Freedom of the Press and Donald Trump

Freedom of the Press and Donald Trump

Freedom of the Press and Donald Trump

It is an unquestionable fact among liberals, progs, Never Trumpers and those who are journalists that Donald Trump is against the “Press” and wants to abolish Freedom of the Press. Today, Senator John McCain has an opinion piecein the Washington Post calling out President Trump for his “attacks” on the left. President Donald Trump does call out the press, but he is following, not leading, the people of the United States. We the People of the United States have always cast a wary eye on the writers, journalists, opinion shapers and other purveyors of news and information and with good reason. They lie. They always have. published an article some years ago about ten journalists caught lying. Brian Williams, formerly of NBC and now at MSNBC, was caught lying, most egregiously about flying with Seal Team Six (those guy are freaking everywhere, seems like). And, or course, Brian Ross of ABC was caught erroneously reporting that retired General Mike Flynn was going to spill his guts on President Donald Trump. The story, while false, caused Joy Behar of “The View” to wet her panties with joy.

It’s not just that the press lies. It’s that they shape the truth to promote their agenda. The Progosaurus Rex is not a new critter in the news rooms of America. Let us think for a moment about Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Walter Duranty of the “New York Times”. Duranty was a Progo and loved Josef Stalin. By covering for Stalin, Duranty and the Western World were complicit in the deaths, by starvation, of at least 5 million people, most of them Ukrainian. Read the article from The Atlantic. Duranty, famously, when asked about the starvation, downplayed it and said, “you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.” Lives don’t matter in pursuit of the progressive agenda. And, more recently, Rolling Stone Magazine was found to have acted “with malice” in the UVA rape story. Nina wrote about it and you can read it here.

Senator McCain goes after President Trump but said nary a word when former President Barack Obama really went after reporters in the press. Former Fox News reporter James Rosen was targeted under the Espionage Act in 2010. Former Attorney General Eric Holder later said that he regretted naming Rosen as a co-conspirator, but Holder did do it. McCain said nothing.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House physician, speaks about the physical exam conducted on US President Donald J. Trump Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last week in the White House Briefing Room in Washington, DC, USA 16 January 2018. The President received a cognitive and neurological exam, but did not undergo a psychiatric exam. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

And speaking of the Press, did you get a gander at that unholy mess of a press conference with the doctor who did President Trump’s physical. Poor Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Johnson. I really felt for the guy. The journalists were a joke. They should all give up their journalistic credentials. One could pull people off of the street and they would have asked better questions than those immature sock puppets. Dentures and two scoops of ice cream were the actual highlights of the press conference. Admiral Dr. Johnson was probably thinking about a scotch on the rocks or maybe becoming a serial killer after those barely sentient nimrods were done.

Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire is not a Donald Trump fan. Here is his take on Freedom of the Press:

There you go. If only the press were as brutal to every President, wait, wait I have to stop laughing. The press is a bunch of progressive lemmings. They always have been and they always will be. John McCain needs to shut his gaping maw and retire somewhere. The rest of us, the great unwashed, need to stay aware and read more. Read more and varied press accounts. The press won’t hold the government’s feet to the fire unless we hold the press accountable.

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