Ivanka Trump Put On Blast by Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman

Ivanka Trump Put On Blast by Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman

Ivanka Trump Put On Blast by Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman

Alleged commediennes Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman were joined by the decidedly unfunny Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards on the Netflix program “Chelsea” The three witches um, I mean women put that poor “puppet” Ivanka Trump on blast. Page Six of the New York Post reported this afternoon that Ivanka Trump follows Sarah Silverman on Twitter, according to Silverman. Why Ivanka, why? Let’s leave that aside for the moment, shall we?

Chelsea Handler, Ivanka Trump and Sarah Silverman

Cecile (Queen of the Babykillers) Richards let on as how she told Ivanka Trump about all the important work that Planned Parenthood performs:

‘Richards said, “I talked to her and told her what we do. I explained in detail.”

“But, so far, the White House has been a total zero on women and women’s health,” she conceded. “I think Ivanka’s job now is that she’s in charge of all women’s issues. This would be time to kind of step up.”’

Which caused Handler and Silverman to have this exchange:

“My friends are like, ‘She has no control; she’s just another puppet … circling around [Donald Trump].’ Do you think she has any influence at all?” Handler asked Silverman.

“I’m so dead inside when it comes to all of this,” Silverman confessed. “I feel so disheartened. I actually saw that she follows me on Twitter and I direct-messaged her and I was like, ‘This is your chance. You’re writing your life story here.’”

Handler wasn’t optimistic: “The fact [Ivanka] doesn’t call him out … I know all women feel this way toward Ivanka right now, but I’m like, ‘You need to tell that f—king a—hole this is an unacceptable way to treat women; we’re moving backwards!’”

All women! You know “all women feel this way toward Ivanka right now”. How dare you? First of all, Miss Handler, you have no idea how other women feel about A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G, let alone Ivanka Trump. Secondly, you are a 42 year old woman with a decidedly mediocre career. Two dead children by 16 years of age. Anyplace but the good ole USA, you would be in the service industry.

As for Miss Silverman, I really hate to bust her chops because she takes Zoloft for depression and I take it for panic disorder, but, she is not funny. At all. She is a 46 year old vegetarian. Below is her most famous moment on television and she was not only not funny, she was being ridiculous.

Ivanka Trump, on the other hand is almost 37. She is a successful entrepreneur, wife and mother.

Ivanka Trump with Jared Kushner and kiddies

Oh yeah, and she really worked hard to get her dad, Donald J. Trump, elected President of these United States. And, if she needs to tell him something, she can walk down the hall.

Real women are more than their reproductive organs. Real women have lives and jobs. Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman and Cecile Richards make perfect sob sisters. Those three can sit around and cry into their Pinot Noir. Bwa ha ha.

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  • GWB says:

    Real women are more than their reproductive organs progressive camp-followers.

    Minor fix. 😉

    (BTW, to really grasp my intent, remember what a huge contingent of camp-followers were with almost any army up until the Civil War or so. They weren’t cooks. They weren’t merchants or blacksmiths or sellers of potent potables. They were a certain type of woman.)

    • Toni says:

      GWB – I know exactly what you mean. I have been around enough military installations. Right outside every entrance…

  • Kevin R says:

    Handler, Silverman & Griffin – not funny, fake and nauseating.

    Why is it that THE women’s issue according to “them” (liberals) is abortion? Why is that “women’s health”? Why is it PP’s MAIN MONEY MAKER? Wouldn’t it make sense that preventive medicine/behavior/practices were more important to women’s health than going in and performing abortions and for some people – repeatedly. How is that healthy?

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