Jill Biden: Hispanics Are As ‘Unique As Breakfast Tacos’

Jill Biden: Hispanics Are As ‘Unique As Breakfast Tacos’

Jill Biden: Hispanics Are As ‘Unique As Breakfast Tacos’

Hispanics are like breakfast tacos! Yes, that title is real, and yes, Jill Biden really stepped in it today during her speech in San Antonio, Texas.

First lady Jill Biden is facing ridicule from conservative Hispanics ahead of her headline speech at a “Latinx IncluXion Luncheon” in San Antonio on Monday.

The luncheon, which is part of the 2022 UnidosUS Annual Conference, provides “the opportunity to learn about and collaborate on issues ranging from housing to health, racial equity to education, diversity and inclusion to owning our narrative as a community,” according to the event website.

Jill Biden’s speech at the Latinx IncluXion Luncheon will take place at 1PM and will immediately be followed by a panel titled, “A Powerful Case for Equity,” featuring two speakers from the Biden administration and Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

First of all, very few Hispanics refer to themselves at Latinx, as they aren’t fans of using weird woke language to describe themselves. Secondly, the UnidosUS group is part of the Biden Administration’s family parents council and supports Black Lives Matter. So yes, very left-leaning. Is it any wonder they go for politically correct woke terms? 

Keep in mind, the Democrats are worried. So worried that they send Jill to San Antonio to step on rakes while the party itself tries to figure out how to eke out a win, ANY win in November. 

“Democrats haven’t done things they promised,” said Connor Farrell, a strategist who founded the progressive consultancy Left Rising. “In this environment, the best general election candidates will be bold [ones] that can distinguish themselves from what we’re getting from the White House.”

The high national anxiety — which many lawmakers, operatives, and activists are now openly acknowledging as problematic — was further laid bare when a poll released by the New York Times found that just 13 percent of voters surveyed think the country is on the right path. More strikingly, 64 percent of Democratic voters want someone other than Biden as their nominee in 2024.

The high prices of daily essentials, a gloomy appraisal of what’s happening around the country, and the prospect of more impending losses are leaving Democrats more concerned than ever about their odds in November.

Having Joe Biden insult a Parkland father today and then state that that tragedy happened in 1918 certainly doesn’t help Democrat chances this fall. Furthermore, I’m really not sure there is a strong Democrat candidate anywhere who can help keep the House or Senate in Democrat hands. 

That said, Jill Biden really stepped in it today. Big time. 

Well…there’s something missing from that report. You’ll want to watch this and listen carefully. 

First, her mangling of the word Bodega just as there is a Bodega employee dealing with charges of murder after defending himself from a thuggish criminal is cringy enough. However, the breakfast tacos remark. BREAKFAST TACOS?

Hispanics are as unique as…BREAKFAST TACOS?? A. her speech writers really must hate her, and B. how the hell would ANYONE want to vote for a pandering Democrat when that’s how they describe you? And yes, while she totally butchered the line, it truly was written into the speech. 

The Democrats want the Hispanic vote, because Hispanics always vote Democrat has been the thinking for decades. Now however, Hispanics have been fleeing the Democrat party in droves all over the country. Newly elected Congresswoman Maya Flores is a prime example as to the shift. Especially given her district hadn’t elected a Republican since 1870. 


Needless to say, many Hispanics whether Democrat or Republican are not amused by this pandering. If you watch the Jill Biden clip above one more time, you’ll realize the audience response was …muted. 

Only 2% of Hispanics surveyed even consider using the Latinx term.  

Carolina Amesty, a Hispanic Republican running for the Florida House of Representatives, tweeted: “Everyone knows that not a single Hispanic uses ‘Latinx.’ The reason why woke corporations and Democrats keep imposing it on us is to control how we think about gender, and thus, how we vote. Unfortunately for them, we believe in God, Family, and Freedom — not MarXism.”

So what do the Democrats do? Send Jill Biden to a Latinx event in Texas where she compares Hispanics to breakfast tacos. 

You really really can’t make this up. Jill Biden stepped on a big rake taco today.


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If the Democrats want to lose in November, this is how you do it.

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