Jeb Bush’s Faltering Campaign: Can He Fix It?

Jeb Bush’s Faltering Campaign: Can He Fix It?

Jeb Bush’s Faltering Campaign: Can He Fix It?

Fresh off his less than stellar, at times even awkward debate performance Wednesday night, Jeb Bush held an emergency phone call with his campaign advisors and top donors. Understandably, those donors have significant concerns about Jeb’s ability to make it to key primaries next spring.

“I could have done better,” Bush conceded on a conference call Thursday afternoon with top donors and state chairs, according to a person who participated.

Like it or not, today’s campaigns for President are brutal on multiple levels. The Republican Party doesn’t have a front-runner yet, and in fact seems like its eating its own at times. So a strong or weak debate performance will help determine if a campaign moves forward, falters, or implodes.


PowerlineLegal Insurrection and many others agree; Jeb’s performance at Wednesday night’s debate was weak at best. Truly one of his most awkward moments came during his insistence on attacking Senator Rubio for his voting record.

Rubio’s response was measured, respectful, and on-point. This statement by Rubio is key:

“The only reason why you are doing it now is because we are running for the same position and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you.”

Whether Senator Rubio realized it or not, he hit the nail on the head. Last night, U.S. News & World Report’s David Cantanese broke the news concerning Jeb’s Campaign Blueprint designed to shore up a faltering campaign. No, not the 45 slide powerpoint that was carefully distributed to key reporters on Monday. The real one, embedded in the article, is far larger in scope and contains a plethora of information.

The full presentation, obtained exclusively by U.S. News, spans 112 pages and includes a trove of new details, including Bush’s internal polling, his vote goal in Iowa and his advertising plan for January.

Additionally, while the slides released to the media outlined Bush’s overarching argument against Florida Sen. Marco Rubio – that he’s the GOP’s Barack Obama – the complete offering contains more biting, detailed slights, pointedly questioning the character and ethics of Bush’s home state rival.

Rubio is the GOP’s Barack Obama?? Have to say, that one is a serious head scratcher. Yet the Bush campaign doesn’t stop there. They describe Rubio as a “risky bet,” outline various infractions over the course of his career, targets donor concerns and more. Despite all that research, Rubio’s response to Jeb’s attacks during the debate served to weaken Jeb further… and the Bush campaign knows it.

“His gentlemanly manner got in the way of tough, gnarly debate activity. Everyone realizes it’s not a cream-puff situation up there,” Rogich said. “He understands where the campaign is right now, and I think he’ll act accordingly.”

Tim Pawlenty, a former Minnesota governor, put it slightly differently in an interview on CNN that echoed the sentiments of many Republicans outside the Bush campaign. “He’s a meritorious candidate, but he’s underperformed so far,” Pawlenty said. “. . . He’s going to have to up his game, or the marketplace is going to move away from him.”

No matter the research, budgeting, and planned campaign ads outlined in that behemoth power point, Jeb’s performance has many worried. In fact, several monetary donors are now leaving the campaign citing the absurdity of his attack on Rubio.

Unfortunately the campaign didn’t help matters yesterday after unveiling the newest slogan in New Hampshire


It seems his new slogan has a somewhat familiar ring to it… if you are 6 years old that is.

Oh boy… You know, I don’t know how the campaign can bellow (via powerpoint) “Discipline Matters!” to their key supporters and donors and, at the same time, unveil an ad that seems to target the toddler market rather than the actual voting public.

Does Jeb have the fire in the belly it takes to see things through and beat a possible Clinton machine Deathmatch? Can he recoup and rebound from his lackluster and misguided debate performance? Can Jeb bring donors and supporters back into the fold? Can his campaign survive the next two months? Can Jeb Fix It? Wait and see.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Go away Jeb. We don’t need the dumbest Bush extending the failed dynasty.

    • John says:

      They say he is the smartest member of the Shrub Family. That may be so, but remember, it is a comparison among morons.

  • Face it: Jeb, the conservative governor of Florida, and Jeb, the 2016 presidential candidate are two completely different people. I voted gladly for Jeb as governor, but I would not vote for Jeb now, even if he was the nominee. Lose the primary to win the national, my sphincter. Get lost, Yeb. Move to Mexico and hang out there with your wife who refuses to speak English or something.

  • OC says:

    When Peggy Noonan tells you it’s over, Jeb…………..

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