Joe Biden Camp: He’ll Fix the Economy!

Joe Biden Camp: He’ll Fix the Economy!

Joe Biden Camp: He’ll Fix the Economy!

For weeks he’s called for more “economic intercourse.” And now Joe Biden and his camp are reportedly set to make the case that he, and not President Trump, is the guy who will resuscitate our economy.

From The Hill:

The former vice president’s campaign believes he has an opening with voters on an issue that has been a strength of Trump’s given the economic harm caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which has locked down businesses and led to skyrocketing unemployment.”

“They plan to argue that Trump handled the pandemic poorly, is mishandling the economy, and that their candidate is the better leader to shepherd the country to a recovery.”

“‘No one thinks the economy is in a good place right now,’ said one Democratic strategist who supports Biden. ‘Trump got us here. And Biden can make the case that he’s the one who can lead us out of here.'”

I’ll wait til you finish giggling.



Three things spring to mind after reading that tripe:

  1. Joe Biden was part of a White House team that oversaw one of the most anemic—if not THE weakest—economic recovery in U.S. history.
  2. He’s responding to polling showing that voters overwhelmingly prefer the current president on all things economy. After all, it’s “the economy, stupid.”
  3. And, accordingly, that the blue-state governors—championed by their shameless left-wing media counterparts—who refuse to unleash their economies are doing so for political reasons, and not scientific ones. In other words: they want Biden elected in November and they’re willing to sacrifice everything to make it happen.


As anyone with a functioning brain stem can see, Joe Biden—a senile septuagenarian who can’t consistently compose a coherent sentence—would be nothing but a puppet president. It’s both his vice-presidential pick and the swamp dwellers that want their unchecked power back who’d be our “president” should we make the tragic mistake of giving Barack Obama a third term.

Now, like Joe Biden, I’m no economic savant, but I’m also not blind. So let’s check a bit of Biden’s economic record, shall we?

  • * He was part of an administration that raised taxes on those most-unable to pay them, plus oversaw stagnant wages and a below-average labor participation rate.
  • * He was part of a “fiscally irresponsible” team that accumulated historic levels of debt.

One other statistic that stands out on the Obama record as we begin his last year in office. The debt is nearly $19 trillion and by the time he leaves office our indebtedness will be almost double where it was when he entered the Oval Office. Just the interest payments alone cost half a trillion dollars a year.”

  • * He was for welfare reform—entitlements are the largest portion of our federal budget—before he was against it.
  • * He was for border control—and its economic impacts—before he was against it.
  • * And he was for corporate interests—the same ones that made his do-nothing, unqualified son, Hunter, a wealthy man—before he, in an effort to woo Bernie Sanders supporters, was against them.
  • * And then there’s his frightening record on China, whom he thinks is no threat to America.

And Trump’s record on the economy?

Well, there’s no comparison: pre-virus, he’s overseen the most robust, and quickly-achieved, economic recovery, and prosperity, probably in U.S. history, lowering the unemployment rates of every demographic the left thinks belongs to them. For example:

  • * Under Dr. Ben Carson’s watch, “opportunity zones” are helping revitalize some historically under-served communities that the Joe Bidens of the land have ignored for decades.
  • * The Trump Administration has slashed both taxes and a plethora of onerous regulations—most notably by the regulation-happy Obama-Biden administration that threw a boat-load of them over our economy like the proverbial wet blanket.
  • * Pre-virus labor participation, across the board, was at all-time highs.
  • *The Trump administration has worked—against every roadblock imaginable—to curb illegal immigration that both takes jobs and reduces wages for American workers, the result being a steady increase in pay like we hadn’t seen in years.
  • * The Trump administration re-negotiated unfair trade deals that hurt our country—including with China—and has resisted involving us in further, costly, conflicts.

And that’s just the short list.

And the ironic thing is this: for his entire presidency, the Obiden Bama team has taken credit for the healthy economy their successors birthed. So by that logic, isn’t the sudden downturn also their baby? Your rules, guys; we’re just playing by them.


But, really, it doesn’t matter what Joe Biden’s economic record is—some of which was common sense, oh, back in his 458th year in office—because, as noted above, he wouldn’t be the acting president; the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of the ever-more-radical Democratic Party would be.

And if that’s still not enough to shock Americans into voting against Biden, then his likely participation in what was—and still is—an obvious effort to either hamstring Obama’s successor or outright remove him from office should be, no matter where on the political spectrum you fall.

Joe Biden can’t remember what office he’s running for, is determined to “beat Joe Biden,” and thinks certain populations of Americans—based solely upon the color of their skin and/or their gender or sexual orientation—are inherently owned by the Democratic Party, and now his team is under the delusion that this guy can resurrect our economy:

To quote his BFF, Barack Obama: With a magic wand? No. Certainly not; but with massive tax increases, a return to over-regulation, and a laser-like focus on the climate change cult that would decimate our economy. Indeed, what we’re experiencing now amid the coronavirus shutdowns is what a Biden presidency would look like, only on a years-long, if not permanent, scale. And it’s Donald Trump and his camp who will need to explain to voters the specifics of Biden’s Green New Deal, the costs of his promised tax increases, the ramifications of his punitive energy sector regulation proposals, and free-everything price tag. Because our left-wing media sure as blazes won’t.

By the way: something tells me the 24/7 Covid-19 hysteria and the hair-on-fire RussiaGate discussion would magically disappear on November 4th if by some miracle—or mail-in-ballot voter fraud—Biden wins the general election.

But make no mistake: Joe Biden is promising “fundamental transformation” of America and her economy, and using the DemPanic ScamDemic in an effort to force us into socialism while we’re distracted with just trying to make ends meet. It’s what tyrants throughout history have done to procure permanent power. But we’ve heard that message before, America. Only this time we know—via his decades-long record, including from the “scandal-free” history of the administration of which he was an integral part—exactly what Biden means.


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  • George V says:

    Biden will fix the economy? Jodi, you wrote “I’ll wait til you finish giggling.” No, not giggling. Full out, belly laugh followed by “YGBSM”.

    You also wrote “For weeks he’s called for more “economic intercourse.”” I’ll bet you used that wording on purpose. Yes, I can imagine the “intercourse” the Biden camp has in mind for all of us!

  • rbj1 says:

    Biden will fix the economy the same way my dog was fixed.

  • Jim says:

    I assume AOC would be his Treasurer or economic advisor?

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  • Michael G. Gallagher says:

    Well, if Brainless Bolshie Biden wins because of a mass stampede towards lemming hood by the drones, there’s always this.

    • guest says:

      It’s a bizarre article, which–if I read it correctly–requests that the Big Army start crossing doctrinal lines that were heretofore held sacrosanct for centuries. What he wants the Big Army to engage in–political change that does not involve the use of force–isn’t called “strategic nonviolence.” It’s called “politics.” It is not the job of a nation’s military except insofar as psychological warfare is concerned, and that can only be an adjunct to the use of force, it can never substitute for it. International politics is the job of a nation’s diplomats and, in the gravest regime, its clandestine intelligence and espionage services.

      There is a reason that in Western democracies there’s always been a legal, cultural, and doctrinal firewall between the political decision-makers and the war-makers, though arguably it was eroded to near-meaninglessness by Leftists in the 1960s in their lawfare against the Pentagon during the war in Vietnam.

      In any event, it is the purpose of a nation’s military to break stuff and kill people at the direction of that nation’s leaders to advance national interest. For some centuries, there was a tacit understanding, a mutual professional courtesy: the politicians refrain from looking over the generals’ shoulders and offering unsolicited advice from a position of ignorance and inexperience, and the generals return the favor, just as a free press was once upon a time owned by sober, rational proprietors who understood that we live in an ugly world and that there is nothing to be gained and much to be lost by waving gory pictures and atrocity stories under the noses of a nation’s bored housewives month after month. Perhaps those times are long gone.

      Doherty argues for making the war-fighters responsible for international relations–for politics. Historically that’s never ended well. Of course, we’ve also lost every single war since we allowed the politicians to meddle in war-fighting. Maybe it couldn’t be any worse. But it isn’t going to be good.

      A bit more to the point, if we want to back away a bit from the big picture and take a look at specifics. How’d “strategic nonviolence” work out for Operation Rescue? In the 80s they copied the “civil rights” movement and the “antiwar movement” of two decades before, without realizing that they were facing people more than eager to wage lawfare against them. They were sued into oblivion, bankrupted by Federal RICO seizures on very dubious legal grounds, that the Supreme Court overthrew–two decades later, when the organization was bankrupted and disintegrated. “You might beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride.” They were crushed by the System and ground to dust, which, after a couple of decades, backed up a bit and mumbled a grudging apology for crushing them.

      Nonviolent resistance isn’t going to get anywhere against the System as it is currently constituted, for all the same reasons that you can vote your way into Clown World but you can’t vote your way back out. What this means in practical terms is not for me to say, but, rather, for each of us to consider at length, and is between each of us and his conscience.

  • A. C. says:

    Williamson’s First Law: “Everything is simple if you don’t know a f*****g thing about it.”

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