Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and, as Dorothy Parker once said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.”

Happy Sunday, dears. I’m not only having a cup of dark roast this morning, I’m keeping on the sunglasses. Yes, I know it’s cloudy, let’s just say some congenial holiday fun came in double-strength last night and here I am this morning. Please be a dear and talk softly, m’kay?


Yes, yet another way California is turning citizens into serfs

I do apologize — after flooding you with several offerings last week on the insanity that infects California, here I am with more.

The state “maintains a confidential registry of all vaccine recipients,” CalMatters reported … But the confidentiality of the information in the state’s vaccine registry has a big loophole in it through which the confidential data is flowing to a political consulting firm called Street Level Strategy, LLC. (snip)
“I’m being stalked by the state of California,” one Los Angeles resident told me recently. “I just got a call from a guy who told me he has my file and he sees I got the Pfizer vaccine, but not a booster.” The caller identified himself as being with “Street Level Campaigns” and said they had a contract with “public health” to help people make appointments to get boosters.

You read correctly. Medical information is being handled through a political consulting firm. CA residents shouldn’t be worried as “the experts” are assuring us that every confidentiality will be observed. You know, up until they don’t.

the California Department of Public Health has confirmed that the state collected the confidential health data, contact information and demographic characteristics of everyone who received a vaccine and “shares” that data with a political consulting firm that happens to be in the business of contacting Californians to organize and mobilize coalitions to “shape policy outcomes” for the firm’s paying clients.

I certainly feel confident in the security of my medical info. I mean top men. Top.Men. are seeing to it.

What’s to worry?


And Sam wanted you to believe the first time was purely an accident

Honey, when I saw how wildly disparate his wardrobe was — like he shopped by running through different stores, scooping up whatever color or shiny object caught his attention for more than a couple of nano-seconds — little did I know,

A felony arrest warrant has been issued in Las Vegas for Biden official Sam Brinton. He is a deputy assistant secretary with the Department of Energy, most famous for identifying as ‘non-binary.’ (snip)

Brinton stands accused of stealing luggage from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. The warrant cites a charge of grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000.

This is the second such charge for the deputy secretary. In November, Brinton was charged with a felony after he was caught stealing designer luggage from the Minneapolis airport.

Nothing makes me feel more secure about the nation’s nuclear waste than having this rainbow-hued, few-sprinkles-short cupcake in charge.

Oy vey.


Even J. Edgar would be appalled

The FBI should be disbanded.

The Federalist reached out to the FBI to ask if it planned to investigate this alleged death threat from Jane’s Revenge but did not receive a response by deadline. The agency told Fox News simply that its Omaha branch was “aware of the incident and is in regular contact with local authorities” on Monday.

While the FBI is running around inventing incidents of “white supremacy” to fluff the White House and Leftist supporters, the increasing attacks on pro-life members and organizations are round filed.

Holy irony, Batman! Jessica Valenti was bitching on Twitter just a few days ago that store owners should let people steal formula and diapers because they need while her ideological ilk, aided by the FBI, are trying to burn down put pro-life centers, where women and babies can get free diapers, formula and other help, out of business by any means necessary.

And here we are.


Your Sunday smile


Two weeks until Christmas, dears. Join me next Sunday, I’m dropping my wassail recipe your way. It will definitely inspire holiday song and cheer in you!

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  • Cameron McCurry says:

    My high school guidance counselor never told me that a job brushing red pandas was a thing. I feel cheated.

  • Scott says:

    ” Biden official Sam Brinton. He is a deputy assistant secretary with the Department of Energy” The fact that this says “is”, instead of “was” is just more proof that the Xiden regime is full of criminals, and that they know it. If the FBI was actually doing it’s job, it’d look at airport cameras for EVERY airport that this mentally ill individual has travelled through, and she how many more bags it’s stolen.. I’d bet a years pay it’s FAR more than the two it’s been charged with…

  • GWB says:

    The state “maintains a confidential registry of all vaccine recipients,”
    Sorry, but that’s not possible. By definition, the state cannot have a “confidential” anything. Oh sure, it can have intelligence that it deems “confidential” and should, therefore, be kept from prying eyes outside that gov’t. But any information the state possesses is NOT confidential to the people unto whom that information actually belongs.

    how wildly disparate his wardroom was
    Did you mean wardrobe? Because a wardroom is the place on a naval ship where the officers eat. (The ones below a certain rank, typically.) And I want this perverted criminal nowhere near the food on a Navy ship.

    Oy vey.
    Oy gay.

    While the FBI is running around inventing incidents of “white supremacy”
    Even worse, what came out this morning…
    While the FBI is running around investigating deaths in foreign countries…

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