Is Sarah Sanders Eyeing a 2022 Run for Arkansas Governor?

Is Sarah Sanders Eyeing a 2022 Run for Arkansas Governor?

Is Sarah Sanders Eyeing a 2022 Run for Arkansas Governor?

She’s the queen of the stink eye and routinely exposed CNN’s Jim Acosta as the self-promoting fool that he is. She’s also Fox News’ most-recent hire. And when the White House first announced her departure, rumors swirled about her future. So now it sure looks like former Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders—one of the most popular and iconic Republicans to hold that position in recent history—is at least considering running for office. The question is: Which office?

Well, the most obvious guess is the Arkansas governorship whose current occupant is term-limited.

From the Trump-loathing Washington Post, in an uncharacteristically unbiased piece:

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday unveiled a campaign-style website highlighting her close ties to President Trump, a moved that stoked speculation that she will make a 2022 bid for governor of Arkansas.”

“The site, which Sanders announced in a tweet, describes her as a ‘trusted confidante’ of Trump and quotes him calling her ‘irreplaceable,’ a ‘warrior’ and ‘very special person with extraordinary talents.'”


Trump has encouraged Sanders to make a Republican gubernatorial bid in her home state, saying she would be ‘fantastic.’ Last month, Sanders’s father, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (R), confirmed her interest during a radio interview in which he said she would start exploring a possible run following some down time.”

You can take a peek at her website and her political background here.

And here’s coy Mike Huckabee a few weeks ago on his daughter’s potential candidacy:

Naturally, as soon as the news hit, the interwebz smacked Sanders around with the typical vile comments that’d get them labeled a “sexist, bigoted, Nazi-esque howler monkey” were she a Democrat:

Oh, so that whole “we need more women” in politics thing—if she were victorious, Sanders would be Arkansas’ first female governor, leftist keyboard hypocrites—only applies to Democrats. Got it. By the way, that’s a mild response compared with many mocking Sanders’ appearance. Might I remind folks that the Left (including its media wing) always, ALWAYS outs itself as the party of bigotry and sexism?

And then there are those like myself—just above everyone I know adores this woman—who miss Sanders’ daily press smack-downs and are beyond giddy at a potential Sarah Sanders run.

NOTE: **This is where the supportive tweet would be if I could find one on conservative-detesting-slash-shadow banning Twitter.** I give up.

Why? Because Sarah is everything the left claims it supports in the fairer sex: she’s intelligent, tough, fearless, loyal, well spoken, independent, and handles hecklers like Mohammad Ali sans boxing gloves. And I’d wager that were her last name “Warren” or her first name “Kamala,” the left would be drooling all over her potential candidacy and trumpeting her no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners style.

But the most delicious thing about her prospective candidacy—the very real possibility that’s making the Left go characteristically berserk—is this: if she runs, and makes it through the primary that’s sure to be crowded, she’ll likely win the governorship. Despite the states’ history of a string of Democrat governors, Arkansas itself is more solidly red these days, most notably in its choice of presidents and in its choice of which party controls the Arkansas state legislature. Yes, the Clintons held (more like defiled) the governorship for a time, but so did Sanders’ Republican father, Mike Huckabee. But while Ms. Clinton rode her hubby’s coattails to two failed presidential runs, Sarah Sanders is her own person. Frankly, before she hopped aboard the Trump Train during his candidacy, I’d never heard of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. She dropped her surname, opting to use only her married name after winning the position that made her a household name in GOP circles. It was a signal to women like myself that Sanders wanted nothing to do with nepotism, and wished to stand on her own two feet. And that’s the thing I admire most about her, along with her love of our great nation:


Then-press secretary Sarah Sanders poses with U.S. olympians at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang (Photo Credit: Wikimedia via the Office of Ivanka Trump, White House Advisor; public domain)


Yes, there’s a long road to hoe before 2022 rolls around. Nevertheless, Arkansas might do well to hand leadership of its state off to the competent Ms. Sanders. Firstly (and particularly should he win re-election next year), she’ll have the support of the most popular GOP president in his party’s history who has a pretty good track record of helping elect good conservatives. And secondly, while she’s been embedded in politics for years, I’d venture to say that Sanders’ personal attributes are about as close to a female Donald Trump as it gets: smart, sassy, and unafraid of challenges and what needs to be done to tackle them. And in this day and age, with an electorate that’s sick and tired of the mess the establishment from both parties has created, it’s just one more asset the thick-skinned Ms. Sanders has to offer Arkansas voters.


Feature Image Credit: Wikimedia, Executive Office of the President of the United States, public domain, image cropped.

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  • GWB says:

    Sarah Sanders … is at least considering running for office
    Please, don’t. Do anything – become a lobbyist, sell crack, do murder-for-hire – but DO NOT become a politician.
    Let’s stop with the political dynasties. Please. Arkansas will thank you.

    there are those … who … are beyond giddy at a potential Sarah Sanders run.
    Because you want another put-down artist as a politician? What positions does she hold? Does she like Trump because he’s really a Democrat (just an old school one)? Her stint as spokesperson does not make her a conservative or a good executive.

    She dropped her surname
    Everyone still knows who she is. Her last name is much less important than the fact everyone in Arkansas knows who her daddy is. The nepotism is still there.
    Just as a note, Mike Huckabee is roundly despised within Arkansas. He might win again, if he could run again. But there’s plenty of ill feeling toward the man. And it might carry over to his daughter. (I think he was better than his leftist critics make out, but he was also not the smoothest politician to ever grace the streets of Little Rock.)

    But, mostly, please, Sarah, go find something else to do. Do NOT go into the “family business”.

  • Blackgriffin says:

    Now that would be worth moving to Arkansas just to vote for her. Gee, I hope she’s safe there. After all, the term “Arkancide” did originate there.

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