Great Barrington Declaration: Vindicated

Great Barrington Declaration: Vindicated

Great Barrington Declaration: Vindicated

In October, 2020, three prominent epidemiologists drew up a document called the “Great Barrington Declaration.” In it, Drs. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford), Martin Kulldorff (Harvard), and Sunetra Gupta (Oxford) argued that lockdowns to manage Covid-19 were extremely harmful. So they called for what they termed “Focused Protection.”


Great Barrington Declaration Pointed Out Harms

The declaration begins with these words:

“As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.”

The three scientists pointed out that “vulnerability to death from COVID-19 is more than a thousand-fold higher in the old and infirm than the young. Indeed, for children, COVID-19 is less dangerous than many other harms, including influenza.” Therefore, they proposed:

“The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.”

That’s because lockdowns were devastating lives, they maintained. For example, while the laptop class could maintain their highly paid jobs at home, the poor could not earn their livings. Others could not access cancer and other medical screenings, while cancer patients themselves often went without treatment. Organ transplants declined. Mental health patients also suffered. And then there’s the way the lockdowns devastated school children, the most vulnerable being kids in poor neighborhoods.


Fauci and Collins Undermined the GBD

So how did the head of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, regard the Great Barrington Declaration? And Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases? Did these two high-ranking men of science welcome debate? Or consider the proposals of their esteemed colleagues?

Hardly. Instead, within days both men worked to undermine the GBD. We know this because a FOIA request shined light on their emails, which show that they desired “a quick and devastating published takedown.” The Great Barrington Declaration, they said, came from the minds of “three fringe epidemiologists.”

On Tuesday, during Senate hearings, Sen. Rand Paul grilled Dr. Fauci over the emails sabotaging Drs. Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, and Gupta. Fauci sputtered that Paul was lying, then distorting his words, and finally accused him of “doing this all the time.”

Right, “fringe.” From Stanford, Harvard, Oxford in the UK — three of the most respected universities in the West. If they are “fringe” medical professionals, so are the 16,000 medical and public health scientists who at this time have signed the GBD. Plus, the over 46,000 medical professionals who have signed it as well.

Dr. Scott Atlas, also of Stanford, who served on President Trump’s Covid task force in 2020, challenged the lockdowns as well, using data to prove his arguments. Because of that, Fauci referred to him as “the outlier” of the group, as Atlas recalled in his book A Plague Upon Our House (which I highly recommend). Meanwhile, as Atlas wrote, “Drs. Birx, Fauci, and Redfield virtually always agreed, literally never challenging one another.”


Our Bureaucrats Have Failed in Epic Fashion

But as we’ve seen over the past two years, the lockdowns, the masking, the vaccines and boosters, have all failed to control the pandemic. Fauci, Collins, and their merry band of blundering bureaucrats have done nothing to eliminate Covid, but have instead made our lives miserable.

Great Barrington Declaration/fauci

Personal collection.

Megyn Kelly laid bare the failure of their Covid policy in spectacular fashion on her podcast. And she brought receipts, too:

Meanwhile, Dr. Vinay Prasad of the University of California San Francisco wrote that CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Welensky “almost” admitted failure.

“Yesterday the CDC director Rochelle Welensky tweeted that we must protect people at highest risk of bad outcomes from Covid19.”

Here’s her tweet:

Protect those at highest risk — what does that sound like? Oh, yeah — the Great Barrington Declaration.

Prasad continued:

“The tweet is a subtle shift from prior messaging, and likely reflects her realization that the pipe-dream of ZeroCovid—eradication of the virus—is dead.  Omicron makes it clear, COVID19 will not go away.  Even more, holding society hostage to slow spread is no longer a tenable policy choice.  We will have to return to living life, and balancing important societal priorities while minimizing the harms of COVID19.”


President Eisenhower Warned Us

Sixty-one years ago this month, President Dwight Eisenhower gave his Farewell Speech to the nation as he left office. The speech is famous for Eisenhower’s warning about the “military industrial complex,” but Ike also predicted the rise of scientific elites. Like Drs. Fauci and Collins, for instance.

Eisenhower said:

“Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

Does that not sound familiar?

He also cautioned:

“The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.”

And who are the biggest funders of medical and infectious diseases, not only in the US but throughout the world? That’s right — the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. With none other than Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Anthony Fauci at the helm. No wonder they opposed the Great Barrington Declaration. It’s all about the money and the power; public health of the peons be damned.


The Great Barrington Declaration Was the Answer All Along

If the United States, or any other Western nation, had adopted the Great Barrington Declaration, lives could’ve been saved. Applying the GBD’s principles in other poorer nations may have looked different; for example, places like Latin America, South Africa, or India could’ve attained help from international relief.

Of course, despite all best efforts, people around the world would’ve still died from Covid. But the destruction of economies, the lives lost to suicide, or preventable diseases, or to drug abuse, could’ve been avoided. School children would also have been spared the loss of education and academic skills which some may never regain.

If only the NIH, the CDC, and other bureaucracies had cared more about the lives of others than their own egos — or their funding — just imagine how much happier our lives would’ve been.


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  • Scott says:

    “Our Bureaucrats Have Failed in Epic Fashion”.. That’s only true if you believe that their intent was to eradicate covid.

    “It’s all about the money and the power; public health of the peons be damned.”.. that’s the truth of it, and at that, they’ve been terribly effective…

  • mac says:

    All of this–GBD, good sense, understanding of epidemic behavior–has no interest for the people who let this disease loose in the world. THEY KNOW THIS ARGUMENT IS CORRECT. THEY DON’T CARE. It doesn’t matter to them because the reason this disease was deliberately inflicted on us was to stop Donald Trump from getting a second term. EVERYTHING the Rats and the globalists did was subordinate to that goal. They didn’t give a tinker’s damn how many people died or were gravely injured by their actions. Anything that stopped Trump from getting reelected was worth it because they knew a second-term President Trump, with a decent Attorney General, was going to use the power of the law to inflict upon the Rats and the globalists the punishment they so deeply merit for the damage they have intentionally wreaked on the world.

  • Bill G says:

    All that was needed was the focused response along with early treatment via HCQ, HAZ, or Ivermectin. But that wouldn’t have given untold billions to Big Pharm, some of which reverted to their friends in Big Gov.
    The Covid Lockdown Related Deaths will never be quantified; they are too many, too varied, far too widespread, and will continue for far too long.

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    Sweden did pretty much adopt the Barrington declaration. They never had a Delta wave, and so far, their omicron wave is less than their neighbors. Their excess mortality per capita from covid is enviable. Remember when they were being blasted by the left for their dangerous, kill-them-all strategy? When was the last time you heard anything about Sweden’s handling of the epidemic? Hint: about the time it became plausible that Sweden had it right. They’ve since proven it.

    Excess mortality per million (from

    Sweden – 900
    German – 979
    France – 1111
    Belgium – 1646
    UK – 1970
    Spain – 2119
    US – 2730

    Yes, the US has three times the excess deaths that Sweden has. And Sweden has been a normal place to live, without restrictions imposed on anyone, without torturing their kids for the last year and a half.

  • Cameron says:

    Fauci needs to be hammered to the point his skull flattens out.

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