Inauguration of FICUS Biden – Citizens Not Invited

Inauguration of FICUS Biden – Citizens Not Invited

Inauguration of FICUS Biden – Citizens Not Invited

With all the wall-to-wall media and celebrity hype of Joe “Hairy Legs” Biden’s inauguration, in a capitol surrounded by enough troops and razor wire to make Kim Jong-Un jealous, the more rational Americans are going to sit this one out. Why not take a break from a forced celebration of mediocrity in service of authoritarianism until it becomes law that we must attend?

There isn’t much more I can add here to the saga of the walking empty suit that is Joe Biden. A good o’slacker who has faked his way through life starting at such an early age, one wonders if there ever was an actual Joe Biden. He is this public shell of Come on, man! faux folksiness and weird embarrassing stories but loses his temper at any challenge. His creepiness is legend, from stories of kids on his lap or stroking his leg hair and there are enough pictures of him fondling and kissing young girls in public to realize he knows exactly what he’s doing. The power of being an elected Democrat gives him the license to behave in such a manner. There is never a #MeToo reckoning for people like Biden, anymore than there was for Ted Kennedy or Chris Dodd or even Eric “Bang Bang Fang Fang” Swalwell.

So here we are. At inauguration time. For President of the United States of America. But with a man barely holding on to all the cognitive ability of a potted plant, a grasping, shallow wife eager to play the Edith Wilson role, “Dr.” Jill being matched only in cynical whorishness by Commie-la Harris (please dear lord let someone on the WH staff be wired to record the imminent, epic cat fights between those two!) and an incoming body of Cabinet staff that confirms this is Obama’s 3rd term with an extra helping of Californication.

I mean, Xavier Becerra is bad enough but now Superintendent of San Diego Unified School District, Cindy Marten, appointed as deputy education secretary? Cindy Marten was last seen promoting an anti-white racist “Diversity Speaker” who accused public schools of “spirit murdering” black children.

Can’t you just feel all that the unity and healing? Heh.

Not that I think CCP-puppet Biden makes these appointments himself. I’m sure Obama has a change or two of clothes and his own personal chef at the White House already.

I mean, who more than Barack is bitter enough to rub salt into the wounds of the hoi polloi by appointing to Assistant Secretary of Health a trans-identified male who forced nursing homes to take covid patients (ala Cuomo) while he snuck his own mother out and put her up at a luxury hotel? Only Barry could convince the potted plant to tout his administration would be guided by #SCIENCE!!!

And for the love of God, the public acts of onanism over Biden cannot — well, should not — be real!!

… and the following makes Chris Matthew’s “tingle up my leg” remark look like a mild compliment about a great casserole at a Methodist potluck in comparison …

Excuse me, not only would I be telling America to knee that sucker in the groin and scream rape, but what brain-eating drugs is this guy taking to rhapsodize over a creepy, Potemkin National Mall where citizens are no longer allowed? Certainly, bath salts aren’t a thing anymore, right?

So, go ahead and watch the fake inauguration ceremony in a militarized National Mall based on an election so dirty Boss Tweed or Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley would cry in delight from Hell. Do you understand that even as violent riots in DC were aimed at Trump’s inauguration, citizens were welcomed to participate in their Capitol? This Democrat-demanded version of East Berlin is obscene.

The new Faker In Chief of the United States is not my president. He stands, a CCP-purchased puppet fronting for radical Leftists ready to fundamentally change America into Not-America. Real resistance begins. Make your choice.

inauguration of FICUS Biden
Hail to FICUS Biden

Thanks to Sarah Hoyt for coining the FICUS acronym.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Oh look, it’s the creepy granny again who think she’s hot stuff and quite the rebel because she wears a face mask with penis graphics complaining about the lack of decorum of other people. Like Melania said, “Give me a f*cking break.” You seem very emotional today Lil’ Penis Granny. Thoughts and prayers go out to you as you stew in your anger and resentment. I feel your pain. Maybe you should take a nap this afternoon with your My Pillow so you don’t overload your delicate emotional balance.

  • Kevin Donegan says:

    Everything you see today for the inauguration of our 46th President is the result of four years of the morbidly obese pathological lying vindictive narcissistic imbecile with the emotional maturity of a toddler and now, BIGGEST LOSER, Donald tRump. Had he handled the pandemic, not incited an insurrection, and divided the nation, Washington wouldn’t be locked down like a prison. Good riddance Mr. Liar-in-Chief and forever a pariah, Donald J. tRump. The reality show has ended and tRump got voted off the island. He once had the world’s attention. Now, he won’t be able to get the attention of the pool boy at Mara Largo.

    • Peter Gent says:

      You ARE totally deranged and seriously non compos mentis. Maybe JoeJoe will sniff your hair and give you a reason to continue living before he is retired to the compost heap of history. So sad you are.

    • Aussie Supporter says:

      Your a special child Kev, maybe need some serious medication or ECT to help with your symptoms.

    • Douglas Robert Loss says:

      Of course, none of the drivel you spout here is remotely true…

  • CaptDMO says:

    Apparently one of the regulars at CNN has taken exception at white people citing MLK.
    I take exception at the Biden “inauguration committee” using the American flag to fill
    empty ceremony supporter ground space

  • Johnny says:

    Congratulations, Victory Girls! You have arrived!
    Based on some of the comments, you’re now required reading among the Democrat Useful Idiots League…

    One slight suggested correction – Biden’s not only not MY president, he’s not THE president. Period.

    And finally, courtesy of Instapundit:
    “Nothing says ‘normal, legitimate election’ like a swearing-in behind 12 feet of razor wire and 25,000 troops that you’re not sure you can trust.”

  • Quentin Q Quill says:

    Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for reading my comments. I appreciate your feedback.

  • Sam Adams says:

    > The new Faker In Chief of the United States is not my president.

    Also: Fraud In Chief of the United States.

  • Sam Adams says:

    Sorry about the poor formatting of that, feel free to clean it up.

  • Gregory Brou says:

    Like the three pictures together at the top of your article. While I do not like that trolls have found the victory girl blog, it is part of the cost of free expression. The steal was multinational, multistate, multi precinct, multi corporation. The only organization I know that large is Soros

  • Herb says:

    Given he is the FICUS I think planted is more apt than inaugurated.

  • RebeccaH says:

    FICUS. It’s perfect.

  • A. C. says:

    It’s not FICUS Biden, its CCOPOTUS – Communist China’s Own President Of The United States.

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