HBO Promotes Racial Harmony: “Whiteness” as a Viral Disease [VIDEO]

HBO Promotes Racial Harmony: “Whiteness” as a Viral Disease [VIDEO]

HBO Promotes Racial Harmony: “Whiteness” as a Viral Disease [VIDEO]

Just when you thought nothing could be less funny than wheezing, arthritic Saturday Night Live, HBO says “Hold my beer.”

Random Acts of Flyness is billed as comedy. However, if this promotional spot is any indication, we have the vanity project of a very angry, racist male.

If you made it all the way through that piece of last week’s dog vomit, I encourage you to watch it again. It isn’t just the racism. Or that one-hit-wonder Jon Hamm offers up a performance both pained and painful. I wonder if creator Terence Nance patted Jon on the head and fed him a cube of sugar after each take.

In describing the virus of “Perceptive Albinitis”, the sketch asserts that people of pallor have no culture. Americans of Irish or Scandinavian descent have had their ethnic roots obliterated by the “Whiteness Disease”. Thanksgiving is a “fake holiday” and the culture of 1700’s Europe didn’t really exist.

In other words, Nance posits that America is illegitimate. Western Civilization, bad. Melanin identity, good. All within the tribe, nothing outside the tribe, nothing against the tribe.

Ironically, as Hamm stammers about being Irish and not really white, he is talked down by a melanin-enriched man who, I dare say, would call himself “black.”

Black – not Zulu or Swahili or Somali.

Black Thoughts, eh?

To paraphrase Nance’s own last line of the skit – Fuck him. I’m not stuntin racists.

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  • Only True Believers says:

    Why are there no African-American contributors at Victory Girls?

    • Kate says:

      There aren’t?!? I didn’t notice.

    • GWB says:

      Do you know any who want to write for VG?
      Have ’em use the “Contact Victory Girls” link up top to get in touch!

      (Honestly, I don’t know if one might be. But I surely didn’t know before they started putting most of their pics in that “Written By” box.)

    • skillyboo says:

      Would the article be less or more true if an African American wrote it?

  • w says:

    I took it as satire poking fun at the current PC ps abput white people.

  • Joe Kidd says:

    Who still doesn’t think that white genocide isn’t being waged?

  • DFJ150 says:

    It long past time to move beyond hyphenated identity politics. You are either an American or you are not. Any time someone adds a hyphen they are demanding special status, money, or both.

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