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Jury Selection in Police Brutality Death Set to Begin

Jury Selection in Police Brutality Death Set to Begin

Jury Selection in Police Brutality Death Set to Begin

Jury selection is slated to begin this month for the trial of two former police officers from the Fullerton, CA police department who are charged with second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the beating death of a mentally ill homeless man named Kelly Thomas in 2010.  What makes this case so horrific—aside from the fact that the entire encounter was caught on video—is that it seems that the restaurant employee who called the police to report a man attempting to break into cars lied; the employee wanted to ensure that the police removed the homeless man, who was bad for business.  Thomas was at times belligerent, and often asked patrons for money or used the restaurant’s bathrooms.  He also was not thrilled, apparently, when the cops tried to search his bag.  This naturally, according to Fullerton PD, meant he should be tased multiple times, beaten with batons and flashlights, and have his head, face and chest nearly caved in.  Thomas’ family removed him from life support five days later.

All in all, a total of six police officers beat an unarmed, mentally ill Kelly Thomas to death while he screamed in pain and called for his dad.

A third officer is also charged separately in the incident.  A few days ago, he saved a man from choking in a Pasadena restaurant.  Instead of saving Kelly Thomas, that same officer used the butt of his Taser to hit Thomas repeatedly in the face.  Forgive me if I don’t roll out the hero welcome.

Victory Girls will be covering this trial, because it is a case that needs to be watched.  Justice is imperative; we hear more and more stories of police officers using excessive force and even flat-out beating citizens.  Let me assure you up front that I am no criminal apologist; I understand the need for force—even the lethal variety—in certain situations and abhor the stories of those who falsely claim police brutality.  That being said, I cannot watch the videos of Kelly Thomas being destroyed while he cried for his father without understanding that we are at a very dangerous place.  We must make these officers pay for their actions.  We must make it clear that We the People will not tolerate brutality.  We will not tolerate public servants using their batons and flashlights to render a man’s face absolutely unrecognizable.   It’s too bad those officers couldn’t be subjected to exactly the same treatment—and the same result.

Watch the video yourself.  The violence begins about 15:20 into the confrontation.  I do want to remind you that this is a video of a man being killed.  Don’t watch it at work.

Is this the nation we want to live in?

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