Taliban Reportedly “Thrilled” With Bergdahl Father’s Pashtu White House Address

Taliban Reportedly “Thrilled” With Bergdahl Father’s Pashtu White House Address

You’ve gotta hand it to Barack Obama. He really knows how to thoroughly muff just about everything he touches. And the Bowe Bergdahl fiasco is no exception. You know you “stink like a rotten mackerel by moonlight” when you receive the praise of the Taliban. And that’s exactly what is reportedly happening to King Obama.

From the Blaze:

“…according to sources who have direct ties to the Taliban, The Blaze’s senior Washington correspondent Sara Carter said Wednesday, there is no doubt about one thing: the Taliban was extremely pleased by the declaration.

‘[Robert] definitely was, in a way, consecrating the area,’ Carter remarked on The Glenn Beck Program. “He was reaching out. …And when I contacted my sources in Pakistan who have direct links with the Taliban, [they said] the Taliban was actually thrilled that the father did this.’

Carter claimed Robert went ‘way beyond just a father reaching out to his son.’”

Indeed. Barack Obama stood beside Bob Bergdahl as he recited in Pashtu “bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim”—reportedly the war cry of Islam, translated as “in the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate”—smiling like a giddy schoolgirl on her first date, either completely ignorant of the priceless gift he was bestowing upon those who helped perpetrate 9/11, or subconsciously acting upon his not-so-veiled Muslim sympathies. Or perhaps a little of both. Either way, the Taliban is beyond “thrilled.” In their eyes, Barack Obama—consciously or otherwise—handed them, and by extension Al Qaeda, on a silver platter, a sensational propaganda tool: Their mark on our White House, and thereby our nation, which they will spread throughout the Middle East and beyond like an airborne virus until it infects the entire continent. You can’t buy that kind of marketing.

Bob Bergdahl
Bob Bergdahl reciting what some say is the war cry of Islam on the steps of our White House.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the Pentagon vehemently disagreed with the plan to swap five senior Taliban members for a man who, overwhelming evidence shows, deserted his post, sneaking off into the Afghan night reportedly seeking the Taliban, leaving his fellow troops to search for him, with at least six dying in that attempt. But Obama, who’s never served his country in any meaningful capacity, knew best, naively insisting that the “moderate” Taliban would embrace the peace process, even though he himself has admitted that the Taliban Five have the very real potential to re-offend. Heck, he’s got Bob Bergdahl to help with the inspiration. I would argue it’s not “if,” but “when.” These heathens have not suddenly seen the light, during their time at Gitmo, and renounced terrorism. No, they’ve likely grown even more hateful of America and what she stands for, making them even more dangerous than they were when first captured. But what does Barry care? He’s got an ego to stroke, and a heap of scandals to sweep under the rug. But this one has blown up in his face. Instead of the expected adulation from the adoring masses for saving a “POW,” he has yet another stinking carcass hanging around his scrawny neck, and a pack of Taliban groupies looping the videotaped recitation of his White House guest.

The Pentagon was reportedly not on board with the prisoner swap.
The Pentagon was reportedly not on board with the Bergdahl/Taliban prisoner swap.

It is clear to anyone with half a brain cell that Barack Obama’s presidency is on life support. I, for one, would welcome a Congress who’d be willing to vigorously pull the plug once and for all. Alas, the one we have has willingly castrated itself, leaving us with a rabid abuser of his office who knows he can do whatever he wishes, with impunity, even if that means endangering our nation, and violating his oath of office. Remember, this guy has his finger on “the button,” and is looking straight into the eyes of a potentially devastating midterm election. He has proven time and again that there’s just about nothing he won’t do to retain his party’s power, making him a clear and present danger to us all. If not by his own hand, then by that of the enemy he readily set free to plan their next devastating attack.

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