Jail For Parents Who Ripped Down Trump Flag

Jail For Parents Who Ripped Down Trump Flag

Jail For Parents Who Ripped Down Trump Flag

If there was a Darwin-type award for those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, two doctors in Florida would certainly be top candidates. These sub-human cretins ripped down a Trump flag in front of their two small children. Jail should be the least of the punishments handed to them.

I am going to post the video of these two gynecologists a little further down, but first I want to talk about them. We have all met people like these two. They are superior acting and condescending when you talk to them. No matter how much education you have, you cannot possibly be as smart as they are because you don’t think correctly. They smirk and roll their eyes when you speak because you are too ignorant to notice their disdain. You cannot possibly have anything to add to the conversation so they often talk over you. That’s who these people are; Liberal, elitist snobs. However, they have little, tiny, ugly souls that no sheepskin can make up for.

In case you haven’t heard about this crime, here are the details from the UK Independent:

Two doctors have been charged with stealing a Donald Trump 2020 election campaign flag from their neighbour’s home in Florida.

Geoffrey Michael Fraiche, 41, and Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche, 38, allegedly entered the property in Santa Rosa County with two young children.

Video footage purporting to show the incident on 7 April recorded a boy telling the suspects: “Don’t do it”

“Stop it I don’t want you to go to jail … please,” the child added as the adults put up a ladder next to the flagpole.

One of the suspects told the child “don’t worry” as the man took down the flag.

If you have ever been a child, loved a child or raised a child, the following video is going to squeeze your heart very hard:

I warned you that these two bipedal morons had little, tiny, ugly souls. Their child is begging them not to do it. That tells me they probably talked about how much fun they were going to have taking down the Trump 2020 flag on their way over to the neighbor’s home. Their child tells them they are going to go to jail as his brother cries. A normal, sentient being would stop to at least comfort the crying baby. Not these two imbeciles. Dad takes the down the flag, he throws the ladder off, and Mom cheers, “Yes, baby, yes”. I would love to bitch-slap these two into next week.

Here is a screen shot of the crime:

And, just in case you live in Florida and one of them might be your gynecologist, here are their mugshots:

I unplugged my Ring camera, because it was going off too often. Thank God the homeowner had his Ring on. If not for the Ring, we would not be able to identify these low-life child abusers. The police were able to use the video for the arrest. The couple, according to the UK Independent article, have been charged:

They were both charged with larceny, trespassing, damage to property and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, before being released, according to county jail records. The cost of the damage was estimated at $700 (£561).

It’s one thing to have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Lots of people do. The man sparks strong feelings, I get it. You have to be a flaming idiot to steal in front of your children, while one is crying and the other is begging you to stop.

If one of these animals is your doctor, you need to rethink your gynecological needs. The Florida Board of Medical Licensing needs to yank their licenses to practice. The Florida Department of Children and Families needs to remove the children from the home. I don’t just want these people in jail. I want them under the jail. Yes, baby, yes.

Featured Image: Bars by Jenn Vargas/cropped/Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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  • Emil Turner says:

    I agree with you; if these two lived in a trailer & had only high school educations, their children would be removed the home. But…proof reading would have made you more effective in your assertions: “Know matter how much education you have, you cannot possibly be as smart as they are because you don’t think correctly.”

  • Formerly known as Skeptic says:

    They should each get jail time, to be served sequentially (to save the kids from foster care). The entire time, the little boy should have free reign to follow them around the house saying, “I told you so” Ten Gazillion times.

  • 45ACP says:

    He’s lucky he didn’t get blown off the top of the ladder with some 00 buckshot.

  • Mickey says:

    Smiling in your mugshot solidifies that you have NO remorse for your crime

  • GWB says:

    I don’t just want these people in jail.
    Nah. Stocks, rotten vegetables*. Lots and lots of rotten vegetables.
    (* I’m open to a few ripe cantaloupe being in that pile, though.)
    And, yes, their licenses to practice should be revoked. These two are too stupid to practice medicine.

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    Do the kids go to jail with them to avoid family separation?

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