#GOPDebate: Donald Trump Blasts Frmr Mexico President Over Border Wall Remarks

#GOPDebate: Donald Trump Blasts Frmr Mexico President Over Border Wall Remarks

#GOPDebate: Donald Trump Blasts Frmr Mexico President Over Border Wall Remarks

The GOP Debate last night was chock full of twists, turns, insults, and multiple moments of “Did he really just say that?!” In fact, as far as rating the entire debate performance, I’d say this sums it up perfectly.

So, for those who missed it, what was discussed last night? Rather than delve into multiple issues, lets take a quick look at one in particular. Specifically that WALL that Donald Trump wants built on our southern border. Its a policy idea, touted by others over the years, that he’s been floating since the beginning of his campaign. However, his has a twist. Trump firmly believes that he as President can demand that Mexico pay for AND build the border wall.

Vincente Fox, the former President of Mexico, was blunt in his assessment of Trump’s candidacy and the wall idea. Trump’s claim of garnering 44% of the Hispanic vote was met with skepticism by Fox, and he warned Hispanics not to vote for Trump as the U.S. will fail if that crazy guy gets hold of the reins.

Here’s the direct quote in case you missed it.

“I’m not going to pay for that f***ing wall. He should pay for it,” Fox told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos in an interview published Thursday.

Cue Twitter Tantrum #9,785 from The Donald in 3….2….1….

That was his takeaway from Fox’s comments? He said a bad word? Alrighty then! Well, the debate moderators decided to ask Donald about Fox’s border wall comments.


Oh I see, so when someone pushes back at one of his beautiful ideas, he responds by lecturing a foreign leader on his language, and piling more stuff onto his YUUUGE plan. Got it.

HAHAHA! Yes. Well, lets take a quick look at two reasons outlining just how idiotic this border wall idea is.

The Terrain: Whether any Trump supporter or The Donald himself believes it or not; one cannot just waltz into the area that comprises the southern border with trackhoes, backhoes, loaders, and other construction equipment and start hacking away at the ground there. Especially when much of the border in question looks like this.



It’s tough, rocky, inhospitable ground that isn’t easy to navigate nor build on. In fact there are many places where its easier to navigate on foot, by horseback, or mountain bike than it is to drive any sort of vehicle.

Donald Trump may have ‘built’ tall buildings in NY City, and he may have ‘built’ casinos and hotels in Mara Lago, the Palm Desert, and Atlantic City; but that in no way means that his $12 billion budget for the wall is remotely realistic or cost effective given the fact that he has ZERO experience with heavy dirt construction. Building construction and heavy dirt construction are two vastly different animals whether The Donald cares to admit it or not.

Foreign Policy: Below is Donald’s response to Wolf’s question last night.

Mexico will pay for it, because they are not doing us any favors. They could stop all of this illegal trade if they wanted to immediately. Mexico will pay for the wall. It’s a small portion of the kind of money that we lose and the deficits that we have with Mexico.

See what he did there? When he is President he is going to ORDER another country to do something. Let me rephrase that. The U.S. will ORDER Mexico to build the wall on the border.

Yes we do have a very big problem with illegal immigration, and a major problem with the drug trafficking that flows over the southern border; and yes we do have a problem with bad actors (terrorists) using our problematic immigration system against us. All definitive issues that we need to tackle.

However, the answer is NOT having one sovereign nation ORDER or force another sovereign nation to do something. That has never played well in history, and it certainly won’t play well now.

Donald Trump at the CNN GOP presidential debate in Houston, Texas on February 25, 2016.
Donald Trump at the CNN GOP presidential debate in Houston, Texas on February 25, 2016.

After last night, it’s very apparent that Donald Trump firmly believes he can do anything he wants as President. Fact is, if we continue down this path, we won’t be electing a President. We’ll be electing a Celebrity Apprentice Dictator Businessman. Is this really what this country needs? Yeah. No.

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