Ilhan Omar Lectures America About Racism

Ilhan Omar Lectures America About Racism

Ilhan Omar Lectures America About Racism

The New York Times fish wrap gave Ilhan Omar editorial space. She used that space to lecture America about how racist we are.

No folks, this is not the Babylon Bee. According to Ilhan, just condemning Trump’s racism isn’t enough. She tells us that WE are racist for not defending the values she believes are American values: pluralism, religious liberty, and equal protection under the law.

Then she spends a couple of paragraphs whining about her arriving here as a child and discovering that everything she believed about America was wrong.

“The America we arrived in was different from the one my grandfather had hoped to find. The land of opportunity he imagined was in fact full of challenges. People identified me in ways that were foreign to me: immigrant, black. I learned that these identities carried stigmas, and I experienced prejudice as a visibly Muslim woman”

The land of opportunity doesn’t mean everything is going to come easy. Secondly, it’s evident by this editorial and many of her speeches that she has absolutely zero sense of gratitude for the life she has here in the United States. No one ever said that America is a place where success, fame, and riches just magically grow on trees. But that is what Ilhan is constantly telling us was supposed to happen.

She tells us that REAL problems we face are climate change, being mean to terrorists in those certain Muslim countries, soaring inequality, and lack of healthcare.

“The only way to push back is to be unequivocal about our values. It is not enough to condemn Mr. Trump’s racism. We must affirmatively confront racist policies — whether the caging of immigrant children at the border or the banning of Muslim immigrants or the allowing of segregation in public housing. It is not enough to condemn the corruption and self-dealing of this administration. We must support policies that unmistakably improve working people’s lives, including by strengthening collective bargaining, raising the minimum wage and pursuing a universal jobs guarantee.”

Don’t get me started on the caging of children at the detention centers crap. It’s been debunked time and again, yet here she is shouting the same lies from the rooftop of the NYTimes! As for the corruption in this Administration, it is very evident that she didn’t watch any of the Mueller hearings yesterday. Or, if she did, she only heard what she wanted to hear which is Trump BAD! from the Democrats.

Ilhan tells us that our Constitution is a nice little tool, one we should use. However, she also tells us that every American she encounters who pushes back at her isn’t good enough to be American.

All of this comes from a woman who has, since she’s been elected, demonstrated her massive antipathy towards this Republic. This country is no ‘shining city on the hill’ for her. No, she regards America and Americans as trash.

The rich irony of all of this is Ilhan Omar lecturing America about racism given her history of racist statements and tweets, much of which is directed against Israel. All of which she refuses to address when questioned outright.

It isn’t just her atrocious ‘all about the Benjamins’ tweet, or her heinous ‘some people did something on 9/11′ while talking to a CAIR group in California. No, as we’ve discussed here before, those aren’t bugs. Her OWN racism is a major feature with her. Watch this. I’ll warn you beforehand to keep sharp pointy objects away and don’t punch your monitor.

This was an interview in 2018! She states unequivocally that American white men must be profiled because they are all racist. According to her, white men are worse than any jihadist terrorist out there.

Fast forward to today and she now tells us that ALL Americans are racist and need to do better according to HER standards.

This is a woman who is facing real issues of marriage and immigration fraud. This is a woman who has shown us time and again that she abhors this United States. This is a woman who advocated for terrorists who had tried to leave the US to join ISIS. This is a woman advocates for Palestine and against Israel. This is a woman who cravenly lies about this Administration’s policies yet dares to sit there and tell us that is it WE who are the problem.

Ilhan Omar’s family escaped a ‘shithole’ terrorism breeding country when she was a child. Four years later they arrive in the United States. A country where the possibilities are endless and yes, challenging. Now she is a Congresswoman. Ilhan could’ve chosen to make her story one of perseverance, hope, and opportunity. But she didn’t. Instead she continually tells us that everything about America from Trump to the average American citizen on the street is…wrong. It is ok for HER to be racist, but the rest of us aren’t allowed, unless you are the media who gives her a pass.

There is absolutely nothing ‘fictional’ about Ilhan’s racist antipathy towards the United States and Israel. Again, it’s a feature, not a bug, with her. Ilhan, you can take your lecture on racism and SHOVE IT.

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  • Dawn says:

    She’s the racist !! Duah.. and bigoted !!! “All Americans”. … Can’t get more racist than that.

  • Bill Smith says:

    “The America we arrived in was different from the one my grandfather had hoped to find. The land of opportunity he imagined was in fact full of challenges.”

    This is perceived by Omar to be a problem with America?The problem here is with the unrealistic expectation her grandfather had with America, and apparently an education system that failed to properly educate her?

    There is no, nor will there ever be, a land of opportunity with no challenges. Period. EVER. America’s failure to life up to Omar”s grandfather’s utopian fantasy land does not constitute a shortcoming of America.

  • 370H55V says:

    And yet, the voters of Minnesota (not just her district–the entire state, which elected Keith Ellison attorney-general) are quite on board with all of this. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. I would say somewhere between 25-40% of the inhabitants of what we still refer to as the United States of America utterly hate this country (cf. Nike Betsy Ross sneaker controversy and related sales and stock price boost), and we’d better start dealing with that.

  • Hang on, don’t jump to conclusions. She’s warning us about the dangerous radicalization of white males.

    Bernie, Beto, and Blasio… she may be on to something!

  • Faversham says:

    Keep talking, Omar. Everyone loves an ingrate.

  • Dan Moorman says:

    “The land of opportunity is gone” says the woman who arrived with nothing and is now elected to prominent national public office.

  • GWB says:

    We must affirmatively confront racist policies
    I agree wholeheartedly!
    The next two statements supposedly showing racism, though, are untrue and not racist. Segregation is true and racist – and happening right now everywhere progs have control.

    the corruption and self-dealing of this administration
    Well, now, that’s something called “stating facts not in evidence.” Basically, it means you haven’t proven either of those points, yet you keep stating them as if they should compel us to act.

    We must support policies that unmistakably improve
    See, THIS is where you fundamentally misunderstand America. It’s a Land of Opportunity, not a Land of Guarantees. The Founding Fathers thought that the best way to give someone opportunity was to get the gov’t out of their way. YOU, otoh, want to insert it into every interaction of daily life.
    As one example: 0mar, did you support or fight the lawsuit brought against Minnesota for its burdensome licensing to braid hair? It took a lawsuit in 2005 to lift MN’s requirement of 1,550 hours of training (10 months and ~$15,000) just to braid someone’s hair for money. Did you support opportunity? Or did you support the idea that customers of these people are too stupid to expect and obtain quality?

    Ilhan tells us that our Constitution is a nice little tool, one we should use.
    I agree wholeheartedly again! But, to paraphrase Inigo Montoya’s famous line:
    “I don’t think that document means what you think it means.”
    (BTW, the Constitution is a tool AGAINST gov’t. It limits the gov’t in what it can do. If we really used it as the tool it is, a huge chunk of the executive branch would disappear and people would be a lot freer.)

    she abhors this United States
    Well, nooooo. She loves America, because it’s a land of opportunity for hucksters and jive artists like herself. Here, she can rise to the top on the basis of lies, fraud, and scheming for power. Unlike her homeland, where she would be shot out of hand for her arrogant nature.
    Note, that’s certainly not the same type of love we have for America. It’s an abusive ‘love’, and America should stop letting her hit us.

    • Nina Bookout says:

      GWB – always enjoy your commentary!

      As to your huckster comments. I’d say that yes, she does abhor the U.S. and is using her own version of flim flam snake oil saleswoman jive to undermine it every chance she gets.

  • Mike-in-Keller says:

    Given that Omar is a racist pig, she should know about racism.

  • DDietz says:

    Great work Nina!

  • PapayaSF says:

    Her “refugee” status takes on a different tone once you know that her family left Somalia because they were functionaries in the brutal Siad Barre regime, and wanted to escape vengeance after it collapsed.

  • MortMain says:

    She wears a symbol of female slavery and says we are the racists. OMG!

  • krankyoldguy says:

    Radical Muslims want to chop your head off. Moderate Muslims want a Radical Muslim to chop your head off.

  • Tom Armstrong says:

    Is it my imagination, or is Ilhan’s skin tone getting lighter?

  • Diana says:

    Who is she to lecture us about racism in America? She is the biggest racist of them all. She hates white, hates Americans (and America), and hates the Jewish people. Clean yourself of racism before you worry about our racism Ilhan Omar. You are a hypocrite.

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