George Soros – Trump Will Disappear By 2020

George Soros – Trump Will Disappear By 2020

George Soros – Trump Will Disappear By 2020

George Soros, bugbear of all decent people, is in Davos, Switzerland this week with all of the other uber wealthy clowns and took time off from launching massive shade at Google and Facebook to semi threaten President Donald Trump. The Daily Wire reports that Soros said that DJT will disappear “by 2020 or even sooner”. Hmmmm. That does sound like a threat.

George Soros

Let us watch Mr. Soros utter his lines and see if we smell threat, shall we?

Okay, let me just say, and those of you who watched the 2016 race can back me up on this, Donald J. Trump did not motivate his base. Way back in the olden days of Sarah Palin and then the Tea Party, there was discontent in our magnificent nation. When coupled with the anti-American shenanigans of former (sweet) President Barack Obama, the average American from flyover country was madder than a snake that married a garden hose. Flyover America was already headed for the ramparts. Trump just got in front and lead the parade. No one to the right of Nancy Pelosi needed motivating, George.

And, if George Soros is talking about the equally motivated left, he must mean those pussy hat wearing harridans. Yeah, George, I wouldn’t count on them. Those women are busy making wearable vaginas. True fact, Lisa wrote about it here. They are not my cup of tea, but they look like they took some time.


“Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected.” – George Soros

The above is especially true if you supply the flux by funding the uncertainty. George Soros funds a lot of lefty, globalist, open borders groups. He makes money off of the chaos. You can read about that here.

Soros jets into Davos. Drops a little C4 on Facebook and Google and then goes ballistic on Donald Trump. As the Daily Wire reports:

Soros, who spent millions backing failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, claimed that Trump was leading the world to nuclear war and that he is trying to establish a dictatorship in the United States, CNBC reported.

Seeding the room with a little chaos, are we, George? And, then he said:

“Indeed, the United States is set on a course towards nuclear war by refusing to accept that [North] Korea has become a nuclear power,” Soros said. “This creates a strong incentive for North Korea to develop its nuclear capacity with all possible speed, which in turn may induce the United States to use its nuclear superiority pre-emptively, in effect to start a nuclear war to prevent a nuclear war, obviously a self-contradictory strategy.”

That’s wishful thinking from Old George Soros. Soros needs Trump to be a dictatorial, Constitution crushing Godzilla. George Soros lost nearly a billion dollars on the Trump rally after the election. Old George Soros is past his sell-by date. It’s not that he is old—he is—it’s that his time is passed.

The World Economic Forum in Davos is turning out to be fun for us po’ folks who ain’t ever going to get invited. George Soros threatening the President of the United States of America. As if. I’m gonna pray for him.

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  • Scott says:

    George Soros needs to be held accountable for his crimes over the years.. His illegal backing of terrorists organizations (Antifa, BLM, etc.. do you think they print those signs and t-shirts overnight, by themselves?) Though when it comes to dictators, he does know that about which he speaks, him being a Hitler supporting Nazi during WWII, helping send other Jews to the death camps… its truly HIM who needs to be “gone by 2020, or sooner…”

  • GWB says:

    Indeed, the United States is set on a course towards nuclear war by refusing to accept that [North] Korea has become a nuclear power
    Now, think about that a moment. He’s blaming us because we don’t want the insane guy with designs on conquering his neighbor to have a big bomb. Does that sound like victim-blaming to you? “How dare that woman shoot her husband while he was threatening to kill her with the butcher knife in his hand!”

    in effect to start a nuclear war to prevent a nuclear war
    Ummm, George, it’s not a “nuclear war” if Whoa Fat never gets to shoot off his nukes. Just like WW2 wasn’t an “atomic war” because we dropped a couple of big ones on Japan.

    Soros needs to have his position of power dismantled. That can happen in a bunch of ways. I’ll leave it there.

  • ScienceABC123 says:

    As far a people disappearing, when is George Soros going to disappear?

    • How old is this guy? I’m betting before Trump is term-limited out office in 2020…. After all, he’s 87. But unfortunately, his money won’t die with him, and it’s in his Foundation, so it won’t be taxed when he dies either.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    I hope this gets Trump to move against Satan’s Banker. Arrest him and his spawn, impound his ill gotten fortune and pay out reparations to those harmed by this true Nazi pig and his various groups like BCLM. This would put a stop to a lot of nonsense we’ve seen over the years as Soros funds it. And it would serve as a lesson to other wealthy Progs that if they think of replacing this fascist lover as the new banker for Satan they too will be dealt with.

    Personally, I’d love it if Trump arrested the old bastard and delivered him to Putin as there are warrants out for him in Russia. Putin will know how to deal with him. And the explosion of Prog heads over that would be most exquisite!

  • Michelle Teller says:

    Hillary’s 30,000 “missing” emails show proof that Obama helped direct and fund Black Lives Matter groups against American cities, as well as massive Saudi bribe money in American politics, Left to Right.

  • BonHagar says:

    Soros is probably looking for ways to empower NK and enrich himself. Trump’s tactic of keeping the Nork’s guessing must be interfering with the Nazi-assisting Soros getting his plans through.

  • George Soros would sell his own mother for dogfood. He puts the ‘S’ in sociopath.

    He had better hope there is no Judgment and no Judge…

  • When people demand an explanation from me for why I support Trump, I will tell them that the alternative is George Soros. I wonder if the liberal Progs where I live in the SF Bayarrhea will be smart enough to understand my point.

  • toorightmate says:

    I thought it was only people associated with the Clinton Foundation who disappeared.

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