Jezebel Editor Tweets About Paul Walker’s Death; Wishes It Was Gov. Scott Walker Instead

Jezebel Editor Tweets About Paul Walker’s Death; Wishes It Was Gov. Scott Walker Instead

Many folks were shocked and saddened to hear of “Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker’s untimely death in a fiery car crash Saturday afternoon in California. Many, except the vicious and vile leftists in this country who will use any opportunity, even tragedy, to take a cheap shot at conservatives. Case in point: the disgusting news editor at, Erin Gloria Ryan (@morninggloria), who took to Twitter to wish death upon conservative Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), instead of poor F & F actor, Paul Walker.

Here’s what she said:

Deleted Tweet of Jezebel Editor, Erin Gloria Ryan.
Deleted Tweet of Jezebel Editor, Erin Gloria Ryan.

Isn’t she lovely? Yep, quite the ghoul.

As you can imagine, she received tons of Twitter backlash after saying such a thing and quickly deleted the tweet but the folks at Twitchy, were able to preserve it in time, thank goodness. Then instead of simply apologizing and slinking off for a self-imposed time out, Erin Gloria Ryan arrogantly backpedaled with yet another ridiculously lame tweet. Why? Because liberals’ arrogance and bravado is greater than their sense of self-control and contrition. She said this:

Erin Gloria Ryan's backpedaling.
Erin Gloria Ryan’s backpedaling.

Joking? Over a sad and unexpected death of a talented young man? Or the spiteful death wish for a conservative (R) Governor?

Well, eventually, Erin Gloria Ryan DID apologize – a real apology it seems. But not before a lot of unnecessary and shameful rhetoric. You’re a professional woman, Ms Ryan. An avowed liberal with much more “compassion” than we cretin conservatives …or something, right? Wrong. Can you not conduct yourself accordingly? Must your hate get in the way of even common decency? Good grief.

The Left’s hatred for conservatives is shameless, knowing no bounds. And yeah, there’s a lesson here too: In short, if you don’t agree with them, they simply want you dead.


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Have a terrific weekend!

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  • ALman says:

    Note the societal implications of a “game” which isn’t called by its proper ones” assault, assault and battery, attempted murder, or murder. And, we have this agency, TSA, to protect the “sheep” and, yet, it only takes one to show how limited this “protection” is. (Don’t teach the “sheep” how to be “lions” in their own right). And, then, we have case of a corrupt judicial system that might a bomber to live out life to its natural end, even if constrained a rather restricted semi-resort lifestyle (sarc).

    Do you see any inter-relationship here? For example, we can’t even agree one the definition of terms. Rather than empowering the people it’s more a case of power “over” people. And, no matter is you make “bad” choices. The consequences won’t be so bad. Did you VictoryGirls plan your articles to appear with this scheme, or one similar, in mind?

    • Kit Lange says:

      haha. No we didn’t plan it that way…but how pathetic is it that it works out anyway?

      • ALman says:

        Yes, it is “pathetic”. I’ll say, also, that what is pathetic is my posting this morning. Not only did I post in the place I hadn’t intended, but the post itself was not my corrected copy. And, no, I haven’t been into anything stronger than my coffee, as yet! 🙂

        I’m rather suspicious of all this make-an-outrage-statement-then-take-it-back that seems to be “in the news” more frequently. If I had the time and energy, I’d do some research about who’s saying what and when . . . but, then, being in the woods is so much more inviting.

  • ALman says:

    Whoops! The previous post was intended for the Boston Bomber article. I guess it’s good that I’m not a health-care navigator! :]

  • Kevin says:

    Assuming that Ms. Ryan’s tweets are portrayed accurately, everyone (liberal or conservative) need to step up and call out vile offensive comments; even if done as a “joke.” I hope you take the same approach when it comes to the right wing offensive vernacular.

    And, Kate, not every liberal wants all conservatives dead. The last thing I would ever want one strand of hair harmed on your lovely head 😉

  • GWB says:

    That one about us being chimp-porker hybrids is a load of fun. He’s a geneticist, but obviously doesn’t have any clue about the birds and the bees. Besides, I thought was just the Joos hat were the descendants of pigs and apes?

    (OK, I admit my first reaction was that I know some guys that act like they might be……….)

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