Idaho Town Cancels Bowe Bergdahl Welcome Home Celebration

Idaho Town Cancels Bowe Bergdahl Welcome Home Celebration

Looks like the little town of Hailey, Idaho has taken the sage advice of some of its critics, including that of one of our own bloggers here at Victory Girls. As of this morning, the voices from those pushing for authorities to cancel the bash honoring U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl had gone unheeded, and the town had decided to forge ahead with plans to welcome home one of its own, despite the grave concerns from Americans across the nation. But as of this afternoon, those plans changed. It’s official: The “Bowe Is Back” celebration scheduled for later this month is off.

From Reuters:

“Amid allegations that he was a deserter…Heather Dawson, the city administrator of Hailey, Idaho, said town officials called off the June 28 event at the request of organizers because the town ‘will be unable to safely manage the number of people expected.'”

Hailey, Idaho officials say they were aware of the accusations surrounding Bowe Bergdahl, but wished to welcome him home regardless. That decision changed this afternoon.
Hailey, Idaho officials say they were always aware of the accusations surrounding Bowe Bergdahl, but wished to welcome him home regardless. That decision abruptly changed this afternoon.

You can read a few of the emails from concerned citizens here.

The decision follows mounting pressure from outraged Americans concerned with honoring a man many regard, at best, a deserter, and at worst, a willing sympathizer and participant who aided and abetted in the deaths of his fellow troops in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban.

Good move, Hailey, Idaho. There are too many unanswered questions surrounding both Bergdahl’s actions and those of an administration whose own irresponsibility has left a target on the back of every American. And that creepy “Praise Allah” heard round the world professed from the White House steps is not what most conscientious Idahoans like myself want associated with them. But more concerning is the ensuing media and protester circus that would have brought with it even more pain and anguish than you’ve already endured.

We hope and pray that your town can find much-deserved peace in the difficult weeks to come.

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  • JeffS says:

    Good move, Hailey. Looks like the residents of Sun Valley still has *some* common sense left.

  • swilliams says:

    If any of the people commenting here understood how they are being sold down the river, and are considered nothing more than chattel, by the very same elite they have apparently sworn themselves to protect… they might realize that Bowe is just another innocent whose compassion for humanity lead him down a path to scapegoat. And yes, he is being used by the current administration as a deflective device… pay close attention to Obama’s moves over the next week or so. Can we say “false flag” or “smoke and mirrors” or something even more sinister?
    Looks like the past 40 years of chemical manipulation, aka aluminum from every direction, has done it’s job on most folks brain’s ability to complete synapse (look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about).
    The truth is, the “entities” who receive the benefits of the brainwashed dedication of our “military youth” could not give a rat’s ass about them OR you who so strongly invest your opinions (to the point of calling for the death of a youth whose only crime was to question “military authority” and walk away with the aspiration of helping the non military population). WOW, what an asshole he must be… caring about the welfare of people he doesn’t even know. Believe it or not, caring for humanity at large is the right thing to do. Do you really think the non military people of Afghanistan want us there and involved with their lives? Why do you think we are there? Fossil fuel? Really? Don’t forget to think about how the “powers that be” use mankind’s addictive tendencies to manipulate the so called “lower classes” (who occupy the majority of the planet’s population)… can we say heroin?
    If you believe that the MIC is invested in your best interest, then I would suggest you spend some serious time doing internet research on the “big picture”… you might start with MK ULTRA, but there is a plethora of other military/MIC programs that reveal their “less than altruistic” motives.
    Quit being dupes for a miniscule segment of “society” who cares nothing whatsoever about your welfare… they will use you, abuse you, and throw you away… all for the sake of their benefit.
    Bottom line… don’t trust me, do the research. Thanks to the internet it’s all out there to be found… if you have the guts to go there, the fortitude to keep an open mind (without being TOLD what’s right or what to think… trust you gut, your heart, and the brain God gave you). Don’t wait too long though… the wheels are turning, as I speak, to deny you access to data and info that you need to educate yourself about the “big picture”.
    I’m sorry to see this unfolding as it is, I do not believe that Bowe did anything intentional to hurt his “brothers in arms”. But, more than that, I’m beyond sorry to see people being so easily distracted from the truly monumental events that are descending upon us. Time to wake up, before there is nothing left to wake up to.
    We have no escape from this planet… yet we allow our tiny bubble in space to be poisoned to the point of no return by the very same people who are using main stream media to “run the show” and tell us what to think, how to act and what to buy.
    I have a suggestion about what to buy… “break into your bank account and buy yourself a clue” before it’s too late. You have been intellectually subjugated by mainstream media. How can you, as intelligent, autonomous beings, allow this kind of manipulation to happen to you and those you love? Please wake up to the lies of the “big boys” before it’s too late.

  • J Nibroc says:

    S. Williams……”Chemical manipulation, aka aluminum”! Obviously, you are wearing the Aluminum (Tin foil) hat. LMAO… Where on the Planet Krypton do you live.

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