#TehranBazaar: Iranians Chant “Death to Palestine” Amid Growing Economic Reform Protests

#TehranBazaar: Iranians Chant “Death to Palestine” Amid Growing Economic Reform Protests

#TehranBazaar: Iranians Chant “Death to Palestine” Amid Growing Economic Reform Protests

Following Monday’s general strike that closed the Tehran bazaar, Iranians once again took to the streets demanding economic reforms amid a tanking economy, rampant corruption, and stifling U.S. sanctions. But what they’re chanting may surprise you:

That’s right: Not “Death to Israel.” Not “Death to America.” But “Death to Palestine.” And why are they peeved at the non-state? Because the Powers That Be in Iran—the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world (Hello? Earth to Obama)—are funding jihad against Israel via terrorist organizations in Palestine, rather than tending to the economic needs of the Iranian people:

Good question. It’s one we could ask our own “leaders” in D.C. who continue to send our tax dollars to countries who hate us, and hand out freebies to those who sneak into our country illegally.

That’s a question we’d all like answered. And wouldn’t it be revolutionary to usher in new Iranian leadership that would respect Israel’s right to exist, and stop lobbing rockets at them via their proxies in Palestine? Hey, a girl can dream.

Iranians in Tehran bazaar target Khamenei, as demonstrators push back against the oppressive Islamist regime’s mismanagement of its economy. (Photo Credit: EuroNews)

And why should this uprising be widely reported? Because Iran is a threat to the entire world, and currently waging a proxy war against Saudi Arabia via Yemen, while sticking its nose into other nations as well, destabilizing the entire region. And they remain an imminent threat to the very existence of Israel. And while skepticism is healthy, even North Korea seems to be embracing the idea that bullying your neighbors is so last year, and economic stability should be the focus of regimes like itself going forward.

But don’t expect the CNN’s of the world to give a rat’s patootie about economic unrest amid the Iranian people, because Israel is a terrorist state, and Barack Obama is the equivalent of Heaven on Earth to the media and their useful idiots.

Yes, the majority of our media has become that pathetic.

This is yet another opportunity for reform in Iran. During the “Green Revolution” in the summer of 2009, Barack Obama—in love with his worshiped Iran Deal—while fanning the flames of “revolution” elsewhere, ignored the grassroots uprising in Iran that could have ushered in a new era in the Islamic theocracy. Rather than do whatever he could to help pave a road toward freedom, Obama remained silent while the brutal Iranian government violently put down the movement, not wanting to offend the mullahs with whom he hoped to haggle.

While we saw a welcome wave of protests late last year demanding freedom from oppression, those too eventually subsided following brutal crackdowns at the hands of the regime. But they never completely ceased as handfuls of frustrated Iranians took to the streets every couple of days in various parts of the country. And the economic malaise afflicting the Iranian citizenry—which President Trump has had a hand in via sanctions following his crap-canning of Obama’s Worst Deal In History—has not subsided. And the people are rightfully angry at a regime that continues to ignore them in pursuit of aggression and power expansion elsewhere.

And remember:

So will this president continue to support and encourage a regime change in Iran? Or will he stand idly by as his predecessor did while people were slain in the streets as they demanded better from those who brutally oppress them? I’m hoping for the latter, because, regardless of what Barack Obama and his compliant parrots would have us believe, little on this Earth is a greater threat to peace and stability in the world than Iran. And there’s no better time for change when so much good news is emerging from the summit with North Korea.

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