#GOPDebate: Ted Cruz’s Precious Daughters Steal The Show

#GOPDebate: Ted Cruz’s Precious Daughters Steal The Show

#GOPDebate: Ted Cruz’s Precious Daughters Steal The Show

There were certainly some “did they really just say that?” jaw droppers, humor, and tantrums on the debate stage last night. Rand Paul and Chris Christie sparred over surveillance, Trump kinda trumped himself, Carson held his own, Jeb was Jeb, plus Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, Walker, and Huckabee all had their turns at the microphone.


All in all it was a circus show that started off awkwardly and continued with the negative tone set by the Fox News moderators. One would think that all the action took place on stage last night, but you’d be wrong. The sweetest moments happened behind the scenes.


Senator Ted Cruz’s daughters Caroline and Catherine stole the show in spades.

Charming Governor John Kasich
Charming Governor John Kasich

I’d venture to say that 4 year old Catherine had some very good advice to give her father during one of the commercial breaks.

AP_294947735472While The Donald was blustering on stage, his wife Melania enjoyed discussing phones and apps with those two cuties.

AP_570120276113The photo below, taken post debate, is wonderful. Nothing better than getting “You did GREAT Daddy!” hugs from two precious daughters.


It is sweet moments like this, with beautiful young girls that show us all what these debates and elections are about. It is about them, the hugs they give, the smiles they bring, and the lives they will impact along the way.

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