Former Intel Watchdog Charles McCullough: Nation Mislead About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Former Intel Watchdog Charles McCullough: Nation Mislead About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Former Intel Watchdog Charles McCullough: Nation Mislead About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Uber Leftist Salon Magazine would love for Hillary Clinton to run for the presidency a third time come 2020, dragging along with her all the nasty baggage from her 2016 attempt. And to that mountain of carpetbags she’d now have to add these to her vast résumé of qualifications:

  • Disclosure of intelligence sources and methods
  • Endangered lives
  • Breached national security

And that’s just for starters.

On Tucker Carlson’s show last evening, former Inspector General Charles McCollough III, who oversaw the intelligence community, dropped another bombshell on Hillary Clinton. And it has to do with her now-infamous, intentional (see what I did there?) use of a private server while Secretary of State:

McCollough was lead investigator into the Clinton email server—you know, the one she scrubbed while under congressional subpoena—and what he found were dozens of beyond Top Secret emails housed there, including intelligence on “special access programs,” “detailed, hardcore, classified” info. And for the sin of divulging Mrs. Clinton’s transgressions, McCollough says that Clinton promised he’d be the first person fired should she win the presidency. Ironically, this is the same hypocritical woman who’s now attempting to convince us that Trump’s DOJ is being used not to investigate her criminal behavior, but to punish her as Trump’s political foe. He also asserts that our intel community, including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper—the same James Clapper who lied to Congress about the extent of NSA privacy violations—stood not with him as whistleblower, but with the cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds. Further, he insists that rather than helping him unearth the truth and seeking accountability, instead he was “marginalized” from all sides, seemingly right up to the door of the Oval Office where Barack Obama perched his feet upon the Resolute Desk.

While he offers insight into the systemic cover-up of Clinton’s crimes, what McCollough is divulging about Hillary’s recklessness with state secrets is nothing new. He sounded the alarm on the gravity of Clinton’s willful breach of national security last year before a congressional committee:

Click to enlarge (Photo Credit: The Blaze)

And yet here we are—more than a year after a pivotal vote that saw the most corrupt politician in America lose an election she was certain she’d win, and along with it the burying of her sordid secrets—and no one has been held accountable.

Hillary “Like, With a Cloth?” Clinton refused to answer whether or not she destroyed evidence amid the investigation into her use of an unsecured, private server while Secretary of State (Photo Credit: ABC News)

Meanwhile, the questions are this: To what extent has Hillary Clinton’s recklessness damaged our country? What was the injury to our national security? Did classified information end up in the hands of foreign nations? Were intelligence methods jeopardized? Were intel assets compromised? And if so, were lives lost? These are questions no mainstream media outlets have asked with any genuine interest to date, and that few, if any, in our intel community, either now or under the previous administration, has ventured to answer, at least not publicly. It’s far past time the truth of the damage done by Hillary Clinton’s willful disregard for national security, and the obvious cover-up by those whose job it was, and is, to secure our nation, is finally told. And that Hillary Clinton, as well as those who aided and abetted her long list of felonies, are held accountable. The ball is in your court, Jeff Sessions. We’re in overtime. And it’s time you took a rim shot.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    We, it seems almost on a daily basis, read stories like this that allege criminal behavior and then wait for an investigation only to be disappointed when none are forthcoming. Are the sources lying, are those who are in positions to investigate unwilling to do so because they fear their skeletons will be exposed or are we just being fed a bunch of garbage to keep us riled up?

  • HKBill says:

    Good post! I’ve always thought this email server (unsecured) had bigger implications. I think it was 100% intentional to host their own server outside of State’s firewall. Now why would a person do this, oh 145 million rea$son$ to the Clinton Foundation might explain it. Sure Uranium One kick backs might look like it was a pay for play, but I think that “donation” was really the payoff for Clinton creating a backdoor at State for foreign govt’s to spy on us. The low hanging fruit excuse is this U1 story where the donation could be enveloped in the fog of “its not pay for play, it’s a donation to charity. Think of all the good this charity does. You have something against helping people…” U1 is the false narrative to detract from the kick back for treason.

  • GTB says:

    Well, the first reason she did is because the State Department server and any and all government servers are subject to FOIA and governmental oversight. The question then to be asked, what kind of work or activity is on those servers that she didn’t want us to know about? When you answer that, then you what she was up to.

  • Bandit says:

    Didn’t we already know that???

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