Juan Williams’ “Trump The Great Destroyer” A Bit Right

Juan Williams’ “Trump The Great Destroyer” A Bit Right

Juan Williams’ “Trump The Great Destroyer” A Bit Right

It would appear that Juan Williams is late to the party. If you Google “Trump Destroyer,” twenty-six million hits pop up in less than one minute. This morning, Mr. Williams has an article titled “Trump The Great Destroyer” in The Hill.com. And, doncha know, Williams (no relation) is not just late, he’s lame. His whole article is lame. But, he is not wrong, and you and I both know that Trump is “The Great Destroyer.”

Let’s start with the second paragraph in, shall we?

Having undermined trust in major American institutions, from the CIA to the FBI, last week Trump stuck a knife in the heart of the public’s trust in the Supreme Court.

Au contraire, mon frere. Donald Trump has not “undermined trust” in the CIA, the FBI, or the Supreme Court. If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency (thank you, Jesus), we would have no idea that a few people at the top of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI were dirty. You and I have faith in these agencies because Donald John Trump has helped expose their behind-the-scenes machinations to controvert our Constitutional Republic.

Thank you, President Trump.

“Guild Wars,” “Tome of the Rubicon,” “The Great Destroyer,” “evil, malicious, and greedy to the core.” How the media sees President Donald Trump. Photo: Guild Wars

Juan Williams is such a true believer in the left-wit narrative that he really, really, really believes that President Trump has destroyed all faith in the Supreme Court. Williams also finds that the ceremonial swearing-in at The White House was as unseemly as a three-pump twerk. From the article:

The Supreme Court is supposed to be an independent branch of government, equal to the Congress and the executive branch. The justices are given lifetime seats on the court as a buffer from political pressures.

Trump took a hammer to all that pretense.

He began by apologizing to Kavanaugh “on behalf of the nation,” ignoring the plurality of Americans still opposed to having him on the bench. Then he falsely claimed that Kavanaugh had been “proven innocent.”

There was not one word of sympathy for Christine Blasey Ford or any other American woman living with the trauma of sexual assault. Keep in mind that Trump said he found Ford’s testimony “compelling,” before later mocking her at one of his rallies.

Donald Trump took a hammer to nothing, in my humble opinion. Darn skippy that Trump apologized to Justice Kavanaugh. There are a lot of people out there who owe an apology to Brett Kavanaugh. Every Democrat, including Joe Manchin, and a couple of Republicans (ahem, Jeffrey Lane Flake, from Snowflake, Arizona). Worse than anything that was done to Robert Bork or Clarence Thomas, Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault, serial drugging, and promoting the rape of high school girls, wiener-waving, and (the horror) ice throwing. He was also accused of having a boofed-up high school yearbook. I apologize to Brett Kavanaugh. I like to think Trump apologized for all of us out here who are sane.

Here is the Trump apology:

Thank you, President Trump.

A little bit more from Juan Williams’ The Hill.com article:

The Trump playbook is clear — if an institution or an individual does not agree with him, it is to be dismissed as part of the “deep state” conspiracy against him.

“Law and order” now joins “free trade” and “deficit hawk” in the ash heap of once-sacred GOP slogans jettisoned by Trump.

Trump has been called the “great disruptor” but it would better to label him as the “great destroyer” of trust in government as he goes about dividing Americans from each other.

The Trump playbook is clear: if an institution like the Senate Democrats are undermining our Constitutional Republic, it will be exposed. “Law and order,” “free trade,” and “deficit hawk” are all still operative phrases. Trump is not dividing Americans from each other. The lying liberal malefactors are dividing Americans. Trump is the “Great Destroyer” of the liberal lies. Mr. Williams, you are as lame as your column.

Thank you, President Trump.


Feature picture of President Donald J. Trump by: AP Photos.

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  • DaveP. says:

    There’s a husband-wife joke that goes, “Honey, does this dress make my ass look fat?” “It’s your ass that makes your ass look fat. The dress has nothing to do with it.” So with Trump and the Three Letter Agencies. It’s not Trump undermining public trust in the FBI, it’s the FBI that has undercut public trust in the FBI. Trump is just making it public instead of playing the normal okeydoke games.

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