“Gutsy” Nancy Is Like Queen Elizabeth II Per Hillary

“Gutsy” Nancy Is Like Queen Elizabeth II Per Hillary

“Gutsy” Nancy Is Like Queen Elizabeth II Per Hillary

Hillary Clinton has a new Apple-tv series named “Gutsy”. Naturally, Hillary described Nancy Pelosi as “gutsy” on CNN’s State of the Union with Dana Bash on Sunday. I might have called San Fran Nan “ballsy”, and not in a good way. But, when Hillary compared Nancy to the late Queen Elizabeth II, just days after the Queen’s death, I responded, “Oh, no you dint”. Other than two XX Chromosomes, the two women have nothing in common. Zip, zilch, zero.

Victory Girls’ Lisa is suffering through “Gutsy” and will review it soon. We thank her for her sacrifice. Watching the trailer for the show made me hate all women. The show should have been called “Narcissists”. I watched the video of the Queen with Paddington Bear and felt better about my sex and gender. Can you say “gracious”? Sure you can.

Here is the video of Hillary comparing Nancy to the late Queen:

If you cannot stomach the video, here is the salient quote:

“I think Nancy Pelosi is the gutsiest woman in politics right now,” Clinton told host Dana Bash on Sunday.

“She has shown, through all kinds of turmoil and challenge, what it means to — somewhat like the queen to be drawing an analogy here — get up every day, put on those high heels she wears, suit up to fight for the values and ideals that she strongly believes in,” she continued.

First of all, the Queen was NOT in politics. She was the antithesis of political. Our Deanna wrote a supurb post on why we should care about Queen Elizabeth and I commend it to you here. The late Queen worked up until 36 hours before her death. She met with the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, to invite her to form a government in the Queen’s name. Her doctors ordered her to cancel a Zoom meeting with her Privy Council or she would have worked up until 12 hours before her death. The Queen was gracious, hardworking and dutiful.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi leads with fear and money. Bear with me here: Pelosi’s husband is a successful business man. He ferrets out (somehow) the best stock picks and has tons of wealthy and powerful friends. To keep in good with the Pelosi family, these powerful and wealthy friends pony up big time at the fundraisers Nancy holds. Nancy parses out the money to Democrat Congressweenies on her good side, like Adam Schiff and Eric Fartwell. Dems fear her bad side and being cut off from the money. Then, there is her condescension. Remember the double-wide, Sub-Zero refrigerators stocked up with Jeni’s Ice Cream during the pandemic when people were going to food banks? Nancy equals fear, money and condescension.

Most importantly Queen Elizabeth II was a “Lady”. Imagine if Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton heard the word “Lady”. Their skin would peel back from their faces. They dumped their femaleness many decades ago. My friends and I consider ourselves “broads” and say it with pride. We are in awe of ladies. Ladies work hard and keep their politics to themselves. You can be in politics without being political. Ladies smile. Ladies don’t stick a shiv in an opponent’s back. Ladies are like the royal swans, floating placidly on the surface and paddling like Hell under the water.

The first thing I thought of when Hillary made her comment was Nancy ripping up the State of the Union speech because Donald Trump gave it, like the spoiled child she is. Jonathan Turley thought of it too:

Being a lady is hard work. It’s much easier to put on a pantsuit, get your hair blown out, call your make-up artist and go on television to call your opponents nasty names. It’s much easier to rule by fear, money and condescension. And, way to insult our friends while they are mourning, Hillary. Nancy and Hillary would know about that. That’s not gutsy. Gutsy is ruling an Empire for 70 years and having people genuinely mourn your death at 96. Gutsy is working until you die.

And, the Queen learned about car mechanics as an ambulance driver in World War II. What a woman!

God Bless the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • American Human says:

    I agree, God bless QEII.

    I have a photo I took of her during her ride down the Mall to the Trooping of the Colors (Monarch’s official birthday) and she was only about 15 feet away holding her head high.

    I’m an American citizen, veteran, and patriot through and through and am eternally grateful to not be a subject of the King. However, I have always admired the Queen and appreciated her devotion to her duty and her love and respect for her subjects. She had the Star Spangled Banner played at Buckingham Palace after the attack on the WTC on 9/11. This broke a 600 year tradition of only playing God Save the Queen at the Palace. The crowd cheered when it was done.
    She had dignity and class. Neither Hillary nor Nancy have any class and zero dignity whatsoever. I’m pretty sure that Hillary hated Nancy when she was merely a senator and Nancy became the Speaker of the House having more authority than Hillary ever had.
    Remember Mad Magazine’s The Shadow Knows? This reminds me of that where the two are shaking hands and smiling but their shadows show them stabbing each other in the back.

  • Deborah B. says:

    Hilary could never read the room; still can’t. Wonderful description of a lady, by the way. My mother would have agreed. Queen Elizabeth (I admit I was a fan) operated first and foremost from her faith in God and a rigid, robust moral compass.

  • Maureen from Regina says:

    As a Canadian, technically she was Queen of Canada and I loved it. I was at a BBQ on Saturday night and one guy was wanking on about how it was time for Canada to dump the monarchy and be lead by those we vote for. I reminded him that we are lead by those we vote for and they have generally created a bloody mess. For the most part they are petulant toddlers who only want more power and more money to spend on projects that hold no value to most Canadians but allow the politicians to swan around at international conferences bragging about their ‘accomplishments’. I also stated I would rather have constitutional monarch that served her/his constituents with humility, service and duty than politicians who think that their only purpose is to enrich themselves and grab taxpayer’s money for their fantasy projects.

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