You Know That Moment….

You Know That Moment….

You Know That Moment….

I am beginning to feel like Hannibal from the A-Team.  I love it when I plan comes to together; even if it is by serendipity….

There is nothing like the moment when you know you are going to win.

The Administration and the empty suit golf addict have been trying to stave off this disaster by doing the equivalent of this at every press conference and media event.

Now is the time John Boehner, and with some back up from men like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, I know you can get this done for the American People.  In fact, I have written your statement, so please feel free to use it:

“Mr. President, today, you have once again tried to blame others for what is clearly the fault of your administration and your party.  As you know and Americans know, not one Republican voted for this law that is now ravaging the insurance industry and forcing people like Edie Littlefield Sundby to make heart wrenching, life altering and in her case, life ending decisions regarding her health care.”

“We knew what was coming and we wanted to have no part of it.”

“The American people do not want this law amended, they want it gone, and in order to get to a place where we can have true health care reform, I call upon you to sign the bill repealing the ACA and work with us in crafting a good law and a law that doesn’t put private business out of business, and doesn’t take more money from the wallets of Americans who are already stretched thin.”  Many in your own party are calling upon you to do something to fix the mess that they have created.  It is time for you to lead from the front Mr. President, and not from behind.

“Mr. President, the House will not take up one piece of legislation, one confirmation hearing or conduct any business until you sign the bill we sent to you repealing this ill advised and poorly written law that is affecting the lives of every American”

“The country can wait no longer and Americans shouldn’t have to wait for you to act.”

I know, wishful thinking huh?  More likely that we get these Establishment retreads to try to ride in and save this empty suit from his own defeat, and the defeat and marginalization of his party at the ballot box for the next 10 years.

Now, there are going to be libturd trolls who are going to start talking about “Holding hostages” and such.  Let me remind you turds of something:

  • Not one Republican voted for it.  That has never happened on any law in our history, so Dems own it.
  • This is how government works; and it was the design of ours to work this way. (you should have paid attention in class, instead of smoking weed in the car at lunch).
  • EVERY challenger to the Dems running for re-election in 2014 and 2016 are going to have the yoke of this around their necks, and it will undoubtedly drag some of them to the bottom.

But we are at that moment, where we find out if conservatives, alleged conservatives, and establishment retreads have the spine to win, or just sue for peace and take what we can get around the edges.  We also find out how dedicated to the cause the other side is, and whether they are going to get in the lifeboat or spend their limited elected terms rearranging the deck chairs on this sinking monstrosity.

I say, conservatives should do this with such vigor that the opposition tells the tale for 1,000 years of what we did to bring them to their knees, as a warning to others of what happens when you make laws in this way.

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  • Kevin says:

    11.5 months is a long time before another election. We’ve seen elections turn with just a few weeks before election day.

    As a “libturd,” my advice to the disorganized, inbred, squabbling, “I can’t believe that just came out of his/her mouth”, Republicans is as follows:
    (1) Don’t just sit back and throw crap … Voters see through that and even though they may not agree with the direction universal health care is going, one step below the Democrats are Republicans who can just say, “Let’s go back to the old days when insurance companies could pick and choose the healthy ones and deny people coverage for typos on their applications.”
    (2) Gloating (as you well know because the Democrats have been stomping on your grave for five years) also is unbecoming and gets old quickly. Take the high ground versus trying to “one up” the opponent.
    (3) Call a meeting with your members and say, “You drag one of our party members through the mud, you will be exiled.” So, this also goes for the Republicans bad mouthing Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin (even though I think these three are idiots, it doesn’t help when their own side says disparaging things).

    If all you’re going to do is gloat, the majority (do the last two Presidential elections prove who has the majority) will get pissed off and stick with Democrats because the Republicans are trying to capitalize on someone else’s misery. People that voted for Obama can come out and say what an idiot he is and they wished they would have never heard of him. When that’s done by someone who never voted for him and wished he would get vaporized by Marine One, it does nothing but reinforce the people who voted Democratic to stay Democratic. (Remember the earlier discussion around “battered wife syndrome?” Don’t call my batterer an A-hole, he loves me and you don’t know him. Wait for me to come to that conclusion because in time it will happen.)

    Okay … off to catch my next flight home.


  • (1) Don’t just sit back and throw crap … Voters see through that and even though they may not agree with the direction universal health care is going, one step below the Democrats are Republicans who can just say, “Let’s go back to the old days when insurance companies could pick and choose the healthy ones and deny people coverage for typos on their applications.”

    It isn’t something the Federal government has any business doing.

    It doesn’t have the Constitutional authority.

    It doesn’t have the moral authority…especially when you consider how they’re trying to sell it to those who will be given the worst prison shower treatment by it (See the appalling “brosurance” and “hoshurance” ads).

    And it clearly doesn’t possess the expertise to make it work, and obviously cannot even manage to hire competent help that does.

    And while I would dearly love to be able to stand off to the side and do the Nelson Muntz as I basked in the Dems’ shadenterror that this albatross will be squarely around their necks for election after election to come, the fact is that like so many other Americans, this bit of massive government overreach is going to have an enormous negative effect on my health and my finances, which isn’t good, as Dear Leader’s continued unconstitutional unilateral changes to the law to serve his political expediency get me one step closer to saying “If those who ostensibly work for me do not have to follow the rules, then I can’t see much point in my continued adherence to them.” If ten or twelve million of us all come to that conclusion at the same time, the result won’t be pretty…but government WILL be limited once again, and fear will keep it that way.

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