How To Fight Liberal Brain Rot: A 6-Step Plan

How To Fight Liberal Brain Rot: A 6-Step Plan

How To Fight Liberal Brain Rot: A 6-Step Plan

I got a good chuckle out of an article this morning on Salon that discusses and offers up a complete six-step plan.

In this piece, the author discusses 1984:

For many, “1984” has served as a guide to the Trump era. But it is not just the lies and the alternate reality of Trump that has given rise to parallels being made to Orwell’s novel. It is also the fact that his administration threatens to diminish our range of thought.

As I wrote on Salon last week, the Trump era is likely to result in massive cognitive fatigue. In fact, unlike the grim world of 1984, the Trump brain rot is far more complex than Orwell’s dystopia.

It’s funny now that liberals are picking up 1984. It’s funny how we have been quietly reading it for years. Orwell’s classic has suddenly become a hot read again in the Libosphere. There were no references to 1984 from liberals during the Obama administration and nationwide, they were blissfully unaware of the power of an 8-year movement that was quite characteristically Orewllian. Now, all of a sudden, 1984 has made a hot comeback. After all, like, Katy Perry referenced it and she was, like serious. She didn’t even shoot whipped cream out of her brassiere.

The author goes on to highlight 6 coping techniques for those who are still bemoaning Hillary Clinton’s loss. You can read the whole article here. But in summation:

1. Talk Back:

This means that one key skill for us to develop is persuasive and effective argumentation. The more that members of the Trump administration act like petulant toddlers, the more we need to marshal our cognitive ability to offer rational arguments.

Ummm…who acted like a petulant toddler for eight years in The White House? Who, in this nation acts like the petulant toddlers now who need blankets and stuffed animals every time they talk back and someone talks back to them and tells them something they don’t want to hear?

2. Make Fun:

Michael Moore has talked about the political value of using an army of comedy to bring down Trump. As I have also argued we have ample evidence to suggest that political satire and comic resistance can have tremendous political impact.

Michael Moore. He can eat a whole army. Need I say more?

3. Get out of your head:

We also need to move. Whether we run, walk or dance, studies show that physical activity also helps keep our minds nimble and active.

Hello, TrigglyPuff? Earth to TrigglyPuff…?

Other tips to “fighting Trump Brain Rot” include playing mind games like doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku, getting plenty of rest and “when all else fails, swearing a blue streak” to which the author attributes the scientific study that people who swear are “smart”. That explains it, they are intellectually superior to all of us with all of the cussing and the fussing.How could I not have known?

We on the other side of the fence, need to cope, too. As Conservatives, we may or may not support the current administration and it is okay to agree to disagree. But I do think that there is one thing we can all agree and come together on and that is the sheer fatigue of the “brain rot” coming from the other side. I’ve taken it upon myself to offer up my own 6 ways to fight “Liberal Brain Rot”. Here they are:

1. Stand for The Pledge of Allegiance.

Extra bonus points if you’re doing it and the person next to you refuses to. Say it loud, with passion and reverence despite what the other jokers of doing. And if someone is not standing with their hand on their heart and carrying on a conversation with their neighbor and if your reciting the Pledge makes them “triggered” and uncomfortable, so be it. That is on them and not you.

2. Go for a run.

Or, PT as you may call it. Wear your t-shirts supporting our U.S. Military branches proudly. One of my personal favorites is the one my husband got me from GITMO with the famous quote by Jack Nicholson (Colonel Nathan Jessup) in A Few Good Men on back:

“I eat breakfast 300 yards from 4000 Cubans who are trained to kill me, so don’t think for one second that you can come down here, flash a badge, and make me nervous.”

3. Play a game.

Count the Prius and Subaru cars with Obama and/or Hillary stickers on a road trip. Go to a liberal city such as Portland and/or Seattle and count the hipsters. Watch an awards show like the Oscars and count how many times certain words like “inclusive” are used. Tally up the times that actors/actresses attempt to slam POTUS and turn it into a drinking game (if at home and not getting in a car).

4. Educate your kids.

Don’t rely solely on public education to do it for you. Encourage them to read up on both perspectives. After mock elections at his school this past year, my son came home and claimed that there was a sort of gang mentality against the kids who were not in favor of Hillary Clinton. He retaliated but my husband and I did tell him that in order to retaliate appropriately in politics, he needs to understand both sides of the argument and form his opinion accordingly. We told him that his opinion will formulate as he gets older with life experiences and by the time he is 18 and allowed to vote. We told him that it would not be the first time his peers and/or teachers may try and sway his beliefs and that staying solid and strong in understanding current events, history and the issues at hand would allow him to formulate solid convictions.

5. Continue to use correct gender pronouns.

Need I say more? Don’t warp the English language!

6. Stand Up To The Bullies, Be Dignified in Your Defense

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing I hate more than a bully. My son had one recently. I had fantasies of this kid being left on a deserted island with nothing but his iPhone 7 (with no WiFi) that he probably whined about until his mommy acquiesced and bought for him and an endless supply of Fun Dip. Take bullies out, one by one. Call out hypocrisy. Talk back to them because once you talk back and challenge them, they will retreat if they do not have a reasonable argument and move onto an easier target. It’s the old school yard recess trick, folks. Worked for my 11 year-old, can work for us adults.

7. Pray and/or Be Charitable

This is probably the hardest thing to do. Think positive thoughts in the face of those who call you “bigot”, “racist”, “sexist”, “Nazi”, “stoopid”, “ignorant” or vile names based on your beliefs that you have liberty to possess. Think about their lives and what pain they must be going through to be so hateful. Continue to look around and be thankful for what you have accomplished, your hard work, for the blessings in your life, give back to those you love and your community and don’t let the naysayers make you feel the least bit guilty for how and who you give back to or ruin it for you. If a person is too far gone to be reasoned with, walk away. And don’t fight back with more profanity or empty insults. Think about your response, state it and walk away. Let them run themselves crazy but continue to pray for their health and well-being.

The author concludes the “Brain Rot” article with asking readers to leave their favorite “Trump swears” in the comments. So much for intellect, folks. She does make a point, though. That “The resistance is all in (their) heads”. Their delusional heads, that is.

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