Grifters at Lincoln Project Aim at Marco Rubio

Grifters at Lincoln Project Aim at Marco Rubio

Grifters at Lincoln Project Aim at Marco Rubio

Whaddaya gonna do when you think that you’ve defeated the Orange Man, but you still gotta rake in that sweet, sweet, cash? That’s the problem now facing The Lincoln Project grifters.

After all, it takes a lot of benjamins to pull Martin Sheen away from making those Single Care ads, right? Sheen shilled for TLP, urging voters to vote for Biden. Plus Star Wars bros Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill were in their ad campaigns, too. What — you think those guys give away their acting chops for free?

But now that the Orange Man might be on his way out, what’s a bunch of faux conservative Republican grifters going to do? They found their newest project, and it didn’t take long.

They’re out to take the scalp of Sen. Marco Rubio. Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen tweeted:

Hold on, why try to remove Marco Rubio? Supposedly these “principled conservatives” reserved their venom for Donald Trump, whom they considered to be anything but true to Republicanism. You’d think that they’d be happy that a Hispanic is a major voice in the GOP, right?

But no, since Trump brought in more Hispanic voters than any other Republican in decades, that cannot be tolerated by TLP. And they’re shameless about it.

These clowns even compared themselves to the 1960’s civil rights movement in a Washington Post editorial, complete with Edmund Pettus Bridge imagery:

“None of us can choose history. History chooses us. If you ever wondered what side of the Edmund Pettus Bridge you would have stood on, this is your chance to choose. Those who went before faced dogs and fire hoses, and yet they did not flinch.”

The Lincoln Project is not composed of the high-minded conservatives they want you to think. Just follow the money, as the saying goes, because this group has been pulling in big bucks from Democrat billionaires. Not only that, but TLP co-founder John Weaver has his own ties to. . .  get this. . . a Russian state-owned nuclear company.

Hunter Biden, call your office. Make sure the Big Guy is on the call, too.

But TLP — which includes people like George Conway, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt, and former RNC chair Michael Steele — isn’t pulling the wool over the eyes of loyal Republicans. Nor are they fooling Democrats, who don’t trust them either.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused them of being in “scam territory,” saying they weren’t effective in persuading more Republicans to vote for Joe Biden. She tweeted:

“And for folks who think it persuaded Republicans, I’d be interested to see data on how effective their videos and NYC billboards were at persuasion. Especially data that justifies $67,000,000. It’s not that persuasion doesn’t work, it’s a Q of if this was persuasion at all.”

Glenn Greenwald, who is no conservative by any stretch but is a staunch proponent of transparency, also tore into The Lincoln Project:

“Julian Assange is an actual dissident: one languishing in one of the west’s worst prisons because he exposed war crimes of the US & allies. That’s what is done to real dissidents as opposed to cosplaying Twitter grifters.”

And then there’s the dust-up between Rick Wilson and Ilhan Omar. Grab your popcorn for this one.


Turns out that in 2014, Rick Wilson — whose tweets make Trump look like a kindergarten teacher — made this comment about Muslims:

“Here’s the deal: I don’t care what flavor or Islam these dicks are. The flavor the need to be is bleeding out of a hole in their temple.”

Ilhan Omar found this gem. She responded:

So did Wilson apologize? You’d think he would, especially since TLP really wants that sweet Democrat cash. But no.

When you find yourself in a hole, the rule of thumb is to stop digging. But again. . .you do you.

It’s obvious that The Lincoln Project is nothing more than a group of well-funded scammers with big political names. Even though Donald Trump may be coming to the end of his presidency, they don’t want to see the juicy cash and the notoriety dry up. But now both sides are pointing out their scam machine, and it’s high time for The Lincoln Project grifters to take a hike.


Featured image: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0. 

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