It’s Kamala Harris, One Way Or Another

It’s Kamala Harris, One Way Or Another

It’s Kamala Harris, One Way Or Another

As rumors continue to swirl about whether Joe Biden will step down from his Presidency and drop out of the race, the Democrats are still scrambling to find their feet with a replacement. It has to be Kamala Harris. There is no way around this for the Democrats.

If the Democrats and government media continue to apply pressure to get Joe out of the way, it will have to be Kamala Harris as his replacement.

Former Obama advisor Van Jones suggests that Democrats are “running Kamala Harris for president, one way or the other.”

“Nobody believes Joe Biden’s going to be president in four years. And so we’re in the worst possible world because she can’t defend herself, she has to defend him. We can’t defend her, we have to defend him,” Jones said Sunday on CNN. “The reality is we are running Kamala Harris for president one way or the other. I’d rather run for president in the strongest way rather than the weakest way.” – Real Clear Politics

Everyone needs to stop with the Kamala can’t beat Trump and Kamala isn’t popular, blah blah blah. Perhaps start taking this more seriously. Right now, at the rate that Joe Biden is deteriorating before everyone’s eyes, a paper towel would look like a better candidate.

Kamala Checks The Boxes

Plus, Kamala checks off a couple of boxes for their DEI agenda. And you know they would get their base all charged up with the thought of having the first woman President, even though they can’t give us a definition of a woman. So they’ll have to settle for the first multiracial candidate, as Kamala checks the Black and Asian category. Check. Check. Look at how inclusive they are!

So yes, Kamala Harris has done absolutely nothing but produce word salads as the Vice President of the United States of America. However, it could be said that she has had some media training lately because she seems to be using her words better the last few times she’s been in front of the camera. Maybe. But I still hold my breath when she speaks.

Regarding Kamala’s popularity, Joe Biden is losing his supporters and donors as fast as you can say, Not A Joke. And his old-ass whiteness is making a Kamala presidency seem a little more doable.

The Word On The Streets

Van Jones:

I think people are hoping that he will recognize we’re running Kamala Harris for president right now. She’s — that’s who we’re running. Nobody believes Joe Biden’s going to be president in four years. And so we’re in the worst possible world because she can’t defend herself, she has to defend him. We can’t defend her, we have to defend him. If we’re basically running Kamala Harris anyway, let’s run Kamala Harris and let her get out there and defend herself. – Van Jones, Real Clear Politics

David Axelrod:

There is more from other leaders in the Democratic Party.

Adam Schiff –

Another representative, Adam Schiff, has said Ms Harris could beat Trump “overwhelmingly”, although speaking to NBC News, he too stopped short of telling Mr Biden to drop out. – BBC

ABC News –

Reps. Jerry Nadler, Mark Takano, Joe Morelle and Adam Smith stated Biden should step aside and no longer continue his campaign, sources told ABC News.

This, from Real Clear Politics

Donna Brazile, the former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, who has a key committee role at this year’s Democratic National Convention in August, said the person who can step in right away, if Biden decides not to run, is Harris.

And Victory Girl Lisa writes about all the Democratic indecision about their future.

Kamala Harris is reported to be around the same polling numbers as Biden right now, but all she needs to do is start with the abortion talk. I am sure her popularity with the Democrats will increase substantially.

However, this has an upside for the Republicans and Trump. Should Kamala Harris become the Democratic candidate, the Trump campaign would have a field day putting together all her blunders and hyena-laughing video clips.

With Kamala Harris on the ticket combined with election fraud, it might make it more believable if she won rather than with the senile old man with whom no one wants four more years.

Feature Image: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of AmericaCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons/edited in Canva Pro

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  • Jeff A. says:

    Over Jill’s dead pantsuited body. Word is she hates Kamala Harris, going back to when she accused Joe of racism in the 2020 primaries.

    • GWB says:

      I think it’s funny that they brought her in partly as insurance against some Dem power taking Joe out. And now, they can’t take Joe out partly because … Kamala.

      This is what happens when the ends justify the means. You often can’t see the real ends from where you are.

  • GWB says:

    Kamala might be the nominee. She might be the “shadow” nominee – “Vote for President Biden and you get President Harris within 30 days or your money back!” But she will NOT win because she’s “popular.” Ain’t no way.

    If they push her forward, they might win because it will change the turnout numbers – it will “un-supress” some portion of the Dem vote – and put it within the margin of fraud. But don’t fool yourself into thinking she’s popular. As of right now, depending on the poll, she’s less popular than Slow Joe.

    (Should she be Harebrained Harris? Or Kackly Kamala? None of it is quite as apropos as “Slow Joe” has been.)

    • Scott says:

      Heels up Harris would be my vote.. primarily because kneepads doesn’t rhyme / fit with Kamala,..

  • Wfjag says:

    The reason for keeping Slo Joe as the presumptive Dem Prez Nominee until the DNC Convention in August is so Harris can be another Dem Stealth Candidate.

    If given a chance to campaign, she will become known and the reasons why she couldn’t win even a single delegate in 2020 will become apparent. She’s so dislikable that people who work for her, even for a short time, leave for other jobs, even if that requires taking a demotion and pay cut. The Press probably believes that it can cover for her for a few months – they’ve covered for Joe for years – and Obama’s minions will be happy to continue pushing their agenda. She probably agrees with them, and when she doesn’t, probably isn’t smart enough to impose a different agenda.

    The key will be another Stealth Campaign in which the candidate’s true beliefs and personality are kept hidden. That worked for Obama and Biden, so it’s a proven strategy.

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