The New Defense of Bergdahl: He’s Being Swift Boated

The New Defense of Bergdahl: He’s Being Swift Boated

The New Defense of Bergdahl: He’s Being Swift Boated

The administration’s narrative that Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction” has rapidly fallen apart.  And it’s fallen apart because, with Bergdahl now out of Afghanistan, the non-disclosure agreements that silenced those who served with him and looked for him are no longer legally binding.  And they are speaking out.

But now, with the administration reportedly shocked that Bergdahl’s release wasn’t received with “euphoria,” they are turning to a 2004 term to defend themselves.  And that is “swift boat.”  As Guy Benson from Townhall noted:

You’ll recognize the term, obviously, as a throwback to the 2004 election. Democratic nominee John Kerry was harshly criticized by a group of his former comrades in arms called the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.

And it wasn’t the media who brought the term back.  It was the administration itself.

The administration and their lapdogs are hoping to resurrect this term to describe the repeated stories from Bergdahl’s platoon mates, none of whom have nice things to say about him.  In fact, the State Department has gone so far as to claim that these veterans can’t be believed – even though they were there – because they don’t really know what happened the night he walked off.

Van Jones, noted 9/11 truther, claims that this is all a GOP plot to discredit Bergdahl to make the president look bad.

Nice try.  When the media isn’t even buying it, you know the line must be REALLY bad.

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  • hockeydad says:

    This saddens me more than the news about the prisoner release.

    Those who served with him know better the man than any others. How your squad, platoon or company react to you tells more about you as a person than almost anything else in life.
    The men that served with Bergdahl know what type of person and soldier he was and if they won’t stand up for him, then he’s not worth standing up for.

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