Joe Biden: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Joe Biden: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Joe Biden: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Joe Biden // AP

November is the time when families across the United States gather together to give thanks. We review our lives and the “gifts” we’ve received: family, health, friends, rewards and challenges. One of those “gifts” we must look at this year is Joe Biden. The former Vice-President has a new book coming out this month. He has also “gifted” us with his opinion on the hero of Sutherland Springs. Then there is this reminder of some of his creepier actions while Vice-President.

It will be a very long time before anyone, especially any Texan, forgets the horror that happened in Sutherland Springs earlier this month. November 5th will be etched in our memories, not only because of the horror inflicted on that small town by Devin Kelley but also for the heroism shown by Stephen Willeford. Had it not been for the actions of Mr. Willeford in leaving the safety of his home and shooting Kelley, who knows how many others might have been injured or killed in that small church. But, according to Biden, Willeford never should have had the AR-15 he used to injure Kelley. It doesn’t matter to the former Vice-President that Willeford legally bought and owned the AR-15. Biden is one of those who believe no one on the civilian side of life should own an AR or similar weapon.

“Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying . . .Assault weapons are … I wrote the last serious gun control law that was written and was law for 10 years, and it outlawed assault weapons and it outlawed weapons with magazines that had a whole lot of bullets and so you can kill a whole lot of people a lot more quickly.”

So, if Biden had his way, Willeford, a former NRA instructor, wouldn’t have had the proper weapon necessary to stop Kelley. Remember, Kelley is reported to have worn protective gear at the time he attacked the members of Sutherland Springs’ First Baptist Church. As Willeford said, had he used a handgun or a less powerful weapon than the AR, his attempts to stop the gunman might have been futile. How many more would have died? But that didn’t matter to good ole Joe who had to make sure we all knew not only that he penned gun control legislation but that he feels ARs, even legally owned ones, are bad.

Remember, this is a man who is starting to make sounds like he might be considering running for President.

But it gets better — or worse, depending on your point of view. In this day and age where you can’t pick up a paper or turn on the news without hearing about another public figure being accused of sexually harassing someone, there is one name that is missing from that list. Yes, Joe Biden’s. Back in Feb. 2015, Time Magazine published the article, “America Shouldn’t Tolerate ‘Biden Being Biden'”. In that article, Time asks, “What then can be said of people, today, looking the other way as the vice president of the United States paws woman after woman in public, with cameras flashing and their husband or parent three feet away?”

And yet we hear crickets from the Democrats when it comes to Biden. And let’s not forget Bill Clinton (Of course, as far as Hillary is concerned, that’s in the past. Move on.)

Not that everyone is holding their tongues. In this article from The Gateway Pundit, a Secret Service agent talked about a number of incidents surrounding Biden. From swimming in the nude and walking around the residence sans clothing, but only when Mrs. Biden wasn’t around, to inappropriate touching to a reported incident where another agent was suspended after shoving Biden for grabbing his girl friend’s breast, the picture is not a pretty one.

He [the agent] said that the men on duty would frequently stand in front of female agents and Navy women that were present “like a damn guardian.” On some occasions, they would make up reasons to get the women away from where he [Biden] was.

Yet we aren’t hearing about this behavior from a man who is beginning to make noises that sound an awful lot like he is considering a run for the White House. A man who, in many ways, should remind us of Uncle Ernie from the Who’s rock musical, Tommy.

Like Uncle Ernie, “Uncle Joe” Biden is the gift that just keeps on giving or, like Christmas fruitcake, is the present you can’t wait to regift.

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  • Scott says:

    Typical leftist BS.. they make a lot of noise about people like weinstein, and maybe even a little noise about weiner, AFTER he’s no longer useful, but any of the people they feel might go somewhere (BJ clinton, Hitlery, Biden, et al) they stay quiet about..

    • Amanda Green says:

      Yep, we are seeing that in action today in the wake of the revelations about Al Franken. Seems the “good” senator sexually harassed — and more, imo — a woman while on a USO tour. But, at least according to Dowd, that’s okay because Franken is sorry and has apologized. Right. I guess you get a free pass if you are a sitting Democrat.

      • Scottie says:

        I think that all started with Bill Clinton’s one free feel ruling by Gloria Steinem. After that, the press just sort of morphed into an organ of the Democrat Party.

  • parker says:

    Don’t forget his idiotic advise for stopping a home invasion by firing a double barrel shotgun through your front door. Genius Joe forgot to put in his gun bill a clause making that illegal action legal in all the 57 states.

    This is what happens when creepy dumb asses are given power.

    • Amanda Green says:

      I had forgotten about that — not that it surprises me he’d say something like it. Creepy, dumb and out of touch is a better description, imo.

  • Steffen Crist says:

    In the future, would you please refer to Joe Biden as “Gropin’ Joe” rather than “Uncle Joe”. The Uncle Joe moniker is far less accurate.

    Thank you.

  • Marta Hernandez says:

    He ain’t the brightest candle on the menorah, is he?

  • MikeyParks says:

    According to an article I just read, the NYT is attempting to keep Twitter from carrying the montage of Uncle Joe feeling up various women (and girls). I’m sure that if such a montage of Roy Moore existed, they’d be happy to see it all over social media. The Times – putting the yellow back into yellow journalism.

    • Amanda Green says:

      That ranks right up there with the Times and others ignoring everything Bill Clinton did. It should amaze me that they aren’t covering, or at least referencing what Clinton, Biden and others like them did but it doesn’t. It simply shows the media no longer reports the news but attempts to shape it to meet their own political agendas.

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