France Warns Against U.S. Cancel Culture

France Warns Against U.S. Cancel Culture

France Warns Against U.S. Cancel Culture

French President Emmanuel Macron and others are warning that the cancer of U.S. cancel culture is an existential threat to France. Yes, you read right. The Chief of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys is warning all of France that they need to be wary of the woke-Left. France, the country whose fromage we saved twice, is being warned about our liberal nimrods.

There is nothing more toxic to a free people than cancel culture and we have surely seen this cancerous toxicity in the last few years. Harry Potter’s literary mother, J.K. Rowling, got cancelled for being transphobic. We have seen Republicans threatened and chased after the Republican Convention. Senator Josh Hawley had his book contract cancelled. And, as Nina told you, a young woman had her cheerleading scholarship cancelled after she was called out on social media. The Left is even making lists of who to cancel.

President Macron is not some firebrand right-winger. Until he formed his own political party, he was a member of the French Socialist Party. Last October he said in a speech:

And when I see certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States, with their problems, which I respect and which exist, but which are just added to ours, I say to myself that it is reasonable to make this choice. And so we must, very clearly, re-invest, on a massive scale, in the field of social sciences, history, understanding of civilizations by creating posts, by stepping up dialogue, academic and scientific debate in order not to allow the knowledge, the understanding of Islam as a religion, of the civilization it underpins and its contribution to our country and our continent to become ideological and exclusively political debates.

Where might these social science theories be coming from? Jean-Michel Blanquer, the French Education Minister, told his country, “that there is a ‘battle to wage against an intellectual matrix from American universities”. No shit, Sherlock. Would that just a few of our public servants would be so honest.

And, this same Minister thinks that the American universities stokes religious and racial divisions:

Some French intellects have also argued that American universities are to blame for giving justification to acts of terrorism carried out by Muslims.

After three Islamist terror attacks last fall, Education minister Blanquer accused the universities of being complicit.

He was supported in an open letter from 100 prominent scholars that blasted social theories ‘transferred from North American campuses’.

One of the signatories, Gilles Kepel, argued that American influence led to ‘a sort of prohibition in universities to think about the phenomenon of political Islam in the name of a leftist ideology that considers it the religion of the underprivileged.’

Historian Pierre-André Taguieff argued in the same way that the ‘American-style black question’ was a ‘totally artificial importation’ to France.

He said that it was all driven by ‘hatred of the West, as a white civilization’.

‘The common agenda of these enemies of European civilization can be summed up in three words: decolonize, demasculate, de-Europeanize,’ Taguieff said.

‘Straight white male — that’s the culprit to condemn and the enemy to eliminate.’

I have not been a fan of France since I learned history, but Je t’aime Pierre-Andre.

Here is an interesting discussion on this subject:

Sacre bleu! Cancel culture and the woke left is a contagion just as Socialism is. Of course, the end result of cancel culture and the woke left is Socialism. France is praying that our misbegotten woke will not too badly infest their country. Don’t forget Macron also called out Facebook and Twitter on canceling Trump’s accounts.

The world has turned upside down. We made need the French to save our civilization from death and destruction. Vive La France.

Featured Image: French Embassy in the U.S./ Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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