In Davos, Trump Versus The Snooty Globalists

In Davos, Trump Versus The Snooty Globalists

In Davos, Trump Versus The Snooty Globalists

President Donald Trump arrived in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. For those who don’t know, the World Economic Forum is “by invitation only” for the uber wealthy and world leaders. In the main, it is a large, mutual gratification circle, if you catch my drift.

According to the website, their mission is:

The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

The jets lined up at Davos.

Yup, a bunch of rich, pompous twits flying in to the winter playground of the wealthy for a large, mutual gratification circle. The Times UK reported five days ago that:

More than 1,000 private jets and helicopters are expected to fly to Switzerland next week as business leaders join presidents and prime ministers for the World Economic Forum.


“They cannot afford the risk of not turning up because something goes wrong,” Clive Jackson, chief executive of Victor, a jet chartering app, said. “They can’t afford the inefficiency of having to hang around for a scheduled service.”

Please, stop. Really? The protesters are kvetching about Trump and fossil fuels and the self-important cool kids are flying in on, what, vegetable oil and table scraps. These people are killing me. Can you say hypocrite? Sure, you can.

Vanity Fair magazine, the social voice of the snooty booties, published an article late on January 24, on how all the cool kids aren’t going to let Donald Trump play reindeer games with them. They are going to point and snicker at him. From the Vanity Fair article:

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump is expected to make his debut at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Depending on how much Fox & Friends he got to watch on the flight over, or how long the line is at the local McDonald’s, the notoriously travel-averse president may be a little crabby when he arrives—and that’s before he finds out what the forum’s keynote speakers are saying about him.

Did you see how much snark typist Bess Levin got into that one little snip? The cool kids will totally approve of her. Ah, but it’s not enough to just put Trump on blast, nah. On behalf of Vanity Fair, she has got to kiss all of the snooty booties, so Bess types up how three “great” world leaders feel about President Trump.

The cool kids: Modi, Merkel and Macron.

Bess Levin reports that:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that, as a country that wants to help “solve the problems of the world,” Germany doesn’t think “shutting ourselves off and isolating ourselves will . . . lead [to] a good future.” In order to solve current and future problems, she said, multilateral solutions should take precedent over “unilateral, protectionist course[s]” of action.

Angela Merkel, dearest, listen up. Trump’s “America First” isn’t about protectionist anything. And, oh, by the by, Germany has some big problems such as mass sexual assaults on German women by “immigrants” and political instability. Keep thinking globally, Angela, and America will eat your lunch.

Little Emmanuel Macron (he’s 5’9″), don’t you have enough problems at home. You have a weak economy, the French people think there are too many foreigners in France, and then there’s the whole Africa “civilization” problem from a press conference last summer (think Sh*thole).

Which brings us to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Dude, go home, you have problems. You want to talk about global economic inequality, look no further than India. Economic inequality is at a 92-year-high in India. You had best start talking about India first rather than hanging out with your globalist buddies. And, stop the “bride burning”. If the “pussy hat” marchers cared about women’s rights, they would be all over this.

U.S. President Donald Trump alights from Air Force One at Zurich International Airport for the Davos World Economic Forum, Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018, in Zurich, Switzerland. Trump is attending the annual gathering for free-trade-loving political and business elites at the Davos economic summit in the Swiss Alps.(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

All the lefties, globalists, and Never Trumpers will get a good snicker over Buffoon Trump at Davos. Fine. Let them enjoy. Lou Dobbs said it better than I ever could.

The United States of America, under the Trump Administration, will act in her own national best interests. We will form alliances with other countries that serve our and their interests. The cool kids in Davos will make fun of the backwards United States and her uncivilized citizens. But…they will secretly be trying, behind the scenes, to make deals with President Donald Trump, in their own national best interests.

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  • Johnny says:

    “They will secretly be trying, behind the scenes, to make deals…”

    And President Trump, master of the deal, will politely chew them up and spit them out, and even convince them that they love it.

  • GWB says:

    “They can’t afford the inefficiency of having to hang around for a scheduled service.”
    Then you can do what all the rest of us do: fly in early. It’s not like you can’t afford the extra travel days.

    as a country that wants to help “solve the problems of the world,”
    Wow, how arrogant. First, what makes you think you *can* solve them. Second, who asked you to do so? (Sure sounds similar to the “White Man’s Burden” of a century ago, doesn’t it?)

    The United States of America, under the Trump Administration, will act in her own national best interests.
    Thank heavens for that! Finally!

  • Wfjag says:

    To the people holding the signs: Let’s grant YOUR wish; We’ll turn off YOUR heat and let YOU walk home, and, see how YOU do.

  • parker says:

    “solve the problems of the world” translates as create chaos that only the globalists can solve. Fold it five ways and stick it where the sun never shines.

  • Dr. Van nostrand says:

    Did modi talk about inequality. that’s not quite like him. inequality is a talkingpoint of the left as is the bride burning hysteria.
    This doesn’t mean India doesn’t have economic and gender issues , oh God it does. But simply aping leftist talking points for another country except your own doesn’t say much about your intellectual honesty.

  • Uncle Dan says:

    Yeah, but Trump has a bigger plane. That has to really tick them off.

  • Snooty remark: “the notoriously travel-averse president”

    Yeah, that’s why he owned a string of private jets culminating in a Boeing 757. Some people seem to be a bit “reality challenged.”

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