happen to be past the Constitutionally required age) threw a tantrum.

    Did #Kavanaugh think bringing his young daughters to this hearing would spare him?
    I’ll agree it showed extremely poor judgment. I mean, what rational person in this day and age thinks that a bunch of Democratic politicians are not going to be total asses about a milquetoast nominee for a judgeship?

    ‘What we heard was the noise of democracy. This is what we hear when free people stand up to speak,’ he said. ‘It’s not mob rule.’
    No, you Dick, it’s EXACTLY mob rule. Oh, and we don’t live in a democracy, you Dick.)

    I hope you can explain it to them
    Wished for response: “Yes, Senator, I explained beforehand that you and your folks would be asses during all of this.”

    My mom taught me that judges don’t deal in abstract principles. They decide for real cases, for real people, in the real world.
    That’s nice and all, but your abstract principles better be your bedrock, or you’re ignoring the Rule Of Law for Rule By Men. (Oh, and I hope like heck you don’t give a dang about the “impact” of a crime or a sentence, and rule based solely on the fact the crime was committed.)

    I guess he did not want to deal with the reality of gun violence a flaming a**hole who can’t even grasp the point of his daughter’s death and is being used by the progressives for grotesque political point-scoring.
    FIFY, Fred.

    Guttenberg’s daughter was killed in the Parkland gun massacre
    Yeah, sucks to have that happen. But why in the ever-living heck do I care? It’s absolutely irrelevant and he doesn’t know the jerk from Adam.

    Egad, the progressives are such damned ghouls! Everything is about gaining absolute moral superiority by being a victim. And the bloodier the victimhood, the better for them. And they don’t care about actually solving problems, because then their pool of victims would decrease. They must have blood to grease the gears of their “progress”.

    THIS is what corruption looks like.
    No, the Parkland school system and the Broward County Sheriff’s office are what corruption looks like.
    The fact you can’t see that should make you ineligible to vote in a free republic.

    I wont support anyone who does not support gun safety.
    You don’t support “gun safety”. You support removing American’s right to defend themselves from the very sort of situation in which your daughter died. *I* support gun safety – by knowing the proper rules for handling a weapon, keeping my weapons in good condition, and training – so that I won’t cower or fail to hit when I am called upon to exercise my right.

    When is all of this going to stop?
    When we begin watering the Tree of Liberty, that’s when. When we take Sic semper tyrannus seriously.
    Or, when we re-take control of the education system and restore critical thinking and proper values to their rightful place.

    I’m not so sure removing the “live” aspect of it would help much. After all, it was the live video that caught out Gutenberg in his bull. And, as long as there are cameras of any sort, the prog clowns will play to them. And I sure as heck don’t want this stuff conducted even remotely “in secret” because the media would be able to lie their asses off day after day about what went on.

    And, remember, the problem here is NOT “incivility”! The problem is that these people want to displace our free republic and turn it into an aristocracy (or technocracy) with them as the rulers and everyone else as the serfs. This is NOT incivility, it is at best, a coup in progress.

  • Wfjag says:

    After Louis Farrakhan was seated in the front row of Althea Franklin’s funeral, and so given equal honor as that given former President Clinton, I didn’t think Progressives could go lower.

    I was wrong.

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