Carly Fiorina Stands Up to Chris Matthews

Carly Fiorina Stands Up to Chris Matthews

Carly Fiorina Stands Up to Chris Matthews

The general consensus after last night’s debate was that Carly Fiorina was on the wrong stage, I think we can all agree that she should have been in the top 10. She was poised and professional, per usual, but also fierce.

Carly shined during the debate, beginning with a well placed attack on Donald Trump; it was classy, yet brutal:

Fiorina pointed out that she didn’t receive a phone call from Bill Clinton before declaring her candidacy, unlike Trump.

“Maybe it’s because I hadn’t given money to his foundation or donated to his wife’s Senate campaign,” Fiorina said.

However, it was how she ended the night that made the biggest splash. She was easily a front runner during the debate, but during an interview with Chris Matthews she showed us fans why we support her, and she showed many on the fence why they should as well.

Republican presidential nominee Carly Fiorina shot back at Chris Matthews on “Hardball” Thursday after being questioned about why her opponent Hillary Clinton is a liar, interjecting, “Benghazi, email and server. I will debate her on the issues facing this nation. I will debate her on her positions.”

Chris Matthews looked similar to a child on a playground trying to defend his mom.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Go through your list. Go through your list of where she’s lied.

CARLY FIORINA: Benghazi, e-mail and server. I will debate her on the issues facing this nation. I will debate her on her positions. I will ask her, for example, how she can possibly continue to defend Planned Parenthood. I will ask her why she continues to say she is a champion of the middle class while every single proposal she has put forward makes crony capitalism worse and worse and worse which makes income inequality worse.

I would ask her why she declared victory in Iraq in 2011. Why she called Bashar al-Assad a positive reformer. Why she thought she could stop Vladimir Putin’s with a gimmicky button. I will asker why she got every policy wrong as Secretary of State. That’s how I’ll debate her. On the issues.

Matthews wanted specific detail, and Carly was more than eager to deliver said detail. I remember playing Mortal Kombat as a kid in the 90s, and at the end of each match – before the final blow – you’d here “Finish him!” I feel like Hillary’s reputation was awaiting a final blow, and as Chris Matthews uttered the next question I reminisced about the final words in a game roughly 20 years old, and Carly didn’t disappoint.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me put a fine point on that. How did she lie, as you put it, about Benghazi? Where was her lie?

CARLY FIORINA: : Okay. It is very clear from all the data, it is very clear from the data, from the e-mails that she, that the president of the United States, that the Secretary of State, and that the military understood this was a purposeful terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 and they understood it while it was going on.

So tell me then why would you talk about the next day from the State Department, why would you talk about a video? Why would you explain that this is not America? Why would you stand over the bodies of the fallen and say it again? Why not come out and say, this was a purposeful terrorist attack on our embassy. Four brave Americans were killed and we are going to seek retribution.

The response from Chris Matthews was almost as glorious as her answer, which delivered by anyone else wouldn’t have been as brutal:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I see why you stood out tonight.

Watch the full exchange below, you won’t be disappointed:

What will the future hold for Carly? I have a feeling this will give her quite the boost, and rightly so. She’s intelligent, strong, and doesn’t make things personal, but speaks to the issues. Hillary is hoping to run on the “it’s time for a female President” narrative, and Carly destroys that narrative by not only being a woman herself, but reiterating that it’s not about your sex, it’s about your policies. The Victory Girls were impressed, how about you?

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  • Jodi says:

    She could walk into the White House tomorrow and be prepared. I’ve been #TeamCarly for a while (color me shocked). Last night just solidified that for me.

    And Chrissy Matthews…he’s off somewhere licking his behind.

    • Marybeth Glenn says:

      I’ll be honest, she was 4th on my list, but she jumped right up to 2nd place last night. I almost wonder if being in the first debate helped her to standout more… It may have been really good for her, because she really owned the show. That may have been hard to do with Trump on stage too.

      • Jodi says:

        Agreed. I do think she can handle Trump just fine, though. I hope she’s on the main stage for the next one.

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