Harry and Meghan: On The “Strategic Charm Offensive”

Harry and Meghan: On The “Strategic Charm Offensive”

Harry and Meghan: On The “Strategic Charm Offensive”

As Americans are surveyed on the British royals they like the least, it would appear Prince Andrew, along with Harry and Meghan, are the least popular.

Imagine that. Prince Andrew who went carousing with Jeffrey Epstein and Harry and Meghan are the least popular “royals”. Of course, Harry and Meghan, or-eh-the Duke and Duchess of Sussex-know this and, according to Salon, have launched their “strategic charm offensive” with their latest trio of “Harry & Meghan” episodes on Netflix.

A charm offensive? Please! More like a passive-aggressive attack from a couple of privileged, whiny brats. You see, “Harry and Meghan”, like most of the interviews with these two overgrown crybabies, provides the gruesome twosome a chance to drop innuendo and throw shade at the Royal Family. You know, the family across the pond they would like to disassociate themselves with but still refer to themselves, (and want their adoring public to refer to them for that matter), as “The Duke And Duchess of Sussex?”

This “charm offensive”, The Wall Street Journal called “A Royal Pity Party” is strategic. I would not say it is full of charm. Take a look at this classless depiction of Meghan re-enacting her meeting with The Queen for the first time:

Mmmmm. Classy. And there’s Harry lovingly looking on at his bride….with the ring right through his damn septum.

Through private pictures, family-provided home video, insights from intimate friends and an extended conversation with her mother, Doria Ragland, the couple’s and director Liz Garbus’ primary objective was to prove yet again that Meghan and Harry are down-to-earth people devoted to doing great and good things with their singular status.”-Melanie McFarland, Salon

Down-to-earth people don’t have designers over for dress fittings. Down-to-earth people don’t have royal weddings. Down-to-earth people don’t sit their asses down in plush, green, garden estates wearing over $10 grand in clothing being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey does not hang out with down-to-earth people. She flat-out refuses to hang out with the commoners. And yes, down-to-earth people have more charm and class in their pinky fingers than these two combined.

This latest “charm offensive” from the Sussexes attempts to draw a parallel between Meghan Markle and the late Princess Diana. Oh, how the royal press is out to get Meghan Markle! Just like they were out to get Diana. This delusional bimbo and her castrated husband still think there are similarities in these two stories.

I was not always down on Meghan and Harry. I thought their wedding was sweet. Being married to a ginger myself, I always found Harry to be a bit charming. That charm has sadly worn off after some the facade came down. The Duke and Duchess of Hollywood would like to call these attacks those of “mindless assailants”. I’d personally like to think this is a case of people, eventually, always telling on themselves because they do.

If there is a feud between Harry and Meghan and Will and Kate, the Duchess of Sussex feeds that rumor with the smallest crumb in these hours, and mainly to illustrate her awkwardness. Recalling the first time she meets Harry’s brother and her eventual sister-in-law for a private dinner, she admits she didn’t realize at that time that British people aren’t ‘huggers,’ and seemed slightly embarrassed to have greeted them in jeans. She politely sums up her impression of Will and Kate by saying, ‘The formality on the outside carries through on the inside.'”-Melanie McFarland, Salon

This bint, who does not want to be considered a bimbo mind you, did not realize that in a formal situation such as meeting your royal in-laws for the first time, that perhaps you don’t hug? The one thing Meghan Markle is incredibly horrible at is pretending she does not understand how the Royal Family operates. Did she even think to ask her future husband if jeans were a good idea? Enough of this “I just didn’t know”, BS, Meghan. I ain’t sayin’ you a gold digger….

…but you ain’t messing with no broke ginger!

This fifteen hours of (torture as we call it) as Salon likes to call it, “Strategic Charm Offensive” also highlights the humanitarian efforts of Harry and Meghan as a couple. They are “global citizens“, you see. They are the do-gooders.

We weren’t allowed to tell our story, because they didn’t want . . .'”-Meghan Markle

(Sniffle, sniffle…) Harry jumps in to rescue his damsel in distress. After all, Kate made her cry. They asked her what the color of her baby would be.

We are not allowed to tell our story. That’s the consistency.”-Prince Harry

More of the charm offensive, we see.

My mom made most of her decisions from her heart, and I am my mother’s son.”-Prince Harry

Yes, Harry, your mother did make decisions from her heart. That is a fact. She was a class-act. But, clearly, over the last few years, this has not been the heart that you’ve been thinking with, your Highness.

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  • Maureen says:

    And Diana making decisions from her heart got her killed by a drunk driver. A wise woman would have told Dodi that leaving the hotel was not wise and they should wait out the night and make real plans to have a controlled leave, probably with a police escort, the next morning. But she made decisions with her heart and left a trail of problems until it finally got her killed.

  • NTSOG says:

    “This delusional bimbo and her castrated husband …”

    MM married ‘up’, but she has no idea what it means to be ‘classy’. In short you can take the bimbo out of the gutter, but you can’t take the gutter out of the bimbo!

    • Scott says:

      Spot on… Not much more to say about Harry, other than I don’t think the ring is through his septum…

      As for Meghan, I’ll repeat an earlier comment, but she CAN’T be that good… and as for charm, she has about as much of that as a day old dog turd in the hot summer sun…

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    Now we know why Meghan didn’t want cameras around for various milestones, like presenting their kids to the cameras, etc. As royals they couldn’t monetize it by selling the events to a single media source (as Biden’s niece did with Vogue), they wanted to save it for when they could make bank themselves. Now that they can make money out of it, they release video of their wedding reception, etc.

  • Dana says:

    Maybe, just maybe, Americans, despite our love of royalty, as witnessed by the constant Hallmark Channel movies in which the lady finds herself a real prince of some small, fictional European country, we just have a bit of difficulty in seeing Prince Harry as having a terrible childhood. Perhaps, just perhaps, Americans who have grown up in paycheck-to-paycheck families, who have seen poorer people with our own eyes, have some difficulty in seeing the poor little rich boy as having had that rough a life.

    Poor, poor Harry: the title of his book, Spare, tells us just how much he just plain resents his brother for having been born first. No, he’ll never get the top job, but it’s not as though he’s suffering in any way working class people have done.

    And yes, I have more respect for the Duke of York than the Duke of Sussex.

    • Fen says:

      Spot on. Americans don’t relate. I was raised in one of the wealthiest districts in America, but also served 8 years as an infantry NCO in the Marine Corps. So my perspective covers a broad range.

      And I know all about the 2nd Sons from studying the Crusades and watching Game of Thrones

      Hang on… would the ladies on the blog please stop sighing over Dhario Maharas? Its very distracting. Thanks.

      Anyways, I have all that and until you made the connection for me I didn’t understand why he was calling his book Spare.

  • Victoria says:

    While it’s obvious Meghan knows nothing about Harry’s country, culture, traditions, clearly Harry has never looked back at history either. He’s not the first “second son” in the history of the monarchy. I wonder if he thought he should reach the throne via the methods Henry VIII, George V, and George VI did — death and/or abdication. Sick to think that Harry is all pouty, because that would mean his father and his brother’s entire family would have to either quit…or die. What a spoiled little arse.

  • Taylor says:

    I find the two of them to be insufferable. By the way her playing the race card is a joke because if anyone did not know Meghan’s ethnic background they would assume by looking at her that she is white – as Archie Bunker would say “A good looking white woman dipped in caramel”.

  • NTSOG says:

    An English commentator, Nigel Farage states: “You see what’s really happening here; they’re playing the victim, they’re making loads of money off the back of it, and this is all for her to launch her political career in the next two or three years,”

    “It’s so obvious to me she wants to be in Congress in a few years’ time, and I look forward to that in one way because she’ll prove to the world how utterly vacuous her brain is.”

    Now who else is in Congress who is vacuous?

    • Fen says:

      I’m not certain, as the author appears to be making a conscious effort to understate the point, but I get the sense that Harry and MeAgain are not good people? Or did I misunderstand.


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