GOP Wins Gubernatorial Race in Kentucky

GOP Wins Gubernatorial Race in Kentucky

It’s election night, and even though it’s an “off” year, Kentucky was holding its gubernatorial election. And the Republican candidate has won the seat away from the Democratic party!

The new governor-elect of Kentucky, Matt Bevin
The new governor-elect of Kentucky, Matt Bevin

Republican Matt Bevin, a businessman and Tea Party favorite, beat Democrat Jack Conway on Tuesday to win the race for Kentucky governor — becoming only the second GOP governor in the state in four decades.

Bevin, who has run as an outsider ever since he unsuccessfully challenged Sen. Mitch McConnell last year, was declared the winner over state Attorney General Conway in the gubernatorial race shortly after polls closed Tuesday evening.

It also means a new lieutenant governor in Kentucky as well, as the two offices run together as a ticket.

Bevin’s campaign was mostly self-funded, and he preferred to speak to small gatherings of voters instead of courting influential donors. His running mate, Jenean Hampton, is a retired Air Force officer who moved to Kentucky from Detroit and whose only political experience is a lopsided loss to the former speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives in 2014. Now, Hampton will become the first black person to ever hold statewide office in Kentucky.

Jenean Hampton and Matt Bevin during the gubernatorial campaign
Jenean Hampton and Matt Bevin during the gubernatorial campaign
Congratulations to the new governor-elect and lieutenant governor-elect of Kentucky! Chalk up another gubernatorial seat for the GOP.

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  • Jodi says:

    He’s only the second Republican to win the governorship in four decades. Astonishing. Great job, Matt!

  • Wfjag says:

    Like Bevin, the last KY Republican Governor was a novice in politics, with a military person as Lt. Gov. (USAR Colonel) and an ambitious Dem from a political family as Attorney General. The AG spent all his time investigating the Gov., and destroyed his re-election chances. Not even summer and it looks like it’s already time for re-runs. The Dems have learned to use criminal investigations to destroy prominent Republicans, all in the name of Just-Us.

  • OC says:

    More skewed polling, this time in KY. The latest polls showed a virtual tie, but Bevin won by 8%.

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