Let’s Hold Off On the Bowe Bergdahl Party, Hailey

Let’s Hold Off On the Bowe Bergdahl Party, Hailey

Dear Hailey, Idaho:

I understand that you are going to be throwing a party for Bowe Bergdahl on June 28th.  This was originally supposed to be a “bring him home” rally, but with the news of his release yesterday, the party theme has changed.

Bowe Bergdahl, as he appeared in one of the videos released by the Taliban

Somehow, good people of Hailey, you seem to think that your hometown “hero” (and I use that term in the loosest way possible, and only because that is what you are insisting on calling him) will be coming home eventually.  Possibly even within a month or two.

The short answer to that is no.  If Bowe Bergdahl sets foot in Idaho within a year, it will be because he is being used as a propaganda piece and no one truly cares what happens to him.

The fact is that there are real problems and issues with the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance (as readily admitted by his own parents in this Rolling Stone article from 2012, and substantiated by as-yet unconfirmed eyewitnesses).  I don’t really think the population of Hailey, Idaho, wants to throw a party for an alleged deserter.  I understand that they are excited because they once knew Bowe, or they know his parents (and let’s not get started on the things his father has said and just said – I had no idea that you were just like Afghanistan, Hailey), but the man you think you are welcoming back is not the same person who disappeared five years ago.

It has been reported that Bergdahl is having a hard time speaking English.  He’s been with the Taliban for five years, so this is understandable.  He needs a good mental health professional to assess what his past and current state of mind is.  Since he is currently at Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany, we can hope that he is having a full physical and mental evaluation.  We really have very little idea, aside from a handful of propaganda videos, what has happened to Bergdahl in five years.  And more than one media outlet has noted the similarities to the TV show “Homeland.”

And both Susan Rice and Chuck Hagel, who made the rounds on talk shows today, declined to talk about any investigation into how Bergdahl came to be in Taliban custody.

In short, Hailey, Idaho, you have no idea what you are celebrating or who you are potentially welcoming back.

If I were you, I’d hold off on that party.


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  • JeffS says:

    Hailey is Idaho’s “Little California”, a whole bunch of well-to-do liberals with more money and time than common sense. So don’t be too surprised at what comes out of there.

    Dismayed, certainly. Surprised, no.

    • Lisa Clark says:

      Ok, 2 views here. I agree no party until several physiology test by several doctors. That doesn’t know what the other doctor had to say or report. And some people are wonderful at cunning doctors. No contact with the parents or public world until this is complete. And this is NOT a Failsafe step. He can be used/taught what questions, answers, how to act like a victim when all the time he is planning, and who knows how many contact people who are already there in place to help carry out a plan. Yes I sound cruel, and as a Mother I understand the importance and need to see, hold your child that if he was a captive I could only imagine how the parents want and need to just see, touch their own child. I don’t know if anyone could keep me from getting to him holding him in my arms assuring him he’s home and ok now. But as a mother I can feel the pain and suffering for them, But I to would be wanting to know he’s mentally and physically ok and not released to carry out something violent, and would I need to be afraid to sleep knowing he is not going to kill me while I sleep. It’s a catch 22. I pray that I am so very wrong about what I think, and if I am I apologize now. God bless his whole family, something I hope I Never have to go through. It’s been a hard 5 years for his parents.

  • Richard Steward says:

    If it looks like a taliban, smells like a taliban, it’s probably a taliban. Shoot the deserter.

    • GWB says:

      Look, I know perfectly nice people who smell like goats. That does *not* make them Taliban!

      • HS says:

        Yes it does

      • dave says:

        He is most definitely a Muslim after 5 years with the Taliban. They brainwashed and probably even radicalized him in those 5 years.
        I would not be surprised if he even had sympathies with the Taliban before he decided to desert and conspire with the Taliban, after all his dad is a fanatic Muslim with Taliban sympathies. duh…

  • Norwood Dag says:

    I was reading this story and…..anyone else get a feeling they have seen this movie before? It`s called `Wag The Dog`. Hero soldier is saved after being captured by the enemy, everyone goes nuts and thinks he`s like Jesus, just better. And then it turns out its all a huge lie and everyone feels really stupid. I saw this several years ago, weird to see it in the newspapers now.

  • T Raven says:

    A Muslim solider who just leaves his post and walks into the Taliban,, prisoner, THAT REMAINS TO BE SEEN ? Lives lost looking for this deserter , 5 terrorist freed to return him home, (means more lives will be lost in his name) and people want to celebrate ? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE ??? Im a old solider and I have family and friends over there. You think I want one of them sacrificed for the likes of this trash ? Where is the back bone of America , to many bleeding hearts ! Deserters, spies and terrorist should be SHOT in a firing squid NOT CELABERATED ! !

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