James Comey Tells Us He Is ‘Confused’

James Comey Tells Us He Is ‘Confused’

James Comey Tells Us He Is ‘Confused’

James Comey isn’t content with tweeting out obscure landscape scenes whenever big news happens. Nope, he has to provide his opinion because somehow someway there was obstruction by Trump. Never mind what the Barr summary of the Mueller report said, Comey is here to tell you that he’s confused by stuff and things. 

“Former FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday that he found it “confusing” that special counsel Robert Mueller decided not to determine whether President Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice.

“The part that’s confusing is I can’t quite understand what’s going on with the obstruction stuff,” Comey said to an audience at the Belk Theatre in Charlotte, N.C., according to NBC News.

“And I have great faith in Bob Mueller, but I just can’t tell from the letter why didn’t he decide these questions when the entire rationale for a special counsel is to make sure the politicals aren’t making the key charging decisions,” he added.”

So, Comey is ok with the part that found no collusion but is sure there was obstruction by Trump and team? Yeah, I doubt he’s ok with any of this.

Of course, since the narrative of Trump! Russia! Collusion! got spiked, everyone on the left immediately pivoted to a key statement in the Barr memo. After stating that the Special Counsel didn’t conclude that there was any actionable obstruction by Trump and/or his team, the report said this:

“The Special Counsel states that “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.””

And….the left POUNCES!!! 

“We’re going to hear this nonsense about “fighting” for full disclosure of the report until the day it’s turned over to Congress, at which point one of two things will happen. Either Democrats in Congress will find enough information to support the Great Deflection from collusion to obstruction, or they won’t find enough information to support the Great Deflection but will pretend that they did.”

Comey got the memo. Hence his’ confused’ remarks along with his slam against Barr. This is on the heels of his cutesy tree tweet the other day.

Yes Jimmy, we have lots and lots of questions. So does Lindsey Graham.

Comey says he’s happy that Mueller did find out that Russia tried to tamper with the 2016 election. Which is laugh out loud funny given the fact that he’s been digging at Trump for Russia collusion ever since and before he got fired by Trump.

“”The notion that obstruction cases are somehow undermined by the absence of proof of an underlying crime, that is not my experience in 40 years of doing this, nor is it the Department of Justice’s tradition. Obstruction crimes matter without regard to what you prove about the underlying crime,” said Comey, who led the Russia probe before Trump fired him in May 2017.”

There’s that POUNCING again! Comey has jumped onto the new narrative bandwagon. It’s called the ‘Trump obstructed something somewhere!!’ narrative and the media/left/Democrats have been running full speed ahead with it since two hours after the Barr summary was released.


Will Comey still be confused when he is interviewed by Lester Holt tonight on NBC? Depends upon the answers he found while navel gazing at all those trees.

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  • GWB says:

    James Comey Tells Us He Is ‘Confused’

    So many questions.
    Yeah, like “Can you see either the forest OR the trees?”

    nor is it the Department of Justice’s tradition
    Damn well should be. If there’s no crime, there can be no obstruction. (Well, technically, anyone trying to get an innocent man convicted – or even indicted – falsely would be guilty of ‘obstruction of justice’ in a just world.)

    Comey is… a fraud is the kindest thing I can say.

  • I think that they are going to hang their entire “case” of obstruction on the fact that DJT did not accept an interview with Mueller’s “crack team” of investigators.

    That interview, most likely, did not come about because Mueller insisted on “standard FBI procedure” – where the ONLY evidence of what the subject said or did not say is the notes taken by the agents.

    Knowing that at least one set of those notes was “edited for clarity” later on, much later on, that was a smart move by the DJT advisors. (I do wonder whether ANY of the “lying to the FBI” charges have the slightest basis in reality – we do know that perjury was committed at the highest levels of the agency, why not at the lowest levels, too?)

    • GWB says:

      If I’m ever being questioned by authorities, I will insist on a lawyer and a recording device of my own. Until then, it’s “I don’t have to tell you nothin’, copper!” (Cagney voice optional)

  • Scott says:

    “James Comey Tells Us He Is ‘Confused’”… that’s both the understatement of the decade, and his career / life rolled up into one succinct statement!

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