#IranProtests2017: Regime Cracks Down, Media Yawns, Hillary Says Something Stupid [VIDEO]

#IranProtests2017: Regime Cracks Down, Media Yawns, Hillary Says Something Stupid [VIDEO]

#IranProtests2017: Regime Cracks Down, Media Yawns, Hillary Says Something Stupid [VIDEO]

The Iranian revolt against a tyrannical terrorist regime has moved into its fourth day. The government vowed to crack down on the protestors and began doing so with attacks, tear gas, and arrests.

However, it’s sometimes hard to get info because the terrorist government is engaging in active censorship.

“Maintain peace” through censorship. Got it. When the government says that censorship is “necessary” to shut down those who disagree with the regime…it’s no wonder many Iranians, men AND women, have had enough!

Even worse, many across the Western media have been parroting the government line that these protests were because of economics. And have swallowed this bit of dreck hook, line, and sinker!

“Rouhani has run an austerity budget since 2013 with the idea that it’s a tough but necessary pill to swallow to manage inflation and currency problems and try to improve Iran’s attractiveness for investment,” said Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, founder of the Europe-Iran Forum.

“But choosing years of austerity immediately after a very tough period of sanctions is bound to test people’s patience,” he told AFP.

Are you EFFING KIDDING ME??!! $1.7 billion freaking dollars got ferried to Iran in $400 million chunks starting in 2012, yet Iran is claiming CURRENCY problems?? Horsecrap to eleventy billion.

Needless to say, the protests AREN’T solely about the economic situation. Here are some slogans being chanted at the protests, translated into English:

“We don’t want an Islamic Republic, we don’t want it, we don’t want it.”

“They are using Islam as an excuse to drive people crazy.”

“Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic.”

“Reformists, hard-liners, Game is over.”

“We are all Iranians, we don’t accept Arabs.”

“We are getting poor and clerics are driving fancy cars.”

“Reza Shah, Rest in Peace.”

“We will die but we will take Iran back.”

“Come out to the streets Iranians, shout for your rights.”

“Death to the Revolutionary Guards.”

Instead, they are openly targeting the “supreme leader” of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. According to Iranian law, if you are caught, the sentence is imprisonment and death.

My suggestion: continue reading through Borzou’s twitter feed. Many in the media ignored the protests for three days. Then SUDDENLY they, including CNN, flipped the narrative and made it seem as though these were PRO-government protests all along.

Which led to this battle between CNN’s Jake Tapper and Fox News Contributor Stephen Miller. This correction from apple to banana by CNN didn’t help their case:

Meanwhile other “journalists” write headlines like this:

How Can Trump Help Iran’s Protesters? Be Quiet.

Oh, RIGHT. Because that worked out SO WELL for the Iranians last time during the Green Revolution. Obama’s weak-kneed response made things worse, not better. But that hasn’t stopped many of Obama’s friends and pals from jumping in to defend him AND terrorism in the last two days. Linda Sarsour added her two cents,  Ted Lieu failed a comparison to Trump, David Frum face-planted with his Travel Ban take, while Michael McFaul, former ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration, failed miserably at fence-straddling. 

Remember this from a so-called foreign policy expert?

Yesterday she emerged from the woods with this lame-ass tweet:

Wow. Just. WOW.

Hillary, the government has responded! People are being hauled off to prison from which they’ll likely only leave when dead. At least 2 protestors in the city of Doroud have been killed! Still others have been attacked with water cannons and tear gassed. Women are being targeted.

This is what the anti-government protestors are facing, Hillary.

Remember, Hillary, they rip down the banners of Khameni and that means a death sentence for them if they are caught.

So you can just quit with the B.S. and go back to the woods. Please, thank you, and hurry the hell up!

The media wants us to ignore what is going on in Iran. They want to keep their narrative of BUH BUH BUH OBAMA!! going strong. They want Trump to shut up.

In this case he’s not and that’s a good thing. The Iranian people have an uphill battle against a tyrannical regime flush with cash thanks to Obama, but freedom is worth it and they should be supported by us all.

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