Blue Wave Missing in Action

Blue Wave Missing in Action

Blue Wave Missing in Action

For the last several weeks, the media and political pundits have been touting August 7th as the beginning of the “blue wave” that would signal the beginning of the end of President Trump’s time in office. We’ve seen headlines pointing out that record number of women running for Congress and for governorships around the country. We’ve been saddled with story after story about democratic-socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her latest episode of “foot in mouth” disease. All of which was part of the Democrats’ plan to retake Congress and then the White House. But it all began last night.

Or did it?

The election to watch was Ohio’s special election to replace Representative Pat Tiberi in the 12th District. Tiberi resigned from office to move into the private sector. Republican Troy Balderson faced off against Democrat Danny O’Connor and Green candidate Joe Manchik in the special election. Seven Ohio counties. Approximately 201,000 votes cast.And the winner is, with 100% of the ballots counted. . .

Republican Troy Balderson, except most everyone is saying the election “too close to call”.

It was a close race, as expected. Because of that, don’t expect to hear the Dems lamenting the loss. On no. I can hear them now celebrating the fact they came so close to taking down a Trump-endorsed candidate. Or, perhaps, they will follow the lead of that oh-so-special Hollywood personality (I can’t call her a celebrity, much less a star) Alyssa Milano.

Does that mean she thinks any votes cast for Jill Stein in the previous presidential election — or in any future elections for that matter — are Russian meddling? Man, does she have her paid security check under her bed and sweep for bugs every day lest those darned Russians decide to come get her for trying to expose their nefarious dealings? VBEG

Or they can be like NBC News and refuse to admit defeat, praying the provisional ballots are enough to swing the vote their way in a week or so.

CBS News’ Elections and Surveys Director Anthony Salvanto, however, pointed out that no single election yesterday should be considered “bellwether” for the upcoming November elections. Well, that’s one way of making sure you keep your liberal viewers happy. Don’t rub their noses in their loss and don’t make the conservatives think they need to work a bit harder to insure the liberals don’t retake Congress.

Kansas was another state with hotly contested races. Let’s just say, looking at the vote tallies, for there to be a Blue Wave that is supposed to crush the Trump Administration, it certainly didn’t show up in Kansas yesterday. More than twice as many people voted in the Republican primary for governor than they did in the Democratic primary. Two U. S. House districts didn’t even have Democratic candidates on the ballot. (And ain’t that a heck of a way to win back the House?)

In the District 4 race, Republicans once again far outdistanced their Democratic counterparts when it came to number of votes cast. Even with Ocasio-Cortez campaigning for James Thompson (who did win the primary), Dems cast only 30,100 votes to the 69,400 votes cast by Republicans. November will see Thompson squaring off against the incumbent, Ron Estes. Don’t look for Estes to lose his seat.

New Jersey’s primaries were a bit more interesting. Dems once again voted to send incumbent Robert Menendez back to the Senate, despite his corruption trial (which ended in a mistrial). He’ll face off against Republican Bob Hugin in November. Chances are Menendez will retain his seat — except there are signs the race against Hugin is going to become more than a bit bumpy. Here’s hoping.

In Michigan, Abdul El-Seyed, the candidate for governor backed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, lost and lost big to Gretchen Whitmer. She’ll face off against Republican Bill Schuette in November. By the way, more Republicans voted in the primary than Dems.

John James
John James (Lauren Gibbons |

Over 900,000 votes were cast in the Republican senatorial primary, sending John James against Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow. The sitting Senator had better be ready for a fightl

“I don’t have a Black message. I don’t have a White message. I have a Michigan message,” James said. “We need people who have experience getting results. You aren’t going to get results from a 43-year career politician.”

At last check, there were no real surprises in the Missouri or Washington primaries. Yes, a few of those candidates President Trump stumped for didn’t win or are in races too close to call right now. However, that does not a blue wave make. It simply means the Republican Party is made up of voters who look at the candidate and the issues and make up their own minds instead of voting for who they’re told to back.

As Salvanto said, no one election yesterday was bellwether for November. However, one thing is clear. The so-called Blue Wave is not pounding the doors of Capitol Hill, at least not yet. It is up to each of us, as voters, to vote our consciences and our hearts and, if we do, that wave will become a trickle, soon forgotten.

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  • Kristian Holvoet says:

    I called it about 3 months ago: Blue Riptide.

    Will they make some inroads? Sure, principally due to judicial manipulation (see: PA). Will they overwhelm Republicans? I don’t think so.

    For 2 reasons:
    1) The Senate is VERY favorable this season for Republicans. Even with a head wind, they can power through it. And, lets be real, even if some the retiring R are replaced with D’s, it is possible they may be MORE supportive of the Trump agenda than the Flakes leaving.

    The house is more even.

    2) BUUUT, Republicans tend to turn out more in off presidential elections than Democrats (they are more consistent, if less fervent, voters). When the Democrats lack a convincing reason to pull out voters IN MANY INDIVIDUAL DISTRICTS, the Republicans tend to over achieve relative to polls and / or registration numbers in off years.

    Frankly, I think the last 2 years of RESISTANCE, “Socialism! Oooh, Shiny!” and TRUMP JUST CAUSED THE END OF THE WORLD, PART MMXXVIM!!1! (News at 11, 11:30, 12, 12:11, 12:18, 12:18:15, …), I think the effect of any particular issue has become a positive for Trump. As funny as Wile E. Coyote is, we just love seeing him get his comeuppance. And so it goes with the Media, GOPe, and Dem parties.

    • Amanda Green says:

      I tend to agree with you, especially after looking at the results last night. There is an air of desperation as well to the DNC and liberals in general right now. They are pouring so much time and money into a few races (for ex: the Cruz-O’Rourke senate race in Texas) that they are ignoring a number of others. Then there is the fact they have yet to show any fresh faces or messages for 2020. Instead, we are seeing Biden doing what looks like a run up to announcing his candidacy for President, HRC still trying to be relevant and then there’s the other end of the spectrum, Ocasio-Cortez who is splitting the Dems.

      Right now, they seem like a lot of talk with little behind it. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

    • K Peyser says:

      Armageddon will happen in America if we do not have a red wave! We Trump voters must energize as an army this November and vote in overwhelming numbers. Democrats will impeach our great president, and take away our guns, tax cuts, abolish ICE and totally open our borders. Anarchy and violence will reign if we do not vote this November. Trump will be impeached by the Dems, Antifa will be emboldened and all wall funding will stop and ICE dismantled.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Could we get an editorial about free speech while you censor comments?

  • Theodore Moore says:

    The Hard Left is fighting back in the only way they know how, by finding more ‘uncounted’ votes.

    • Amanda Green says:

      Not surprising. I was reading about that a few minutes ago. My next question is how many dead voted and how many cast more than one vote.

      • IrishMailey says:

        170 voters in OH 12th (10% of the Rep. plurality before absentee and “provisional” [liar] ballots are counted) were 116 years old or older. Those people are dead. Their votes should be canceled and their names purged from voter rolls.

  • John says:

    Re Ohio: Too close to call = within the margin of fraud.

    Repeating recounts, each time discovering more “misplaced ballots” in the trunks of DNC cars until O’Connor wins.

  • frankdn says:

    Overconfidence, maybe? Most of these contests were a lot closer than they should have been. Dem turnout was close to 90% in some races, while the GOP struggled to top 40%. I don’t know how the RNC plans to boost enthusiasm, but they’d better accomplish that while also wooing independents or it’ll all be over after just two years.

    • Christopher B says:

      The percentages you are quoting are the ratio of votes for O’Connor /Hillsry and Balderson/Trump, not relative to party registration. They are also just from OH12 and say nothing about the rest of the country. A more reasonable interpretation of them is that even energized and motivated Democrats can’t reliably beat an apathetic Republicans in that district, so don’t be talking about the need to woo independenrs (i.e repudiate DJT).

  • Kristian Holvoet says:

    From the comments at Instapundit on a Red Wave not happening post (

    Here’s the MSM narrative progression:

    – The Blue Wave will obliterate all opposition. It is completely inevitable and no one sane argues otherwise.
    – Statistically speaking the Blue Wave is more likely than not.
    – Of course the Blue Wave will be more of a slow, local Blue Tide. What did you think we meant?
    – This talk of a Red Wave is completely delusional and and no one sane argues otherwise.
    > Hey, there’s always a slim chance the Red Wave might not happen. <– WE ARE HERE
    – That Red Wave was always inevitable because RUSSIA. Just like we've said from the start.

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