FISA Memo: Kill the messenger

FISA Memo: Kill the messenger

FISA Memo: Kill the messenger

Amazing, isn’t it, that all the shrieking from the usual suspects about the FISA memo, including rabid #NeverTrumpers, is never about the contents.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Hmmm…FISA “memo” revealed….nothing new to me. Maybe I’m psychic, or omnipotent, or simply “look around” at multiple sources for “news”.
    THIS “memo” doesn’t COUNT, because….”It’s not who we are…THIS week”
    In THIS case, what I said 5 years ago doesn’t apply NOW because…”when the facts circumstances change, so does my opinion , how about YOU?”
    THEREFORE, water does NOT freeze at 32 degrees, that’s a LIE to be discounted. EVERYBODY I KNOW now speaks in the newspeak “metric” of centigrade, and the damage to “our democracy” can only be discussed, weighed, and measured, in language converted to Kelvin!
    HOW DARE YOU even SUGGEST asking why plants crave electrolytes!!!!!
    By the way, I heard somewhere that ALL these wild eyed lunatics eat caged chicken scrambled eggs….with catsup, ….CATSUP! DIJON catsup!……………………………………..PLEASE clap!

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