Jill Biden Is Media’s New Fashion Queen

Jill Biden Is Media’s New Fashion Queen

Jill Biden Is Media’s New Fashion Queen

No one is even trying to hide their biases anymore. On one hand, that’s a good thing, because it allows for more transparency in media.

On the other hand, it makes people look really, really stupid. There has been a monumental amount of squeeing over new First Lady Jill Biden (yes, that’s DOCTOR Biden to you peasants) and her wardrobe choices for the day. Jill Biden is now being credited with “bringing American fashion back into the White House.”

See for yourself.

Now, I like fashion details as much as the next person, but this is a bit much.

The ensemble was made by New York-based up-and-coming designer Markarian. It was crafted out of wool tweed in a dreamy shade of blue — most likely a nod to the Democratic party regaining power. Dr. Biden wore a silk mask of the same color to complete the look. Her coat, which featured a velvet collar and cuffs in a darker shade of blue, was adorned with Swarovski crystals — a statement of sartorial optimism from the new First Lady. The tapered chiffon dress she wore underneath was also adorned with dainty floral designs made out of Swarovski pearls and crystals.”

Because nothing says “average Joe from Scranton” like having your wife decked out in Swarovski crystals. That totally screams “optimism.”

Dr. Biden’s choice to support Markarian, which was founded by O’Neill in 2017 and includes both ready-to-wear pieces and bridal looks, only adds fuel to the rumors that, like Michelle Obama, the new First Lady plans to use her position to uplift American fashion designers. Obama famously wore Jason Wu at the Inaugural Ball in 2009, thus launching his namesake brand into the limelight. Throughout President Obama’s two terms in office, she continued wearing items from rising American brands, quickly making them household names. Dr. Biden followed suit during her husband’s campaign, recycling a fall ‘17 dress by 2020 CFDA American Womenswear Designer of the Year winner Gabriela Hearst, a New York-based designer known for her dedication to sustainability. On the eve of the Inauguration, Dr. Biden wore the purple “Unity” coat and dress from New York-based designer Jonathan Cohen’s fall ‘21 collection to a COVID-19 memorial.”

All that’s to say, New York designers should prepare themselves. The First Lady appears to be on a mission to bring American fashion to the White House — and with brands suffering during the pandemic, having a visual reminder that blue skies are ahead is very much needed right now.”

There are two really glaring issues that are being shoved in the face of the readers right now. The first one is so obvious, and it’s obvious because people have memories that last longer than 24 hours.

For those of us who are more than four years old, we can clearly remember Melania Trump getting Vanity Fair covers and Vogue photospreads during her time as First Lady. Oh wait, scratch that. It never happened. After all, what makes a woman truly fashion-forward and an icon to be glamorized isn’t her looks or what she’s wearing. It’s the “R” or the “D” that follows her name or her husband’s name. It wasn’t that Melania Trump wasn’t an elegant and fashionable First Lady, it’s that her last name was Trump, which means that she was, by association, Orange Man Wife Bad.

Also, notice the truly ugly undercurrent running through the phrasing of the article. “Bring American fashion to the White House.” First, many American designers OPENLY REFUSED to dress Melania Trump. So, clearly it’s Melania’s fault that she wasn’t promoting American fashion. Second, the insertion of “American” in that phrase is a subtle reminder that Melania Trump is not a native-born American citizen, and it smells of the xenophobia that the left always likes to scream about. Remember, Melania Trump was endlessly mocked for her accent, and the fact that she speaks five languages meant nothing to an American press who routinely bitches and moans about the great unwashed serfs of flyover America who can barely speak English.

How many languages does educated woman Dr. Jill Biden speak? We don’t know, because shut up she is the new FASHION KWEEN.

Unless the media decides that Kamala Harris is the new fashion queen, because she already got a Vogue cover… even though it had to have a stupid controversy over “which photo did we agree to?” to go with it.

And apparently today’s power move was wearing purple.

Seems no one told Jill Biden that, but given the absolute drooling prose that she was given, it’s likely not a big deal. Yet. I’m not sure that the personalities of Jill Biden and Kamala Harris are going to mesh well, considering that they are fighting for the same position in Joe’s ear.

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Featured image: First Lady Jill Biden, official White House portrait, public domain

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  • Mary says:

    Talk about fashion, good on Gaga who made a mockery of the Inauguration, a supposedly auspicious occasion by what she wore. So OTT she needed a man to help her down the stairs, the skirt so large she was unable to see the stairs. She stole the show and left the Stars on the podium in the dark.

  • “wool tweed in a dreamy shade of blue”

    this sounds like grandma’s faded sofa upholstery and that’s what it looked like, too

  • Robin H says:

    The dress had a neckline of little white daisies like a little girl’s dress would have. I guess that’s how “Dr.” Jilly keeps Biden focused?
    I’m already sick over the gushing and it’s only day 1. Oy.

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    There is a video analyzing Melania’s French and Italian by John Aravosis titled “Is Melania really fluent in five languages?” Aravosis is fluent in Italian and French, two of the languages Melania claims to speak. Despite her claims that she speaks Italian and French, when she had the opportunity to speak in Italian and French to children she visited who were native speakers of French and Italian, she chose to speak in English except for some common phrases in French and Italian.. As Aravosis points out, she even erred in a common phrase. Has anybody ever heard Melania carry on a conversation in anything but English and Slovenian? Watch the video and see what Aravosis’ conclusion is. I’ll s just say his conclusion is that she isn’t fluent in either French or Italian.

    I’ve known many immigrants who had a better grasp of English grammar after living in the U.S. for only two years than Melania has. Melania is fluent in English, but her grammar is bad, especially considering how long she’s lived here. Her English is sufficient for her needs, but it’s obvious that language learning is not her forte if you pay attention to her grammar in English. I doubted from the beginning that she was fluent in five languages after noting her grammar in English. A person who had the capacity to be fluent tin five languages would have much better grammar in English than Melania’s grammar, especially after having spoken English for as long as Melania has.

    Melania also claimed that she graduated from university in Slovenia. When it was found that she only attended for about a year, the claim that she graduated disappeared from her website.Hmm, how did that happen?

    I’m not really concerned with how many languages Melania speaks, or who the press favors when it comes to fashion and First Ladies. I don’t care about First Ladies and their fashion choices. What interests me is that I’ve seen the falsehood that Melania speaks five languages stated on this site several times. Do none of you know how to do a simple google fact check search? You bitch and piss and moan about inaccuracy in the media, but you are inaccurate. Pot meet kettle.

    I suggest putting your adolescent, snarky, sarcastic, pissy writing styles on hold and instead do some actual research and try to write like adults instead of high school girls who think they’re being oh so clever because of the snark and sarcasm in their writing. I can’t think of any writer who writes about politics who is well known and is taken seriously who uses a word like “sqeeuing” in their writing unless it’s a quotation.Try doing research and writing like an adults, girls. Grow up.

    • Jonathan Card says:

      You’re saying some guy devoted that much minute analysis to Melania’s grammar and juxtaposing it with lavish praise for a wool pants suit, and you think the author’s point isn’t made? My step-mother speaks, like, 5-7 languages because she’s from Bulgaria, and her English grammar is terrible after 30 years in this country. I’d still call her fluent. She speaks 6 out of 7 languages better than I do (not at all) and I’m supposed to care that her English isn’t as good as mine? I consider myself “fluent” in about 5-7 programming languages, and I need to look up things more now than when I was only using one, because I have more things to confuse between the languages. That’s how it goes.

    • Kim Hirsch says:

      “I suggest putting your adolescent, snarky, sarcastic, pissy writing styles on hold and instead do some actual research and try to write like adults instead of high school girls who think they’re being oh so clever because of the snark and sarcasm in their writing. I can’t think of any writer who writes about politics who is well known and is taken seriously who uses a word like “sqeeuing” in their writing unless it’s a quotation.Try doing research and writing like an adults, girls. Grow up.”

      Got it. We’re substandard writers who don’t deserve attention from sophisticated adults.

      And yet here you are.

    • Sally says:

      Gosh, QQQueeing — For someone presenting herself as an authority, I expected proper grammar and writing. But yikes! Instances of ungrammatical sentences, awkward word order, dangling clauses, careless spelling and punctuation errors. But the most egregious offense? The tragic waste of the lives of five sentences, sacrificed over one sentence worth of material. That’s criminal.

      Why criticize someone else’s grammar, when you make grammatical errors yourself and don’t even proofread your own writing? And stop being such a vocabulary snob. You acknowledge the word, but criticize its usage, based on the frequency you’ve heard it elsewhere. Weak. You break the rules you claim to master.

      I thought at first you were an adult, but clearly you are just a middle school “mean girl,” who can only dream of being the nice, pretty girl. Go back to ringing doorbells and running away.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Enjoy your First Lady Fifteen, Doctor Jill because you’re going to be replaced by a First Gentleman.

    Oh, and was it really necessary to mention on Twitter that you’re the “Wife of @POTUS” ?

    Those credulous Boomer rubes need reminding, huh?

  • Bill S says:

    Welcome back to Jr. High. The popular girls versus the unpopular girls.

  • David Longfellow says:

    Fashion-wise, Jill Biden is not worthy to touch the hem of Melania’s garments.
    Just another example of how utterly worthless the media are.

  • suburbanbanshee says:

    That’s not blue on Biden, Ed.D; it’s turquoise. (And not fitting her that well.)

    And that’s not purple on Harris; it’s wine.

    Melania’s simple black coat was vastly more impressive than anything worn by anybody else here. Her orange kaftan for Florida was another of her silent acts of sarcasm, though, telling people that the Orange Man isn’t going away.

  • RebeccaH says:

    Swarovski crystals on coat collars and dresses is just incredibly tacky. I suppose sequins would have been worse, but not by much. “Sorta Dr.” Jill may be the future’s “incredible surgeon” according to some geniuses, but she will never touch Melania Trump for dignity and elegance.

  • Carol Marks says:


  • Ampleforth says:

    When I saw how Kamala Harris was dressed I immediately thought of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (the 1970 version).

    Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet.

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