The Hypocrisy Of The Left’s Tantrums Regarding Trump’s Choice For EPA [VIDEO]

The Hypocrisy Of The Left’s Tantrums Regarding Trump’s Choice For EPA [VIDEO]

The Hypocrisy Of The Left’s Tantrums Regarding Trump’s Choice For EPA [VIDEO]

Not a day nor hour…heck not even a MINUTE goes by since election night without someone on the left throwing themselves on the floor in epic tantrums that even a two year old would be embarrassed about. And now that he’s choosing great people for his Cabinet, the tantrums have gotten worse in a very funny comedically idiotic sort of way.

The irony is, they have no idea how stupid they are making themselves look. Think I’m wrong?

Check out the reaction to Trump’s choice for EPA, Scott Pruitt.

President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday nominated Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of the oil and gas-intensive state of Oklahoma, to head the Environmental Protection Agency, a move signaling an assault on President Obama’s climate change and environmental legacy.

Good grief, dramatic much? Oh go ahead, keep digging.

Nooooo, no drama or tantrums there. None whatsoever. Don’t worry, it gets even better with this Tucker Carlson interview via our friends at Legal Insurrection.

Did you catch that? A liberal environmental activist by the name of Erin Schrode is not a Trump fan by any measure, nor is she a fan of Pruitt’s nomination to EPA and Trump’s “toxic rhetoric” has Got. To. Go. This from the same woman who earlier in the day compared Trump to Adolf Hitler! WOWZA. Massive fail right there.

Here’s the problem with their tantrums regarding the EPA. The left along with the EPA and specifically EPA head Gina McCarthy are the ones who are damaging the earth!!

Safeguards? Oh really?? Please tell me, were there any “safeguards” in place when an entire river turned yellow for hundreds of miles?

Survey says! NO. Not only that, but those responsible for damaging the river and the environment? Zero consequences.

How about Flint, Michigan? When the entire city is unable to use the water for drinking, bathing, or cleaning …heck they couldn’t use the water system at all… exactly who was to blame there? Why yes, you guessed it. The EPA.

Tainted Water Flushed From Flint, MI Fire Hydrant

And the EPA’s excuse is?

Yeah, I’m SURE that made the citizens of Flint feel SO much better about the situation. NOT!

Here’s the deal. The Pruitt nomination has thrown the left into a tizzy as evidenced above. The hypocrisy of their tantrums will continue for one reason and one reason only. The left knows the climate change agenda Obama ordered the EPA to impose via costly regulatory diktat is going to come to a screeching halt once Pruitt takes charge of the EPA. That’s a great thing for the states and American citizens…and a very BAD THING for the left.

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