Goldman Sachs Ponders NYC Scale Down

Goldman Sachs Ponders NYC Scale Down

Goldman Sachs Ponders NYC Scale Down

Goldman Sachs, one of the best known financial firms on the planet, is thinking of moving large parts of the firm to Florida. The company, whose worldwide headquarters is in Battery Park City, was founded in New York City in 1869. Are these rats deserting a sinking ship? Or…?

Ever since Covid-19 hit our shores, the gruesome twosome of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Kaiser Wilhelm Mayor Bill De Blasio have imposed confusing and capricious dictates on the City that Never Sleeps. Goldman Sachs, like most NYC companies, has had to have most employees working from home. No surprise that many of the employees have a little place in Florida:

Florida is particularly popular for the financial industry. Elliott Management plans to move its headquarters from Midtown Manhattan to West Palm Beach, and Citadel and Blackstone are also expanding in the state. The lifestyle appeals to some financial high-rollers, who can keep East Coast hours while benefiting from warmer weather, palatial homes near the beach and no state income tax.

Living and working in NYC used to be a sign that you had made it. You were the “king of the hill, top of the heap”. You didn’t mind the traffic, the taxes, the insane population density and the homeless people because of the museums, restaurants, shows and people watching. No mas. Now, you have the privilege of paying exorbitant, confiscatory taxes and none of the pleasures.

Florida has better weather, a more consistent governor, better weather and no state income tax. To move or not to move, tough choice, right? Goldman Sachs says it’s not making a decision to move yet:

DealBook has confirmed that the bank has explored moving some of its asset management unit, following a Bloomberg report that executives had scouted office locations and spoken with officials in Florida. It’s not clear how much of the business, which generates about $8 billion in annual revenue, might move. The firm has reportedly looked at areas around Miami, but may ultimately choose to move elsewhere (or not at all).

You may notice a trend here. Companies are moving from the shithole that California has become to Florida, Texas and my beloved Tennessee. Yes, these are all no state income tax states, but they also have better weather and business-friendly state governments.

Here are my fears about these moves. These people will bring their failed progressive policies with them. Goldman Sachs, Tesla and AT&T did nothing to save their states of origin. In fact, they contributed to the progressive failures.

Progressives are like the Aliens (The Harvesters) in the 1996 movie Independence Day. The move to a place, destroy it, and move on. Remember:

Read the President’s quote and think:

I saw… his thoughts. I saw what they’re planning to do. They’re like locusts, they’re moving from planet to planet, their whole civilization. After they’ve consumed every natural resource, they move on. And we’re next. [Major Mitchell shoot the alien in the head] Nuke ’em. Let’s nuke the bas****.

Doesn’t that just perfectly describe progressives. They move from place to place, destroy them, and move on.

So here is the deal, Goldman Sachs et. all. We, freedom lovers, don’t want you. Stay where you are and fix your sh*t there. Locusts or Harvesters are not welcome.

By the way, Tennessee is closed for repairs. The whole state.

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