Obama’s Water Czar Appointment Ignores EPA’s Responsibility For Flint Disaster

Obama’s Water Czar Appointment Ignores EPA’s Responsibility For Flint Disaster

Obama’s Water Czar Appointment Ignores EPA’s Responsibility For Flint Disaster

Flint, Michigan and its extremely serious water crisis is now on everyone’s radar. And, the finger pointing blame game is just as toxic as the water itself. Many people are calling for Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder to resign. However, those same people are ignoring the contaminated elephant in the room. The EPA itself is a direct contributor to environmental disasters that are causing harm to both the environment and the health of American men, women, and children.  Exhibit A: Flint, Michigan

Tainted Water Flushed From Flint, MI Fire Hydrant
Flint, MI Fire Hydrant Flushing Tainted Water

A year ago, EPA expert Miguel Del Toral realized there were serious contamination issues and confirmed the findings in April. Did the EPA step up and sound the alarm? Yeah. No.

EPA official Susan Hedman did not publicize the EPA’s concern over Flint’s water quality or the water’s dangerous health concerns. The federal agency instead quietly fought with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for at least six months about what should be done.

Seriously folks, the EPA got into a pissing match about procedures while Flint’s water contamination issue worsened. In fact, no matter their backpedaling and finger pointing…the ONLY thing the EPA – led by Administrator Susan Hedman did was discredit and silence Miguel before he could say more. When were the citizens of Flint told that yes, their water is contaminated? December 2015, 13 months after the problem was identified.

Lest you think that this is the only crisis that the EPA has callously caused and willfully ignored, think again. Exhibit B: CO’s Animas River:  On August 6, 2015 the citizens of Silverton and Durango, CO woke up to this view of the river.




Three million gallons of yellow sludge burst out of the Gold King mine after EPA engineers clumsily breached a rock wall. THREE MILLION. Toxic water laced with arsenic, lead, cadmium, aluminum and goodness knows what else has now traveled through three states and beyond. The EPA KNEW there would be a problem and never said a word.

To compound their willful disregard of everyone’s health and welfare, the EPA was incredibly slow to notify officials in Durango and Silverton, Colorado. Plus they waited several days to notify officials in New Mexico, the Navajo Nation, and Utah, and EPA head, Gina McCarthy has refused to publicize the water test results. Sound familiar?

$30 Billion. That’s what it could cost to clean up the EPA’s Gold King mine mess. $30 BILLION.  Guess who will bear the brunt of that cost? You and I, the taxpayers do.

How much will it cost the taxpayers to clean up the mess that the EPA has inflicted upon the citizens of Flint, Michigan due to the agency’s infighting? I shudder to think of what the final bill will be. Meanwhile Hillary and Obama are all of a sudden super concerned! About Flint that is…

Obama’s “brilliant” answer to this mess is to appoint Dr. Nicole Lurie as the Water Czar to coordinate and handle this mess.

Don’t get me wrong, what is happening in Flint is serious and dangerous. But the fact of the matter is, neither crisis should’ve happened if the EPA had been Doing. Their. Job! So before we point the finger at everyone else, lets focus on the key culprit responsible for this mess:

Clearly. The EPA’s weak sauce press release saying their response was too slow is the SAME thing they tried to say about the Animas River. It didn’t work then and shouldn’t work now. Susan Hedman should be fired, but she won’t be. Gina McCarthy should get to Michigan ASAP, but she won’t. The EPA is most definitely culpable for both toxic disasters, but will they be called to account for either one? I doubt it.

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  • Joe Miller says:

    Do people honestly think that the EPA actually makes sure that air and water are clean? Come on, people! Do you think the Dept of Energy actually does anything to produce energy? What do you think they do all day in the Dept of Education? Whatever the name is, that’s not what they’re doing.

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