Hillary Clinton Discusses ‘What Happened’ With Hugh Hewitt And It’s A Doozy [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Discusses ‘What Happened’ With Hugh Hewitt And It’s A Doozy [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Discusses ‘What Happened’ With Hugh Hewitt And It’s A Doozy [VIDEO]

Duane Patterson over at Hot Air wondered this morning if hell had frozen over. I don’t blame him. Hillary Clinton actually consented to a radio interview with a conservative talk show host. Will wonders never cease! So, did Hewitt go after her for Uranium 1, Fusion GPS, DNC hacks, Benghazi, etc etc? No. This was an interview, not a debate. With that said, Hillary landed some considerable doozies with her responses to many of Hugh’s questions.  

James Comey: Hillary states she’s never spoken with him in 25 years and basically indicates she’s not a fan:

One, I think that he violated protocol as the director of the FBI. He went outside the chain of command. He was taking unprecedented actions both in July and in October. I do not to this day understand everything that motivated him to do so, and I think that the Rosenstein memo, as I put forth in my book, is an accurate description of his violation of process.

Emails and Media: 

I am trying to be as candid and open as I can be, because I think there’s a lot at stake. And if my voice can help us get our country back on track where we begin to have, you know, reason-based discussions about our differences again and try to chart a path forward that actually makes sense and can be supported by facts, I want to be part of that debate. So I will take responsibility, because clearly, it is challenging when the press, and not just the press on the right, but the press in general, decide that you know, my emails are the most important story of the campaign. And that clearly was just pounded day after day after day. And you know, I take responsibility for the mistakes I made, but it was a, you know, it was a pretty overblown scandal as far as scandals go.


Two words…Bleach Bit.


Along with planes filled with pallets of cash. Money talked and Iran won the lotto and IS producing nukes. Thanks bunches Hillary!

Obama: His Hope and Change accomplishments made things difficult for her campaign. Alrighty then!

Uranium One is “misinterpreted.”

Trump: Doesn’t know if she’ll ever be friends with him again. Gosh! That’s just SAD! I’m sure President Trump is weeping in his Cheerios at that thought.


Artificial intelligence is bad. Side note- I agree there are dangers inherent in it. Yet Hillary throws tech companies under the bus while at the same time praising Elon Musk who wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for all the lovely taxpayer dollars he gets every year to build his idiotic Tesla cars.

Benghazi: ‘I stayed until 10pm that night!! What more do you expect from me??!! I mean really guys, quit with the Benghazi stuff! Besides, the Republicans tried to make this issue political and they failed! So knock it off already!’ After all..

Now certainly there is much more to unpack in this interview, which you can read in full here. However, I’ll leave you with this last bit.

Awww …poor baby! Hillary, did you ever think that it’s because you ummmm FAILED at not one but TWO Presidential campaigns? Did you ever think that it’s because you are too damned quick to blame everyone else for your own shortcomings? Did you ever think that no one wants your campaign advice because you’re toxic and evidence shows you rigged the primaries and DNC convention? Yeah, didn’t think so. Here’s some great advice for you Hillary!

So there you have it folks! Hillary has an excuse for everything including how or why she wrote what she did in her book.  The more the excuses pile up, the more I for one, am very thankful she is not our President.

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