Hunter Biden E-mail Raises More Suspicion

Hunter Biden E-mail Raises More Suspicion

Hunter Biden E-mail Raises More Suspicion

We know, Hunter Biden’s laptop as a whole raises suspicion but the content of a recent e-mail is enough to raise some eyebrows for sure.

Take this from The Washington Examiner. An “unusual” e-mail has been flagged because some of it reads like nothing Hunter or Joe have ever written. In fact, parts of it read like a State Department briefing.

…it’s a very uncharacteristic email for Hunter. It’s unlike anything else. Well-written, very lengthy. It’s 1,300 words. It’s very detailed. It has a lot of information in it, very strategic geopolitical information about Ukraine. It lists 22 points about Ukraine, about its political situation, about the upcoming election. It also predicted that Russia would escalate. It also predicted that the U.S. would apply sanctions very confidently. And so you wonder: Where does Hunter Biden get this information?”-Miranda Devine, The New York Post

Miranda has written about The Laptop From Hell. Fast forward into 1:34:

The president never talked to his son about his business dealings. Right. The “Big Guy” was steeped.

This e-mail was sent by Hunter to his business partner, Devon Archer. Now, let’s follow the breadcrumbs for a moment here. Hunter gets this information that seemingly falls out of the sky. He “drafts” an e-mail to his business partner that is not in his typical writing style, meaning, the dumbass did not even take measures to paraphrase it in his own words, What follows suit?

Well, five days after Hunter sent this email, Pudding Joe went to Ukraine to discuss (ahem-‘scuse me) pressure them about their energy policy. And a few weeks after that, a completely unqualified Hunter Biden becomes a board member for Burisma. Coinky-dink? We don’t think so!

So he was obviously trailing his coach. He sent this email to his business partner, Devin Archer, who also joined the board of Burisma. He’s wanting the $83,000 a month that Burisma is going to pay him, and he’s demonstrating that he’s worth it, that he has access to crucial information for Burisma.”-Miranda Devine

Thank God Hunter commanded an $83,000 dollar-a month salary from Burisma. He needed that much to fund that crack habit of his, a penchant for strippers and escorts, and, of course, “JRB’s Bills” and “Mom-mom’s cottage”. Heaven forbid he pay child support for a stripper’s “love child”.

But this unusual and curious e-mail goes well beyond the classified material found at the Penn-Biden think tank or Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home. Ron Johnson calls a message such as this a “scene setter”:

It’s just laying out all the information that we would get in an oftentimes secured briefing on a country we’re traveling to. Hunter was laying this out for Devon, who was going to be meeting with his father, going to be meeting with officials from Burisma, basically telling them that ‘You pay us millions of dollars, this is the kind of information you’re going to have access to.’”-Ron Johnson, (R-WI)

More breadcrumbs. Follow your nose, it always knows:

Three days after Hunter sent the email, Archer met with Joe Biden at the White House. Five days later, Joe Biden would travel to Ukraine. On April 22, Archer was appointed to Burisma’s board of directors, followed by Hunter Biden on May 12.”-Elizabeth Stauffer, The Washington Examiner

And yes, if you did follow your nose, it all stinks to high-heaven!

…or perhaps old Joe’s crappy Depends diaper. Where’s “Dr. Jill” when we need her to wipe his ass? Clean up, Oval Office!

The lengthy e-mail looks as if it Hunter took a briefing, and peppered in some of his own language. The message references “Our Guy” several times and calls for burner phones to be purchased from CVS or 7-11 in point number 22. No shady dealings to be seen here, folks. Move on to Mike Pence and let’s not forget Donald Trump, right, CNN?

Personally, I am not sure what is worse. The Biden family’s utter disregard for national security, their assumptions that they are untouchable and will get away with this, or their dirty-money-grubbing hands. Hunter Biden may want to enjoy life now as a “family man” (cough) and “just paint”, but this little reveal paints a picture of deep-seated, Biden corruption to the very core.

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  • cirby says:

    I have to admit that I’m pretty shocked by this.

    Hunter Biden can do research and quote things accurately?


  • Stephen C says:

    I am at a loss to understand why our government spooks protect(ed) or let the Bidens be. Come on man, the Bidens are long time sellers of secrets and access. Its not like the Bidens can get people to commit suicide. What’s special about the Bidens? And what’s up with our government spooks?

    • Scott says:

      All part of the deep state…

      Though we can be sure of one thing, there was no damaging info about the Clintons on that laptop…

      • Stephen C says:

        The deep State being totalitarian, okay I can be onboard with that, but the deep State being
        un-American too? Say it ain’t so, Jack, no joke.

        • Scott says:

          The deep state is globalist. Gates, Soros, Schwab, and the list goes on… These politicians and Feebs are just paid puppets… The puppet masters want to destroy all nations so they can rule the world..

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