John Kelly Does Not Need to Defend A Blasted Thing

John Kelly Does Not Need to Defend A Blasted Thing

John Kelly Does Not Need to Defend A Blasted Thing

For the better part of fifty years, John F. Kelly has served the United States of America. First, he served as an enlisted Marine. After college, he commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Marines, moving up through the ranks to the position of four star General Officer. In addition to sending troops into battle and the inevitable loss of some, his son Robert was killed in action in 2010, making him a Gold Star Father. He has since served the Trump Administration as Secretary of Homeland Defense and White House Chief of Staff. His faithful service to Our Country does not need to be defended, by anyone. Tell that to the Los Angeles Times and The Hill.

Only an ideological tool like the LA Times could take an exit interview with a stoic like John Kelly and say he is defending anything. Dude doesn’t do defending. The article is titled “Outgoing White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly defends his rocky tenure”. From the idiotic article:

The retired four-star Marine general will leave the administration on Wednesday. First as Homeland Security chief and then in 18 months at the White House, he presided over some of the Trump administration’s most controversial immigration and security policies.

In the phone interview Friday, Kelly defended his rocky tenure, arguing that it is best measured by what the president did not do when Kelly was at his side.

A tool by the name of Molly O’Toole wrote this article with her agenda firmly out front. What she apprehends as defending, I just see as relating what happened. Like an after action report. I actually see Kelly as coolly detached in reading the quote below:

Kelly said he made sure that Trump had access to multiple streams of detailed information before he made a decision — even if the president says he often relies on his gut, rather than U.S. intelligence.

“It’s never been: The president just wants to make a decision based on no knowledge and ignorance,” Kelly said. “You may not like his decision, but at least he was fully informed on the impact.”

See what I mean? What Molly sees as “defending”, I see as the President doesn’t want “Yes men”. Chief of Staff Kelly did his job as Presidential gatekeeper to insure that the best data for decision making got to the President. Well, shazaam!

Then there is this from the article:

Kelly allowed that spending nearly every waking minute of 15-hour days with a president seemingly inundated with one crisis after another has been a “bone-crushing hard job, but you do it.”

All that first part, “Kelly allowed that spending nearly every waking minute of 15-hour days with a president seemingly inundated with one crisis after another has been” is the opinion of Molly the Tool. Only the last few words, “bone-crushing hard job, but you do it.” represents John Kelly’s thoughts. Trust, being Chief of Staff to any President, would be a “bone-crushing hard job”. I wouldn’t do it. Most of the citizens of the United States couldn’t do it.

Next up, let’s smack around The Hill with their article “Kelly: to be honest, it’s not a wall”. This is from the same LA Times exit interview, but teased out and spun up.

“To be honest, it’s not a wall,” Kelly told The Los Angeles Times.

“The president still says ‘wall’ — oftentimes frankly he’ll say ‘barrier’ or ‘fencing,’ now he’s tended toward steel slats,” Kelly added. “But we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration, when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it.”

Kelly, who will leave the administration in the coming days after a contentious tenure, said Customs and Border Protection Agents told him during his brief stint as Homeland Security secretary that they need physical barriers in some areas, but largely indicated a desire for new technology and additional personnel.

“The Wall” for me and, I suspect, for most Americans with an IQ above that of a single cell amoeba is a shorthand phrase for border security. A wall, metal slats, drones, cameras, piranha, more personnel it’s all groovy. Whatever works for a particular area is what the Border Patrol Agents should get.

The fast on her feet Presidential Adviser Kellyanne Conway spoke truth to agenda today on CNN:

It boggles the brain on how people can accept this excrement. I can smell the stench all the way down here in the Tennessee Valley. One thing these folks need to keep in mind, men and women like General Kelly are rare beasts not to be messed with. They tell the unvarnished truth and have finely tuned rubbish detectors. John Kelly doesn’t complain or explain and he darn sure doesn’t defend.

Feature Photo Credit: Department of Homeland Security

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  • Sandy Lueder, PhD says:

    This is so good to know. I visit quite a few websites, most of them conservative, but even then it is difficult sometimes to cut through the BS out of the mainstream media. I figured that Gen. Kelly’s story was very different from what is reported.

  • Kevin says:

    Give Trump about 20 minutes after Kelly steps foot off of the White House property and he’s going to degrade and humiliate him like he has every other person leaving his administration. Mattis didn’t even have to leave the job before Trump, your false idol, tweeted (that’s probably how Mattis heard about it) he would be leaving sooner. Trump doesn’t have the balls to talk to people to their face … all done through his underlings. He is a coward when it comes to personnel management.

    Now on to the topic I’m actually writing about …. What will it take for the believers in a false idol to sit back and think, “Hmmm, maybe he’s not the right person for this job?” Is there not a person wtih some values and morals in the conservative movement that people can get behind? Just because this pathological lying troll is implementing your beliefs and values, there comes a cost in the end. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and there comes a time when people with some shred of decency need to say, “This isn’t working for me and let’s make some decisions to move in a direction I can put my support behind.”

    You want to know how the MSM cowtows and supports the pathological lying troll in the White House … every (AND I MEAN EVERY!) news story has one or more of the following words or phrases “distorts”, “innacurate”, “factually incorrect”, “misleading”, “unfounded” and other similar words and phrases. The MSM should call it what it is … TRUMP IS LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just read (I know MSM) another news story about the White House Communications office and why we’re seeing the evil Stephen Miller on TV so much … because no one in the communications department can bring themselves to support these polices. I rememberr last year hearing that Sanders was leaving in the fall (October/November) and I think she even said that from the podium (back in the days with they had the energy to stand before the press and answer questions). The article said both Sanders and her associate, Raj Shah, meet with business/people but no one will hire them. I’m guessing Fox News doesn’t have a payroll big enough to hire the fleeing White House staff.

    Lastly, many articles on the VG site have the heading “Libs head exploder over ….” Usually, the gist of the story is a word misued by Trump, a disuputed fact, a different interpretation of an event, reaction to something Trump said. Let’s turn the tables … and I’ll only use the stoires from the last few days because there are hundreds if not thousands of them … Would conservative heads have exploded if Obama turned a speech to the troops into a political rally? What about lying to the troops faces by saying they’re getting a 10% raise? What about taking two years before he stepped foot on a military base in a combat zone? What about missing Veterans Day and not honoring fallen soldiers in Europe?
    More than conservative heads would have exploded … you would have marched on the white house with torches and I would hope there were be moderates and liberals in the mix as well because THAT WAS WRONG. Plain and simple. Yet the VG blog does nothing to denounce this traitor and his lies … they simply find ways to support the Emporer with no robes or spend time on a pitiful story about a woman wearing a head scarf.

    Party over Country!

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